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Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Recent Advance Of Syrian Army

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Government forces are developing momentum against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Idlib. On January 3, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces liberated a large area from militants. MORE DETAILS HERE

Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Recent Advance Of Syrian Army

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Rumours has they have mobilized 80.000 men for Idlib. I believe they got in when SAA took over Abu Kamal. To put it short it’s the Iraqi forces and they will all perish in Idlib

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Mountains always with his bullshit saying they are Iraqis when he knows they are all Syrian forces in that region. Iraqi troops will be dealing with any insurrection from the ISIS forces still embedded with the Kurdish forces in the north.


Yes, Mountains of BS.
This SAA advance in Idlib is starting to show good momentum. This area is rather open country with farming villages. The tigers always seem to do well in this type of terrain. Hopefully the Jihadist will pay dearly trying to stop this advance. :)


Rumours say the Tigers can even handle the terrain on the moon.


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Richard M

You are the Balrog of Bullsheit! :D


Idlib is much weaker than Mosul. HTS is probably terrified the Iraqis are coming.


You forget that most of the relocated terrorists went to Idlib to concentrate them there.

So the need for large force is obvious and with Russian air power plus enough troops these terrorists would be wiped out at one go.

Insufficient forces would put SAA troops in danger …

The terrorists will fight very fiercely as there is not Idlib II to go to . Only to their virgins.

Yes , I believe a big fight is going to happen in Idlib.

Toni Liu

Another terrorist representative who spoke about saa will perish etc, when his mate already bite a saa bullet, we not buying a bullshit talk from jihadist supporter that we know will perish in 2018, unless they doing coward attack that kill civilian like in europe or other place around the world


—————–Propaganda ————–



Israel is a foreign terrorist organization in Palestine using the Jewish religion. Israel have no religion. If You wanna see real Jew then watch this video.
There is no difference between ISIS and Israel both are Trump sponsored global terrorist organizations used to take lands from foreign countries. Palestine will be soon free like South Africa.

Icarus Tanović

Brave boy!


https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/01/02/kosherising-the-9-11-truth-movement/ Sorry Rob. i don’t buy it. too good to be true. read the article and you will see. they are playing Newton’s law:Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. they are playing both sides.



US sponsored Israeli terrorists vs children.

Israel bombing and burning the whole country of Palestine to build their own settlements there. Like evils satans killing by shooting the children and women in the heads. Its look like Hollywood movie but this is real. Its still going on now in Palestine because the world leaders are senseless.

Majority of land robbers Israel have secretly entered in Palestine from Germany, France, UK, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc robbed Palestinian homes and took the land of Palestinians. Shame on those due to whom lives of these children and women reached to this condition which is worst than animals in their own home land. Palestine will be soon free like South Africa from US sponsored terrorist organization.


comment image
comment image

Israel army court charged the Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting soldiers

This brave Palestinian girl is now in the hands of US sponsored pro-Trump foreign terrorists. She is so brave that she should have to be the prime minister of Palestine.

This girl is a true Muslim that is why she is now in trouble by atheist that call themselves true Jewish. I call them trash. How Israel interfere in other countries and bombing them. Can any Muslim leader now have the guts to release her from these foreign terrorists that have occupied their home land? Yes but there is no money.

Solomon Krupacek

dont put here hundredth times this bullshit. she is european nazi provocateur. you too.

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