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Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Encirclement Of Saraqib

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Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib Following Encirclement Of Saraqib

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On February 6 morning, the Syrian Army and its allies encircled the militant-held town of Saraqib. Now, Al-Qaeda-linked militants and Turkish troops inside are not able to flee the town.


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James Kira

Checkmate assheadists:


“No citizens remained In Saraqib except fighters of Jaysh Ali ibn talib brigade of HTS and AnsaralTawheed.”

James Kira

^This is one of the most beautiful sentences Ive read in a long time.

James Kira

And this ones one of my favorites:

“I cant wait to see you”

Ali Ibn Abi Talib(as)

Bobo Voxar

in translation fertilizer?..

James Kira

Yes bobo, you mercenary.

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Kill them all.

Gary Sellars

What a stupid cunt…

James Kira

Yes your Father.


WTF is this first commenter on? Captagon?


For sure, they love it.

Gary Sellars

He’s a well-used and abused trench whore for the Wahhabi Salafi goat-rapers. He comes along afterwards to clean the goats for their next bout of pleasing Allah. He’s happy cuz he gets to keep what he finds in them…

James Kira

I put all my money and life on Saraqib.

Its got to be one of the most coolest and momentus times in history.

James Kira

And this ones for assheadists:

“Humans have four eyes, two of the eyes, and two of the heart”

Al-FourEyes, aka Ali(as) Ibn Abi Talib(as)


Eliminate them and their families because they are no more then a disease, a deadly disease that neededt be rooted out. Turkey want to preserve and expand this disease so they to ned to be elliminated.


Congratulation to Syria-Russia-Iran-Hizballah ground troops and, mainly, to Russia-Syria air forces. Keep on going since there is not reason to stop this offensive.full M4-M5 is the next step and the full Idlib territory is just waiting to be recovered. Of course, USA-Israel-NATO (Turkey) will attack Syria, and Russia-Syria must be prepared for this attack.

James Kira

I lik dat photo. Dey braiv yall. And my kinda Bros.


It seems obvious by now that the SAA’s aim for the current offensive is the retake the M5 highway along its entirety. I wouldn’t be surprised if afterwards it would come to a halt so as to let that sack of shit Erdogan (no offense to shit implied) calm down. And restart a month later. As has happened like what, several times over by now?

It’s kinda like stone soup. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_Soup#Story

Russia can’t afford to piss of that sack of human filth Erdogan (no insult to filth implied) too much. So they call another ceasefire and chance for Russia and Turkey to make it work. It never does of course, but it gives Russia time to let that human piece of garbage Erdogan (no offense to garbage implied) time to cool off and let him get worked off and distracted somewhere else, I reckon that Libya fills that role as distraction now. And as soon as that human turd Erdogan (no insult to turds implied) has cooled off sufficiently and is distracted sufficiently the SAA will resume its advance and gobble up another stretch of Idlib. Rinse and repeat until the SAA finally reaches the Turkish borders. The slow and steady retaking of Idlib, stone soup style.


bravo SAA :)

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