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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib As Syrian Army Tighten Siege On Abu Al-Duhur Airbase

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The Syrian Army, the Tiger Forces and their allied pro-government units are tightening the siege on the Abu al-Duhur Airbase controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in southern Idlib.

According to local sources, the Syrian army and air force are now actively stricking militant positions in the airbase area. At least 4 members of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and a vehicle belonging to the group were eliminated in these strikes.

Map Update: Military Situation In Southern Idlib As Syrian Army Tighten Siege On Abu Al-Duhur Airbase

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Nice daily gains indeed.
I saw this gem on Liveuamap yesterday :D

Martin Tancev

ahhahahahahahah, great video

Richard M

Hilarious! I watched it twice! :D

Solomon Krupacek

again nazi propaganda?

so, you say, assad is nazi. thanks.


You blockhead
comment image

Solomon Krupacek

comment image


Only the most funny and subtitle abused scene on the internet. I wonder what it has NOT been used for? Everything from Hitler ranting about Dragonball Z to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s tubescreamer pedal.

Eskandar Black

Haha, only Solomon would call a video making fun of jihadists as nazi propaganda.


The militants counterstrike will be on the flanks. They are looking for the weakest point.

The SAA offensive has apparently decided to guard their left flank and trust ISIS to protect their right flank. This is a huge gamble.


they should really cut off the daesh pocket, surround it

Valery Grigoryev

But, as we can see, the black Daesh spot on the map is increasing…

Gary Sellars

..because they are taking land from HTS. The SAA will squash them like bugs once the opportunity arises.


I think that “Daesh” will turn out to be SAA in costume. Nothing like sowing dissent and uncertainty among the insurgent ranks, and attract the Isis stragglers to “join”, read trap. The joke really is on the the HTS now.


Which is why it must be stopped butt cold asap!

Gary Sellars

The IS pocket is simply trying to keep HTS out. They have zip offensive ability to attack SAA/NDF held territory

Weldon Cheek

I thought the russians were sorting out the tactics? I was thinking about them getting counter attacked too but if WE are sat at home watching it dont you imagine the forces on the ground have thought about it.?


Technically the airbase is not (yet) under siege. Nonetheless, great job by the SAA! Nice copy of the battle of Kursk 1943 (on a much smaller scale of course!).

Jasminko Grdic

SAA need to start frok other side offensive, if not we will have a IS problem in a week or two. Many HTS and FSA fighters transfered to IS and get fresh support from US/IsraHell. Few Villages was not a BIG problem but now it get HUGE.

Deo Cass

ISIS are allies of HTS. They will be trapped inside the pocket with their Al-Qaida allies once the Syrian government forces close it. Then rendition day will come for both terror outfits inside the pocket.

Jasminko Grdic

what can be NOW at this time 0:00 CET time findof news it looks like HTS is out of the pocket and plan A BIG Attack on Tiger forces.. . MA’an and Ashtan axis to ISIS would be logical to attack from fresh defense lines, similar to Desert Hawks 2 year ago when they get outflanked and haevy lost


Wrong, HTS and ISIS have lost hundreds of fighters fighting each other in this front. And thousands of fighters fighting each other in general.


SAA needs to completely encircle that daesh pocket and prevent it from growing, and then capture al duhur from the north and south, cutting idlib in half. a good strategy yes? :)))

Eskandar Black

I dont think ISIS pocket is of concern. After HTS is destroyed, they will reconcile with SAA, and their survival depends on their continued usefulness against HTS.

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