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Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria

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Syrian government forces are advancing against ISIS terrorists east of Bayt al Juhayshal in the province of Homs. The goal of the move is to outflank Bir al-Muhazzam and to retake this site, shortening the frontline in the area and expanding a buffer zone southeast of Palmyra.

Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria

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Andrew Pate

Just looking at the map I cant see any Daesh flags where the US has its private army.
Question comes to my mind “What is the US doing there now with the terrorists gone?”

Wahid Algiers

Very good question. Provoking the SAA and its allies would now be their job after doing nothing before against ISIS.


Stewing in frustrated anger and maybe plotting something dastardly stupid? Never underestimate the ability of American politicians and generals to do something monumentally stupid.

eric zweistein

It’s just a map. Boiling, barren desert as as the eyes can see. And, yes, some ‘moderates’ in radio-contact with their Zionist handlers.

“Can you see the enemy?”
“Not sure, the air is kind of cooking and blurring everything…”
“Very good. Should the blurring approach closer, just shoot. Do you copy me?”

“Will do, Inshallah!”


“Shallom” Edit it in Please as the last Frase.
Epic comment

Pave Way IV

The US and Israel.are in a panic. Deir EzZor is crucial to the US/Israeli land-and oil-grab, and the Kurds were the cannon fodder to make that happen. And remember, the Kurd-Israeli pipeline needs to run from Deir EzZor oil fields down to al Tanf to cross into Jordan. The US will sacrifice as many US soldiers as necessary to guarantee Israel gets that stolen Syrian oil from the Kurds. Either they’ll try to break through the SAA line, or jump over them and start on al Bukamal.

Mattis has come completely unglued and is about to go full retard. Al Bukamal is all he has left, and he’ll have to do something incredibly stupid like an old-timey airborne or air assault, just like in the comic books. While that might work OK for Russia/Iran and the SAA (especially for Deir EzZor), it would be an absolute disaster for the US (and whatever UK and Norwegian SF they drag along). There is no NSyA (FSA v2.0) that can accompany American troops, not even in a token presence. It would be a unilateral ‘coalition’ (US) action, and every head-chopper and VBIED on earth will head straight for them. The only good it would do for Mattis is to draw attention away from his next impending colossal failure in Afghanistan. Even if he succeeded in taking al Bukamal, there’s no way he’s going to make it to Deir EzZor. The crazy Druze commander will kick Mattis’ wrinkly old ass.

Mattis should have bowed out when he was at the peak of his game. Instead, his career will go down in flames in either/both Syria and Afghanistan. He will be despised throughout history for these failures and the lives lost. I’m sure Israel will put up a nice statue for him in some obscure shopping mall in Tel Aviv. Good job, traitor.

Concrete Mike

Good job calling à spade à spade. I sincerly hope officiers in the service think like you and put and end to this madness. Its à stone cold shame what were doing over there


The officers aren’t the core problem. It’s the civilian, Neo-Con, Washington based think-tanks that come up with these neo-colonial foreign policies in first place – ie, to partition Syria and steal their most valuable natural resources as part of process!
Recall Kissinger’s quote about US military, ‘Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy…’, to get an idea of where these think-tanks are actually coming from and their level of respect for US institutions.

Concrete Mike

Your absolutly correct, I forgot about that, I used to bé subscribed to foreign affairs. Once I realized the Madness they were proposing and its clear usurpation by certain states, it turned me off big time


Good to see People all around the World to Wake up to this madness that the Deep States around the World are doing, we have to fight for the Future of Mankind.

Concrete Mike

Yup, they arent even hiding it anymore, they wont broadcast it on tv, but look à foreign affairs magazine and similar publications, its all There for all to see. Luckily we are Waking Up and we are unstoppable.


Yep, and now that Trump has been “partitioned off” from having any say in military affairs the think-wanks are talking directly to the Pentagon, by-passing the president’s office entirely. Just thought I mention that in case people thought that by voting Trump (the less worse candidate) there was going to be peace in the horizon.

Wahid Algiers

A very good man, the druze commander Major General Issam Zahredinne of the Syrian Republican Guard (SRG). Crazy yes, but more than brave too. He will keep DE city and airport until the comrades are there.

Brad Isherwood

Russia and Iran intelligence would know by build up that US are going to unilaterally act
To seize more of Syria.
I doubt they both wake up with WTF.
This conflict is like a jaded game of chicken.
Parts of Syria are left dangling like bait

Justin Ryan

The US will flase flag a syrian Chemical attack again. Propaganda machine will kick in! They will flood the Mideast with 100 cruise missiles of which only 36 will hit their targets!
The targets they hit will be called “self defence”.

Its a pity the Turks are gonna attack Manbij!

Mattis says “i dont stress i cause stress” hahahaha
He showed his true colours… he spoke too soon! He is quite dumb if u ask me!

crusie missiles will be met by iranian ballistic missiles, russian cruise missiles!

Meanwhile US aircraft will have missile lock upon them! If they attack more Syrian Targets it will be seen as “American escalation”

More US allies are gonna drop out!

Autsralia, Germany is about too, Qatar has, Turkey has, Pakistan has….. damn its just saudi, israel and the USA

oh nooooo, the US reserve currency is about to go bye bye!

20 trillion in debt and not able to print wealth anymore!

its gonna be bread lines…..

ill be sure to have the popcorn ready!

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