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Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria Following Recent Advances Of Government Forces


Since October 1, Syrian government forces have made a notable gains against US-backed militant groups in the southeastern part of the country, near the border with Jordan.

The army and its allies liberated a number of border garrisons as well as few nearby important points and deployed in about 50km from the US military base at At Tanf.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, US forces at At Tanf use refugees living in the Rukban camp in the border area as a human shield against government forces. Furthermore, Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said that US forces turned At Tanf area “into a 100-kilometer ‘black hole’ on the Syrian-Jordanian state border” used by ISIS mobile groups for raids against Syrian forces.

Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria Following Recent Advances Of Government Forces

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  • Rob

    Al Tanf Daesh ISIS terrorist training camp of America, NATO and Israel. Its look like a black hole in South Syria.

    • Thegr8rambino

      soon will be liberated and will become syrian land once again :))

  • Rob

    American and UK economy toss. In America and UK Students cannot afford education. Who gonna pay $10,000 per annum in America or £9,000 in UK. Its ridiculous. 30% private colleges in America and UK shut down because of poor number of students’ enrolment.

    Both governments have instruct institutions to increase fees further because there is no fund for employees. American and UK governments have stopped funding education sector. This bad economy will also put pressure on primary schools education in America and UK.

    Therefore, I have said before that if you destroy other nations in the world then your nation will also be destroyed. In Scotland tuition fees for their own students are £1800 per annum but for rest of UK £9000 and that is why they know that UK economy is at the verge of collapse. Therefore, Scotland wants independence from rest of UK.

    Similarly economy in America is also at the point of collapse.

    In both countries basic life needs are slowly disappearing. Prices going up. More and more people becoming homeless. Many people in America and UK Pass their time on charity (food banks, day centers and soup kitchens). Some army soldiers that have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq are now homeless and sleeping rough in the streets and some in homeless charity hostels.

    • Vitex

      Same in Australia, NZ – the aristocracy are fiddling while Rome burns. So focussed on their fake foreign wars that they can’t see that their empire is crumbling

    • Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

      In America, tons of student loans (guaranteed by the US gov’t) are being handed out to people who are not qualified to attend college and ultimately “graduate” with useless degrees. Because of the ease of getting student loans, supply/demand economics kicks in and the price of college education goes up for everyone else that is going for legitimate degrees.

      Great points on how we treat our veterans. One may hate the US for how it meddles in others’ affairs, but it’s basic decency to take care of your veterans. The US is a morally bankrupt country and soon to be fiscally.

      • goingbrokes

        Student loans are a debt trap. Creating conditions where students are in debt (for life if necessary) after studying for an empty degree is pure evil.

        • Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

          I have over $100k in loans, but at least my degree is computer engineering. I fell for the myth that I had to go to college to be successful while I had to finance my education almost entirely through loans (since my parents didn’t save up for it). I’m confident that I could do my current job without having gone to college (even though it is related to my degree) and this is the case for many other jobs with nonsense applicant requirements. High school education used to be the minimum requirement to get a job. Now it’s a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. But the media continues to shill for getting a degree no matter what.

      • Thegr8rambino

        thats why its much cheaper and smarter to get trained in a trade, or IT certifications, unless you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, then college is a must. but it def seems like US is on the way out, its a failing empire, almost everything is turned to shit, movies, TV shows, video games, everything has never been more expensive, just all shit

        • Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

          If I have kids, I won’t be able to afford sending them to college. It’s a shame.

          • Thegr8rambino

            Best to spend that money on sending them to a trade school or something like that, seems to be much more affordable and smarter decision nowadays than getting an overrated bachelors degree

  • Rafik Chauhan


  • Aussie Andrew

    Time for Syria and Russia to declare total Aircraft exclusion zone for foreign aircraft over all Syria.

  • Ronald

    I wish the SAA would clear that pocket on the left side of the map , it has an extinct volcano , or a round ring of mountains . Anyone know the logic for leaving it open .