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Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria After Government Advance At Border With Jordan

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Syrian government forces have liberated 1300 km2, including 30 km of the Syrian-Jordanian border, from US-backed militant groups. Now, government troops are developing momentum in the direction of the al-Rushd camp that is a de-facto military base of the US-backed militants.

Map Update: Military Situation In Southeastern Syria After Government Advance At Border With Jordan

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Wahid Algiers

The best pocket we have seen yet. Go on and punish these traitors.


Goddamit if US command cant keep their own armed FSA units from being overrun they should jump into it with our own troops and change the tide!

Davey Price

Vidura this game the US is playing in Syria is a losing one There allied forces of alQaeda don’t take orders from the US anymore, SDF are mostly Kurds so what happens when Syrian Arabs, tribes and Christian decide to move home? The US is interests winning the battle v IS in Raqqa, any plan for a Kurdish state requires the Presidential go ahead, Assad is that man not the illegal actions of America, also turkey will target them Will the US side with Kurds v Turkey, no chance

Solomon Krupacek

us soldiers have only one natural place: territory of usa

John Whitehot

true. It’s a pity that is the territory they walk less than all the others.

Actually iirc, the US Army has a sort of legal ban to deploy on US soil, only National Guard units can be operationally active at home, although i remember reading about a “combat brigade” deployed to counter terrorism tasks after 911

Solomon Krupacek

this legal ban is widespreaded in all normal lands. actually, thenormal funczion of army is to defend the country. therefore normally is dislocated in homeland.


That would be ok if you weren’t the nation illegally intruding Syria’s sovereignty by using Islamic extremists to achieve your geopolitical goals at the expense of the Syrian population, so we hope you continue to get your arses kicked!


There’s no arses to be kicked because we aren’t engaging the Syrian regime. Now if that did happen good luck to those war weary souls…


Goddamit- Come and try! I would be glad to volunteer so you will get the war melcome you deserve!- very special treatment vidura!!!

Mauro Craizer

You sir are not conscious of your own unconsciousness.


Those two are mutually exclusive.

Wahid Algiers

The fucken hispanic US asshole licker is back. What are your troops on the ground. Pissed ladies in white and black. Nothing more.


Not Hispanic. Our troops on the ground could prob all wipe out the SAA if they wanted to.


Yeah, just like the US did in Afghanistan in 2001 to “change the tide” of that on going conflict :D


That was coming after Osama after what he did on 9/11

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Please can you take your head out of your butt because you are starting to hypertextilate, now take slow and easy texts.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

According to Sana the total area is now includes 4000 km2 , this includes the area from Zulaf dam and west. These Jordanian mercenaries are not working out very well, need some better ones than the ones they trained.

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