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JUNE 2020

Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On September 2, 2019


Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On September 2, 2019

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  • AM Hants

    Talking of Syria, nice to see the First Lady, providing inspiration for her people. She just radiates beauty, inside and out and cannot fathom, why her and her husband are domonised, by the likes of Clinton, Obamas, Trump, Albright, Haley, etc, etc, etc. The latter, not exactly the best representatives of beauty, let alone humanity.

    Asma al Assad tells of her struggle against cancer… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1558&v=RYe4rffV3Dg

  • Icarus Tanović

    What is this joke? They will ‘dissolute’, but into WHAT? What is the next name they choose for them selves.

  • Johan

    Misleading, treason, doing a Erdogan= doing as if to cheat the rest of the world. Tayiqqa is paramount for Islam but Erdogan and his gangs made their characteristic feature from it.

    • Ronald

      That is what the Muslim Brotherhood is all about.
      That’s why the Egyptians threw Morsi out just after electing him.
      It seems he forgot to mention that his Party was MB.

      • Johan

        Correct, pitty the Russians always support him i doing his tricks.

  • gustavo

    A terrorist is a terrorist it does not matter the name of the organization he belong to. Turkey (NATO member) will continue supporting terrorists somehow, it does not matter the type of agreement made by Russia-Turke. Russia air basis will be reached sooner or later by terrorists supported by Turkey if terrorist continue living at Idlib. You will see this.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    “2 people were reportedly killed by an artillery strike on al-Tah”.
    The SAA haven’t stopped lobbing artillery shells on the terrorists despite Erdogan’s efforts to enforce the ceasefire, which means the ceasefire didn’t even really start, LOL LOL LOL, and now the SAAF have also recommenced airstrikes to make it even more obvious the fighting hasn’t stopped, LOL LOL LOL. “Ceasefire”, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.
    “A new Turkish military convoy was spotted near Maarrat al-Numan”,
    “A Turkish military presence is reportedly growing near Saraqib”,
    “A Turkish military convoy entered Syria from the Kafrlusin area on September 1”,
    Turkey’s doing the very thing the US was accused of doing when they struck that gathering of 40 terrorist leaders, silencing the witnesses. But instead of bombing them the Turks silence them by helping them escape to refugee, then give them huge pensions, and even sometimes promote them to even higher positions of authority.
    That’s right Erdogan, send in the clean up crews, you need to get rid of all the damning evidence before the SAA arrive, all those CW’s you gave to the terrorists have to be returned to Turkey before the SAA arrive.
    Has anybody spot any specially modified trucks in the convoys yet, because I wouldn’t mind betting there’s a few travelling with the convoys.

  • RichardD

    This could be the beginning of the end of the Syria war:

    “Ankara would be better off cooperating with Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, and Baghdad, and outlined a five-point plan, which included surrender of all Ankara-supported groups in Syria in return for an amnesty from Damascus, followed by joint efforts by Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria to clear the region from Kurdish and other armed groups, creation of conditions for return of Syrian refugees and ending of the United States’ interference in the region.”

    – Turkish Politician Claims East Syria Safe Zone Move by Ankara to Drive US, Kurds Apart –