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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On May 26, 2019

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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria On May 26, 2019

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Rüdiger Preiss

Turkey has no business there! Opportunistic Imperialists!

Astrid Watanabe

What exactly is the “agreement” the Russians have with Turkey?

Promitheas Apollonious

is this an academic question or you actually dont know the answer?


Let’s say I do not know. Can you tell us please?

Promitheas Apollonious

tired of repeating myself, so lets say you read what we posted not only me but others as well, as to what is happening and you figure it out. The deeds of each participant in syria speak louder than BS they sell to the ones who want to believe the myths.

Astrid Watanabe

It is confusing. Because Russia came in the nick of time and saved Syria so it still exists, we expect Russia to be a friend and continue to be helpful. Then suddenly everything changed. More illusions have to be dropped.

Maninder Singh Batra

Russia does not wish to over extend itself.

El Mashi

The agreement is that Russian and Turkish forces will not clash. That is the agreement. Russia insists in the national integrity and sovereignty and the respect of international law. These are the principles which guides Russian international policy. Turkey has territorial ambitions on Syria as does Israel; therefore, Syria needs Russian and Iranian and Hezbollah support and solidarity. The crucial difference is that Turkey is the aggressor as is the United States.

Astrid Watanabe

“The agreement is that Russian and Turkish forces will not clash…..”
Does that include the terrorists Turkey sends in and supports?

The agreement is supposed to achieve “de-escalation”. So Turkey sends in the mercenaries who abuse the population and even attack the Russian base.
One party [the Russians] respects international law, the other party [the Turks] has territorial ambitions on Syria…. The agreement is impossible. Surely the Russians know that. I’m sure they have an agreement, but it is not what they say.

“Turkey has territorial ambitions on Syria…….; therefore, Syria needs Russian and Iranian and Hezbollah support and solidarity. “The crucial difference is that Turkey is the aggressor”
So Russia has an agreement with the aggressor. With such an agreement Russia cannot clash with anything Turkey supports,

So now when Syria is having some success fighting the terrorists, suddenly there is “cease Fire”! It makes no sense. But maybe it does. It’s the agreement!

Promitheas Apollonious

russia will not support syria, against the turks. Even if russia does not support syrians against the turks is no warranty the turks will not sell out, as already they do, all the agreements about syria they have with the russians as they dont need them any more and expect soon the turks to make another u turn and go against the russians since they have what they wanted from russia and they do hold the russians by the balls for the moment.

The russians building a gas pipe line via turkey that will keep the in the game of supplying europe with gas and they have a dead line there. They failed to get in the game of the Mediterranean gas deposits, using Greece and Cyprus and also failed with israel so all they have left is turkey one they also support into creating problems between them and Greece and Cyprus trying to delay or take over with war the gas deposits.

An alliance is between israel – greece and egypt about the greek deposits and Cyprus who began the drilling`s have given all the contracts to american and french interest. Now the turks with the full backing of england is trying to get the deposits or some of them from greece and cyprus so a war there can happen at any given moment and the russians with their policies are turning traditional friendly nations as greeks and cypriots are against them.

In syria the russians got what they wanted and have manage to retire all the veterans of the SAA army that was and is warriors replacing them with young recruits, removing almost 50% of the effectiveness we all witnessed from them in the beginning of the war.

So as I see things russia have put herself into a jam where they can not go forward and they can also cant go backwards with the alliances they have make. Despite what they have done at the beginning of their involvement in syria that no one can dispute the important part is what they have done after syrians begin to win the war and stop them. So if you look at the picture in a peripheral way and put all the dots together not just focus in the past and only in syria then you get a very good idea as to the why and what is going on and by whom.

Russia did what is not easily forgivable even by the syrians that owe them a lot. They play like a whore in all tables. Selling S400 and offering turkey military cooperation and know how. Selling S400 and other weapons to Saudis that with turkey is the main forces behind what is happening to syria and caused her over half a million dead and millions of refugees. Also by supporting this way the turks and the saudis go directly against what allegedly they went to stop happening in ME, beside creating a real threat against the iranians.

Can you connect the dots? You need ton also know what is happening in the balkan area and then you have a complete picture.

Astrid Watanabe

Thank you. With more dots I can certainly see something that looks more like a picture than a mess of incomprehensible contradictions. I do remember other peoples comments also, like someone who wrote “Putin made deals with everyone – what a whore he is!”, and he also mentioned about him selling weapons to the Saudis. I can usually pick out people who have a good understanding, and recognize what is true, and so connect more dots.
I much appreciate people who write and share their understanding. It is a generous gift.

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