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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria In March 2019 And 2020

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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria In March 2019 And 2020

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This map compares the military situation in northwestern Syria in March 2019 and March 2020.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Pretty stark before and afters.

Hasbara Hunter

Them Turks are NOTHING….use momentum & Steamroll to Istanbul….Hang the Treacherous Sabbatean Dönmeh Muslimbrother Erdogan….


You will of course have noticed the very large number if ‘Guest’ down votes to posts that support the SAA and all their allies at times of intensive SAA military activity, especially in the last few months, HH.

The usual NATO trolls are always hovering around , only to appear in swarms at times of great tensions. The Guests numbers though, are of course an unknown.

All of this suggests a largely organised group, or groups, of NATO trolls.

All of this ‘Anti SAA’ activity confirms to me that Southfront has many readers worldwide and that NATO fears the accurate information that Southfront strives to make public..

What is your opinion, HH?

Hasbara Hunter

I think Southfront & ALL its contributors have done a GREAT JOB in finding TRUTH….Truth is a Relative Concept though….and most of the time pretty simple & right in your face…

HasbaRats & ZIONATO-Trolls have contributed a lot in their own specific rat-like way….the Stupid Retards might not even know how much….The Result of their Lies, Deception, Deceit, Dis-info, Treason etc…etc…most of the time Resulted in Valuable Information from SF-Truthseekers…Cheers Brothers
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Well said ,HH, and your comment that “Brainless Lies” of NATO is most prescient.

I read the vitriolic anti Assad, Anti Iran and anti Russian comments of current and retired senior UK military in the media, and I despair their ignorance if they actually believe what they say.

If they do NOT believe what they are saying, it is an afront to the millions of civilians who have died in NATO’s wars and conflicts of choice in the Middle East and beyond in this century alone.

Hasbara Hunter

Many Sheeples do not want to be confronted with the Truth….because their Lives might turn out to be Lies


Its a bigstep to realise that ones ‘Democratic’ Western government is a corrupted Mafia style organisation , as we both know.

However, once the bridge is crossed over the Government torrent of outright lies and ‘Highly Likely’ falsehoods, we can see the government’s deliberate and shameless squandering of their citizens assets on military and vanity projects, in harmony with the deliberate use of personal and government debt in order to create a de facto slave economy.

As military spending on Boys Toys increases, so do the homeless numbers increase.

Hasbara Hunter

Dutch Citizens, Cops & Soldiers who I happen to speak with, at least know these days that Al-Qaeda & ISIS are Israel, America, Wahhabistan & Europe….They know that Mark Rutte & Stef Blok Sponsored Al-Qaeda With € 80.000.000,- in Toyota Hiluxes & other Big Boys Toys (High Treason)… They know of the American & British Heroin-Production in Afghanistan…They listen interested when I tell them about the 911 inside job…Wonderful how much can change in Just a couple of years…Resistance will be growing, time is on our side


Yes, people are more receptive these days to rational thought and the irrational behaviour of the State Mafia elite in the UK as well.

Many events have served to weaken the deference towards those who seek to ‘lord it’ over the masses, not least the Paedo antics of Prince Andrew.

‘Times are a changin’, HH.

Liberal guy

It’s a Babil Babylon conglomerate of their unseen leader sayad ibn sayad (dajjal l.a)

Liberal guy

Still he controls large part of the world or at Least minimum more then 73% of known world according to worldly terms indirectly


The Idlib Terrorist Reservation is only half now what it used to be a year ago. And that was right after a major SAA offensive which already shaved off a third of that reservation and which netted the SAA the Abu Duhur air base. So basically 2/3rds of the original Idlib Terrorist Reservation as set up in 2017 has been reclaimed.

So now all the bitchers and moaners and crybabies that Putin is an Israeli shill who does nothing for Syria can shut the fuck up.


By achieving this and not providing the US with a convincing pretext to intervene the Allies have met brinkmanship with patience. Well done them Syrians et al.


For all this bloodshed and may others there is only ONE real culprit; The Chosen One Scum! Their Western slaves are not innocent either, but they are only criminal slaves under Zio control, not the masterminds!

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