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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria After Introduction Of Another Ceasefire

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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Syria After Introduction Of Another Ceasefire

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On August 31, another ceasefiire announced by the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance entered into force in Greater Idlib. This ceasefire is another attempt by Syria and its allies to de-escalate the situation in northwestern Syria and settle the conflict via political means. However, it is not likely that this move will find any kind of understanding from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical militant groups. So, it’s highly likely, hostilities in this area will resume in September. More about the current state of Turkish-Russian relations and the issue of Idlib can be found HERE.


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Icarus Tanović

One can put a bet that Wahhabis already started to shell SAA…

Zionism = EVIL

I don’t think they will for a few days as their Turkey masters have to rearm them after the rout at Khan Sheikhoun.


Oh let us make a pledge to meet in September, and seal it with a kiss!

Zionism = EVIL

The SAA was making very good progress as the clean sweep frontline shows, however the ceasefire is a big mistake.

Rüdiger Preiss

Sorry but whilst I agree that the SAA was making very good progress, ceasefires often did work – in particular in Daraa already at an earlier stage but also Aleppo and Douma later on. HTS fighters will have seen the might with which the SAA has taken Khan Sheikun and the CF gives them a moment to re-consider; It’s a psychological move. In Daraa this strategy resulted in many “rebels” to desert their ranks and join the SAA instead. You also need to understand that there is a lot of brainwashing going on from terrorist leadership, where their fighters are convincingly told that the Syrian Government and SAA are monsters. Those ceasefires also help to plant doubt.


Wrong my friend, ceasefire has only benefit for terrorists and Turkey at Idlib. Ceasefire was imposed by Putin due to Erdogan negotiation with S-57 buying.


Spot on! Some people understand tactics but have no idea of strategy.

Tiresia Branding



At least Erdogan got his ice cream :)


In Khan Sheikhoun there is a video of the rejoicing of locals who endured the long years of Terrorist control and US Democratic Values. The locals accounts of abuse by terrorists are harrowing. I would think that such US backed terrorist abuse is being documented now by news outlets such as ANNA and honest Western journalists such as Vanessa Bealy.

The mere fact that the liberation of scores of villages and towns during August has NOT been properly reported in the NATO nations media is indicative that the Syrian civilians from these towns have welcomed their liberation from the US Coalition of Terror.

Icarus Tanović

Bravo, great info. Thanks.


Ceasefire agreement between Russia-Turkey to please Erdogan and to stop SAA offensive at Idlib. It is incredible what Su-57 buying can accomplish.

Domenic Patrone

By the rear part of October, Turkey will MOVE and all of Syria will gulp blood. What will Vladimir Putin have for Mr. Erdogas at this momentous time of history. I can’t wait !!!!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, it’s already broken, LOL, head north to escape if you don’t like Assad, the SAA are coming soon, get out while you still can, seek refuge in Turkey.


I agree with the Moon of Alabama article (link in a comment below) that Erdogan has given up on the Idlib jihadists. The FSA people yesterday trying to cross to Turkey got bullets. The door is shut. And of course the original deal for the jihadists was to win or die – and they are not winning. Erdogan is actually not hard to understand, he is always looking for the profit. Idlibstan is now a zero profit prospect and Turkey will do nothing to assist. Ironically the jihadists may turn violent against the Turks in the OPs, and Syrian advance may rescue many of them!!! The tipping point for jihadists losing faith (lol) in their project appears to be the loss of Khan Seikhun and the disbanding of Jaysh al Izza, and the clear sign that Turkey will not help them. We can expect a much weaker and demoralised opposition from now on. It might even be a walk in the park, but I won’t bet on that just yet. SAA win is just around the corner.

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