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Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Hama On August 13, 2019


Map Update: Military Situation In Northwestern Hama On August 13, 2019

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  • A Turkish military convoy accompanied by militants visited Tell Tuqan, Surman and Morek;

The Russian Defense Ministry also released a video showing a strike on militants’ gathering in Kafr Serjana:




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  • abuqahwa

    Jihadi terrs travelling in convoy with Turkish Army, under Turkish protection, what’s new ?

  • Lupus
    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      I remember this like yesterday, the SAA Russia and Iraq had just secured the southern Iraqi/Syrian border, Isis in government controlled territory had been eliminated except for a small pocket in Deir ez Zor and this one tiny area in Hama, and within just a few weeks it was gone too, and the mighty SAA then started to cut into the Idlib/Hama rebels like a hot knife slicing through butter.
      Just a few weeks after that the Turks rushed down to Murak and quickly built an OB post, right between the attacking SAA and the very badly losing rebels. That ended the campaign that should have retaken all of Idlib, and sadly the SAA just packed up and went to Ghouta instead, where they thrashed the hell out of the rebels there too, mostly by bombing them into oblivion, there were lot’s of civilian casualties there sadly.
      This map shows the aftermath of the SAA victory over Isis, just a few months prior some of this map would have had pockets of Isis grey to the south and east, if the map was bigger it would have shown nearly all the east as Isis grey.
      At that time I was very optimistic the war in Syria would be over in just a few short months, but I had no idea how much sway Erdogan would eventually have over Putin, and not even an inkling that something like the Astana agreement could ever be proposed as a workable solution.
      I was so optimistic back then, and God was I disappointed. damm Erdogan and that Astana agreement.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    So many Turkish soldiers moving around on a battlefront means accidents are bound to happen, and hopefully one will happen real soon LOL.
    Erdogan doesn’t like Assad’s strategy of isolation and containment, it’s going to leave his OB posts with no purpose anymore, no rebels to protect because the SAA is quickly blowing them to bits so what are they going to do, just pack up and leave hopefully.
    Why do some dumb ass chimps call Assad dumb, he’s proving he’s as smart as anyone else is, at the very least he’s proving he’s smarter than Erdogan, LOL.