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Map Update: Military Situation In Northern Hama Following Militants’ Seizure Of al-Hamameyat

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Late on July 10, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) were forced to withdraw from the town of al-Hamameyat in northern Hama under pressure from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’s news agency Iba also claimed that militants had destroyed a battle tank and a Shilka self-propelled gun. MORE HERE

On July 11, clashes continued in the vicinity of al-Hamameyat. According to pro-government sources, the SAA and the NDF were preparing to recapture the town.

Map Update: Military Situation In Northern Hama Following Militants' Seizure Of al-Hamameyat

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Zionism = EVIL

Well the Turkeys are fighting along side the headchoppers and Russia is standing back. The Turkeys have supplied over 4,000 ATGM and mortars to the terrorists. In essence Russia has sold the Syrians out for better ties with Turkeys.

Assad hits a wall in Syrian war as front lines harden

BEIRUT/AMMAN (Reuters) – President Bashar al-Assad’s assault in the northwest has been met with a painful rebel counterpunch that underlines Turkish resolve to keep the area out of his hands and shows why he will struggle to take back more of Syria by force. While resisting government attacks, the insurgents have managed to carve out small advances of their own, drawing on ample stocks of guided anti-tank missiles that opposition and diplomatic sources say have been supplied by Turkey.

“They’re even targeting personnel with these missiles … it means they are comfortably supplied,” a rebel source said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was discussing rebel military capabilities. Turkey’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on reports that Ankara has stepped supplies of arms to rebels. A Russian private military contractor who was based near Idlib province told Reuters that rebel fighters there are far more professional and motivated than their adversary. Pro-government forces cannot win the battle for Idlib unless Moscow helps them on the ground, he said. “Of course the regime has the desire to recover Idlib by force, but … without the Russians it can’t, because there are many militants and the Russians are completely committed to the Turks,” the source said. “It is expected that the situation in Idlib will stay as it is for a long time.”

Rhodium 10

Probably Erdogan deceived the Russians by making it appear that the rearmament of militia in Idlib had the purpose to fight vs Kurds….but Kurds are under protect of NATO and Turkey is a member and ally!…therefore Erdogan has turn Idlib in a new Kosovo inside Syria to protect and to serve NATO interest!

Edvin R

Erdogan did actually arm and trained some factions for a fight vs kurds,but then the SAA decided to launch the long prepared “offensive” on Idlib and Turkmans.After that those grupps redeployed to Idlib and decimated the SAA offensive.Those groups even have some AA.

Rhodium 10

another stupid coment!..Turkish backed terrorist have been attacking SAA many months ago before SAA launched this offensive!

Edvin R

Some rebell offensive we all missed? Olive branch and Eufrates shield was against Kurds…

Zionism = EVIL

Aleppo and norther Euphrates areas were Ottoman granary and ErDOGan has coveted them for years. Russia just him a green light after the weak reaction after downing of the SU-24 inside Syrian territory. The Turkeys are brainwashing the Syrian refugee kids and youth and teaching them warped Turkish history. Russia overall has been a party to the dismemberment of Syria.

klove and light

Home Syria Jihadist offensive in northern Latakia resulted in 22 Syrian soldiers killed: report

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:10 P.M.) – The Syrian military’s official death toll from the jihadist offensive in northern Latakia earlier this week was released on Thursday morning. According to a Syrian military communique, at least 22 soldiers from the army and border guards were killed and a dozen more were wounded during the 36 hour confrontation in the Jabal Turkmen region of northern Latakia.

The communique read that of the 22 soldiers killed during the battle, 5 were from the Latakia Governorate, 3 were from the Damascus Governorate, 4 were from the Hama Governorate, 1 was from the Idlib Governorate, 1 from the Al-Raqqa Governorate, 2 were from the Aleppo Governorate, 3 were from the Tartous Governorate, and 3 were from the Homs Governorate. The majority these casualties were suffered on Monday evening when the jihadist rebels of the Turkestan Islamic Party launched a surprise attack on Hill 428. The Turkestan Islamic Party has admitted that they suffered 17 losses of their own; however, the death toll for the other jihadist groups is still unknown.

klove and light

Putin u fucking Zionist dirty pig!!!!

klove and light

TEHRAN (FNA)- The families of the ISIL terrorists have been transferred from the al-Hawl Camp controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Hasaka to areas under the control of the Turkish Army in Northern Aleppo in lieu of receiving hefty amount of money. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the ISIL terrorists’ families stationed in the SDF-controlled al-Hawl Camp in Southeastern Hasaka have been transferred to Ankara-controlled regions of Northern Aleppo after receiving large amount of money from them. The price set for the transfer of each foreign ISIL family is at least $5,000 and the same amount for the families of ISIL’s Syrian terrorists is between $500 to $2500. The SOHR also said that at least 50 children have been killed as a result of deteriorating conditions of al-Hawl Camp and acute shortage of foodstuff and medicine there. Meantime, the number of the children who have died in al-Hawl Camp has exceeded 358 since June. In a relevant development earlier in July, tensions increased between the popular forces supported by Damascus and the US-backed Kurds in Hasaka province after the latter’s provocative acts against Damascus. The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper quoted dissident sources as saying on Thursday that the SDF had kidnapped a number of National Defense Forces (NDF) affiliated to the Syrian army in the town of Qamishli. They added that the Kurds refrained from releasing the abducted forces, noting that the NDF had detained 4 Kurdish fighters in response. Al-Watan reported that several roads have been closed and snipers have been deployed in the region after tensions increased between the two sides, adding that the SDF has warned that it will abduct the family members of the NDF forces in Qamishli if its forces are not freed by the army. It added that the SDF has occupied the buildings of a state power generation company in al-Nashweh district in the Southern parts of Hasaka in the past two days. The SDF also detained a reporter of a Syrian news channel in Qamishli a few days ago accusing him of collaboration in the start of the recent unrests in the region. Hasaka and Deir Ezzur provinces in Eastern Syria have been the scenes of large-scale protests in recent months concurrent with intensified tensions in SDF-controlled areas. In a relevant development in late June, the SDF had increased economic pressures on the residents of the city of al-Tabaqa in Western Raqqa in a bid to suppress the Syrian citizens after they staged a popular uprising there. Baladi news website quoted local sources in al-Tabaqa as saying that the city’s residents were under immense economic pressures so that although tens of tons of flour has been stockpiled in the city’s warehouses, the economy committee affiliated to the SDF blocks its distribution among residents. They said that the “residents of al-Tabaqa are living in critical conditions”, adding that after the recent popular uprising there the SDF is trying to increase economic pressures on people in an economic war. The popular uprisings against the US-backed SDF have increased and they have taken serious economic measures against the civilians. Also in late June, the SDF sent a new military convoy to Deir Ezzur in Eastern Syria from Hasaka to suppress the popular uprisings there as people’s protests against the SDF have increased, sources said. Local sources in Deir Ezzur reported that the residents of the city of al-Basireh in Deir Ezzur held a public strike against the SDF’s mistreatment of the people in Deir Ezzur. The sources noted that the popular uprisings in Deir Ezzur heightened after the SDF conducted an armed robbery by using military vehicles. The SDF sent a military convoy comprising 20 military vehicles and so-called anti-riot forces to crush the people in al-Basireh city. In late May, the SDF were killing and injuring residents of al-Hawl Refugee Camp in Southeastern Hasaka as they were trying to flee the camp due to unfavorable humanitarian and hygienic conditions, media activists said. The activists in Hasaka province said that the SDF has opened fire at a group of women and children who were attempting to abandon Hasaka’s al-Hawl Refugee Camp. They pointed to the death and injury of a number of civilians by SDF, and said that several residents of al-Hawl Camp have been incarcerated. The sources noted that the SDF has imposed tight security measures in al-Hawl refugee camp and laid it under siege, and said the SDF’s measures come among concerns that the situation is ripe for uprising by the refugees while large groups are seeking to escape from the camp. They also pointed to the very critical conditions of al-Hawl Camp, acute shortage of foodstuff and drinking water, and said that a large number of al-Hawl residents need urgent treatment available outside the camp. Hasaka and Deir Ezzur provinces have been the scenes of large-scale protests over recent years concurrent with intensified tensions in SDF-controlled areas.

klove and light

putin u dirty Zionist pig…….agreemenst over Agreements with Turkey….and anybody with eyes and ears knows for years that Turkey is and was the number 1 Sponsor of ALL jihadi Groups including Isis and alnusra.

Putin u are a Zionist pig….

giving Turkey the green light for Invasion of afrin giving Turkey the green light for Idlib with this tremendous bs Agreements of “deescalation” and allowing Turkey to create 12 Military bases in Idlib all on higher grounds…Putin u Zionist pig.. staying silent after 2000+ atatcks by them satanic jews on syria by their own account staying silent after them satanic jews murdered a dozen of russian Military Folks which were on the plane over syria giving the bastard turkish scum the new s-400 but syria had to beg for the old s-300 which by all accounts still is not opeartional and probably will never be

Putin u Zionist pig


SAA poor army performance. Even with the air support they are no jatch for these terrorists. What do they lack? And what, if any, is the aded value of the Iran army? Think the only real army over there is the Russian, but they are friendly with the terrorists boss Erdogan.

klove and light

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish Army provided backup for terrorist groups in their attacks on the Syrian Army’ in Northern Lattakia, media reports said. The Arabic-language website of the Russian Sputnik News Agency quoted a Syrian Army military source as saying that Turkistani Party, Harasoddin and Ansar al-Tawhid terrorist groups severely pounded the Syrian Army’s military positions in al-Darreh and Atireh towns in Northern Lattakia. It noted that the terrorist groups, stationed in Southwestern Idlib near the border with Turkey, pounded the Syrian Army’s military positions in al-Darreh and Atireh with artillery and rockets. The source noted that most of the artillery attacks on the Syrian Army’s military positions were carried out from inside Turkey, and said that the Syrian Army made a tactical retreat from its positions as clashes intensified, but retook the positions and cleansed the terrorists from the region in a counterattack. Meantime, a Turkish Army military convoy comprising 50 armored vehicles and commando forces were dispatched to Hatay province along Turkey’s Southern borders with Idlib province. A Turkish Army’s military source told Sputnik news agency that new military equipment have been dispatched by the Turkish Army to areas under the Turkish Army’s control in the demilitarized zone in Northern Syria. The sourced pointed to the presence of a large number of Turkish soldiers in the region, and claimed that in case of any aggression on the Turkish Army it will carry out fresh military operation in the region. The Turkish Army has attacked the Syrian Army’s military positions in Northern Syria after it claimed that its troops had come under attack in that region. In a relevant development on Monday, the Syrian Army’s ground and air forces pounded and destroyed the terrorists’ military positions and centers in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib in response to militants’ attacks on safe zones in Northern Syria. The terrorists of Tahrir al-Sham al-Hay’at (the Levant Liberation Board or the Al-Nusra Front) and Turkistani Party stationed in Southern Idlib launched rocket attacks on residential areas and military points of the Syrian Army in the towns of Jourin and al-Reyhanieh in Sahl al-Ghab region in Northwestern Hama. Meantime, the Syrian Army’s artillery and missile units heavily pounded the terrorists’ military positions and movements in the towns of al-Latamineh, Kafar Zita, Tal al-Sukhr, al-Jisat, Latmin, al-Arbaeen, Hasaraya, Abu Raideh, Talmaleh, al-Jobin, Qastoun, Zizoun and al-Sohn in Northern Hama and Southern Idlib, destroying several of their military positions and hideouts together with their military equipment as well as killing and wounding a large number of them. The Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper, meantime, reported that the Syrian Air Force conducted several air raids on terrorists’ military positions in al-Tamana’eh, Kafar Sajneh, Jorjnaz, Talmaneh, Ma’ar Shourin and outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib, destroying their military positions and equipment. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) also reported that a massive military convoy of the Turkish Army comprising 30 military vehicles, tanks, military equipment and logistics supplies has arrived in Northern Idlib via Kafar Lousin crossing in Northern Idlib.

klove and light

putin u fucking Zionist pig…die with your JEW Friends u fucking pig

klove and light

United nations security council

jemen…….. ALL pricks on the council voted YES for an arms Embargo against the houthis!!!!

while each member sells the most advanced weapons to the invading criminal Forces of Saudi Arabia and UAE…….this includes Russia,usa,france,uk and China

Libya…….ALL pricks on the council voted YES for a “no flight Zone” which eventually lead to the destruction of the governmnets Forces under gadaffi…this includes Russia,france,usa,uk and China

because they all follow the AGENDA

a one world governmnet with Jerusalem as ist capital under satanic jewish leadersghip. ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the Evil illegal satanic Entity named Israel are part of the Agenda. this includes Russia,usa,uk,china,eu etc….

wake the fuck up!!!!!! there is no good USA or bad USA or good Russia or bad Russia

just the AGENDA!!

Free man

The Iranians left the SAA and the Russians alone in this battle. So the Russians need to save what is left of the SAA. The only way is a cease-fire.

straw walker

Kurnaz is the key..It’s the command and control centre for the Syrian army and the Russians..If it falls it’s over for Assad’s army.. The rats will then start jumping ship..

straw walker

What so many have failed to realize is Turkey and Iran have made secret agreements that the Russians and Assad are unaware of.

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