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MAY 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Nortern Syria On October 10, 2019

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Map Update: Military Situation In Nortern Syria On October 10, 2019

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The Turkish Armed Fores and Turkish-backed militant groups are developing their advance on positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in northeastern Syria. MORE HERE


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  1. Domenic Patrone says:

    We’re nearing the end of Turkish intervention there. Good riddance.

  2. Kell McBanned says:

    Slow going by the looks of it

    1. PZIVJ says:

      Liveuamap has a very detailed map.
      Turk forces are trying to envelope both Tel Abyad and Ras Al Ayn from the flanks.

  3. MeMad Max says:

    Theyre after the oil fields near deir ezzor, watch the offense not stop till they either get there or the SAA stops the,.

  4. KingOfAllAnimals says:

    Let the whole region burn. Iran and Turkey deserve each other.

  5. Odysseas Angelides says:

    Turkey is a rogue country, uncivilized, barbaric, aggressive and very dangerous for the Middle East. She must be eliminated by giving the Kurds the right to build their own state. Severe sanctions must be imposed on Turkey to cripple its economy and prevent her from building armaments to be used against her neighbors.

    1. dutchnational says:

      Anatolia delendam est.

  6. dutchnational says:

    In a way, one must be happy to see some turkish towns being shelled. At last they get a very small taste of what they were supporting happening to their kurdish neighbours.

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