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Map Update: Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On December 8, 2020

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Map Update: Military Situation In Nagorno-Karabakh On December 8, 2020

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A brief look at the recent developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh region:

  • As of December 8, Russia reported that more than 62 hectares of land and about 21 kilometers of roads were cleared from mines and IEDs and 4,000 explosive objects were found and destroyed;
  • On December 7, 859 displaced persons returned from Yerevan to Stepanakert by buses with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers;
  • As of December 7, more than 34500 people have returned to Karabakh with the assistance of Russian peacekeepers;
  • Azerbaijan has been sending captured Armenian military hardware to Baku to showcase it at a military parade on December 10.


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Arman Melkonyan

Russians assisting the slow genocide of Christian Armenians, the first Christian nation of the world. To the benefit of the sadistic Turkish and Azerbaijani Muslims.


You’re my hero.


Jun 1999 Russia occupies Pristina airport then handle it to NATO, living Serbs with broken hope.

Jul 1999 IMF aproves 4.5 $B to help Russian government.

Arman Melkonyan

Russians are animals.

They are stupid too. They are losing by cooperating with their Muslim NATO enemies like the Turks who attack and kill Russian servicemen.

Russians are losing by continuing to betray their Slav brothers in Serbia and Kosovo.

I am sorry my friend.

This is an abominable world we live in where (supposed) Christians help Muslims torture and kill Christians.

I feel sick.

Proud Hindu

Putin has sold himself to the US lol


Like Trump, Putin’s son in law was a jewish businessman (now divorced) , both sponsors of Chabad cult, his father – old friend of Putin, which has mire Jewish friends than Russians. What I don’t understand is how can many Russians still believe in the suveranity of their state, when none of their 100 billionaires in Moscow, is a Russian Orthodox. For me this is a severe state of denial.

Arman Melkonyan

Not just denial.

Russians are depraved whores in their soul.

My God,

I have seen the most beautiful Russian girls whoring out in Dubai and Istanbul with such enthusiasm, it was unbelievable.

Russians are *proud* to flaunt the fact that that Russians are the Jews’ and the Turks’ whores.

Such brainless and tasteless creatures. Even their national drink (vodka) is basically just alcohol without any flavor or aroma. Tastes just like medical supplies not fit for human consumption.


Yeah, some of them are depressive and probably impotent because of drinking alone, that’s why their women seek foreigners. I suspect that people with asian genes are more susceptibles to be hurt by strong alcohol, there are new studies that deny this theory but currently science is rulled by the political correctness so these new studies could be fake.

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