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JULY 2022

Map Update: Military Situation In Iraq On May 28, 2019

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A brief overview of the recent developments in Iraq:

  • Security forces have carried out a series of anti-terrorism operations in the desert area near the Syrian border;
  • 3 ISIS members were arrested in recent operations across Diyala province;
  • A car bomb attack was prevented west of Baghdad city. No suspects were detained;
  • At least 13 civilians were killed or wounded in a bomb explosion in thee Rabia district in Mosul during the last weekend;
  • Over 22,000ha of farmland near Tuz Khumatu has been burnt by supposed ISIS militants over the past week.
Map Update: Military Situation In Iraq On May 28, 2019

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You can call me Al

Surely the ISIS area is not that big ?.

Anyway, big bombs everywhere, kill them all and do it soon, before the US stitch you up.

What happened to forcing the Yankers out ?

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