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Map Update: Military Situation In Harad Area In Northwestern Yemen

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Forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition have captured Hasnain Mountain and a part of Hayjah Mountain from Ansar Allah and its allies.

Map Update: Military Situation In Harad Area In Northwestern Yemen

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Yemen will be the downfall of the satanic zionist Saudi regime in the future.They may capture territory, but they won’t be able to hold it for too long without paying a very heavy price.

Jens Holm

zionists – how comes. Islam copied jews – well only someof them ? Drug bah is Yout name ? You are a sheep.


Look it’s a fucking braindead Zionist zombie and look at yourself you filthy jew shit! I have never seen such a Miserable pile of brainwashed ass and bullshit motherfucker. If he’s a sheep then you are a fucking snake without a tong, a lying Little shit.

Jens Holm

Yaerrrh, cheep sheep. The whole rest of the world are 6 billion zionists. Saudis are zionists too. Even goats are, if they dont agrrrreeeee.

That explain everything in Your tiny little world, because You are kept in the dark and let You be kept as spendable sheep by socalled big fathers, which run Your business bad and bad and again and again.

ME – the land of 1001 arabic nights of excuses.

When I could read in the age of 7, I wrote people were killing each other in Yemen. Not long time after I was reading, that Egypt had beeen there too UNITED with Yemen by troops. Soon after I found those morons were fighting all the time.

So how should I care just because Muhammed as the only supporter of Islam blamed some greedy Jewish Leaders in Medina, which used a very good economic system, which You dont use and are not able to understand.

Arabia at that time was runned by Jews, Christians and Baal. Some minority rapport from him partly copying arameic scrips himself – as them – makes me change nothing.

As long as You in Sunni style – not Sunny style only are able to copy, there will be no change in Your tiny world. Blaming jews and the rest of the world is low as a toilet in an ISIS toilet. Shame on You blaming jews as well as the rest of us.

You dont know what honeur and respect is. If so You made peace in stead of everlasting war, vendettas and like that.

The only good thing is, You mainly kill Your own.


hope???love to play lottery do u??

a couple of things…
first..the houthis, practically alone, fought against the saudi and uae military, which have high tech. modern military equpiment bought from russia,usa,uk,france,spain,germany,pakistan,israel and china.Furthermore they got all the satellite intelligence they needed for troops and equipment movement of the enemy and various other logistical help ie. air refuelling by us airforce or pilot training in the uk for the saudis etc….

secondly…the country was sealed off (warcrime as itself..but when committing hundreds of warcrimes a day including using wmd i quess who cares) from the outside world, and through the UNSC resolution which sadly russia and china also approved, the houthis had am arms embargo but the saudis were and are able to buy what they want from whoever they want.

thirdly….the saudis and uae military command, used mercenaries from sudan and columbia(yes there were and are some eu and usa mercs..but they only make up less than 5%) in the combat..meaning that “fresh” forces were always availbale…

those 3 points i make, shows u that its a miracle the houthis could withstand this onslaught for soooo long….they have problems on many fronts now……..

my last point would be that we all dont know the full story….it could well be, looking at the latest developments in syria and iraq in regards to the US military…maybe a deal was struck between trump,the saudis,the russians,syrians and iranians……..

lets be serious….IF the houthis (and iran) want to continue this war, they probably could for years to come…… is it not the same in syria???

IF the US (and saudis) want to continue the war in syria, they probably could for years to come..not true???

Fact is…that 2 major developments occured right after the other in the 2 major places of proxy war , in jemen and syria.First the USA military signals its on the way out, then the houthis declare their retreat of hudaydah and turning over port authority to the jemeni army.



Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

Jens Holm

Israel ?


Saudis and Israelis both are childbutchers and encroachers. Soon the whole world will become free of them.


That would be lovely…

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