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Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine

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Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine

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The situation in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine is remaining tense. Both the Ukrainian military and local militais accuse each other of violating the  ceasefire region on a constant basis. Thus, according to the Ukrainian side, there were 11 violations of the ceasefire by forces of the Donetsk People’s Repubic (DPR) recently. At the  same  time, the DPR said that pro-Kiev forces had violated the ceasefire 24 times.

Nonetheless, there is still a relative parity at the frontline because the Ukrainian side has not employed its superior firepower and manpower to carry out significant offensive operations so far. This may change if the US backers of the Kiev regime decide that the escalation is the region contributes to their political and economic goals.

Ukrainian Conflict Is About To Escalate Once Again While US Midterm Elections Draw Nearer

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leon mc pilibin

Putin has made it clear to the zionist coup Puppets that they will be treated like Georgia if they launch a full scale attack on the Russian enclave.Wait and see.

S Melanson

Putin certainly did make it clear and more than once. I posted a while back regarding an interview with Putin in which he was asked how he would respond if Ukraine launched an offensive to retake the breakaways while Russia was preoccupied with hosting the World Cup – Putin said that any such move would have serious repercussions for Ukrainian sovereignty.

It sure would, like Russian tanks in Kiev within 48 hours.

Tommy Jensen

Putin should not treat United States as Georgia, thinking he is Stalin kicking United States around like a tin can.
America is a superpower and if we wanna bomb Grenada we bomb it, and if we wanna invade Ossetien we do it. There is nothing Putin can do about it.

Black Waters

@@disqus_5i07oBp9hH:disqus Yes there’s, he’ll nuke you to Paleolithic age.


I am sure US wants to bomb Moscow. So why dont you just do it? Or is it that you cant?

S Melanson

Well it seems things are swell in your world. You should try and visit our world sometime.


You play the devil’s advocate very well.


The Americans, like most people look to others to blame for their failures.
Their empire is collapsing, they are terrified, so they blame those who are succeeding. They are striking out in a frenzy and the consequences could be profound.

These are very dangerous times, in the past the end of an empire usually happened during war.

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