Map Update: Military Situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria


The map depicts the military situation in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus after the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces have taken control of the strategic town of Rayhan and encircled the militant-controlled town of Tell-Kurdi.

Map Update: Military Situation in Eastern Ghouta, Syria

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  • John Whitehot

    all the news lately are pointing to the Syrian Army having broken the rebels back.

    • lahvancz

      I would not go that far, but certainly they are pushing them back… Good.

  • John

    There is almost no news about what is going on in the Western media regarding East Ghouta. It is startingto fall rapidly to the Syrian government. Imagine how many Syrian and allied troops and the great quantity of resources, that will be freed once it falls. In my view that more than batles in other places, will mark the definitive end of the day for the rebels. They will get stomped after that happens. A good day to all.