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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On March 12, 2018

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Syrian government forces have divided the militant-held area in Eastern Ghouta into three separate parts and are developing momentum further. The US has reacted threatening to strike government troops if they continue their advance. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On March 12, 2018

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Michał Hunicz

Harasta should be first.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Fighting ongoing in Jisreen where I believe Air force Intelligence , Tiger Forces Liwa Al Quds and Al-Baath brigades are will know if this town is captured soon. Just a heads up there are 3 fronts or 3 axis groups SRG is the one and 4th 7th 9th 10th and NDF are in the other one.

Christopher Higgins


Jozsef Osztronkovics

The evil demonic Zionist US the Luciferian-Israeli puppet clearly supporting the zionist terror group in Syria –Ghouta Zionist terror leader scare their murderess puppets will lose the ground

Richard M

Just stall US, Israel and Saudi in the UN, until the cauldrons are boiled dry.


US prepared to act on Syria if UN Security Council won’t – Haley



Hayley, like her predecessor Powers, is a warmonger so I’m not surprised she would say that. However their is a good chance she is just talking s**t as a last-ditch attempt to save these “Assad must go” forces.

Despite what many here may think, the US military aren’t stupid. They no doubt realize that there is basically nothing they can realistically do to stop the SAA advance at this point, as some airstrikes alone wouldn’t be enough to do stop it. Furthermore Damascus is a difficult target for the US to reach with enough firepower to do anything, as it is far from any US-protected areas.

At worst, they’ll conduct another half-hearted “show of force” exercise like attacking another Syrian air base with cruise missiles – an attack that did basically nothing last time around (but pleased the deep-state & MSM warmongers).


Cant wait for those pockets are coloured red again after 6 years of nightmare


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comment image


Well done, them Syrians…..

Joe Doe

Now is the time Russia announced that has deliver to SAA S-400 batteries and Pantsir-S1 and S2.


dont need S-400. why do people keep saying this! They are mostly for ballistic missiles!
What if the US sent 60 cruise missiles like last time huh? The S-400 only has 4 launch pods!
BUK-M2’s and M3’s are what u want!
Pantsir as well!
And really really good EW units!


It is the work of the God to make nations united, it is the work of the Satan to divide nations. Without unity nations are discouraged and plagued with enemies they cannot easily identify. Everyone is not equipped to deal with these hidden enemies.


Why doesn’t god stop the suffering of people on earth ? Because he doesn’t exist.

You can’t prove that god exist but you can prove that he doesn’t exist.


Human beings are not angels that is why they do mistakes but if a human completely does not do any mistake then he is better than angels. That is why Angels are God controlled creatures and they don’t do any mistake but human is free creature and that is why they do mistakes. Now you tell me you wanna be free or you wanna be controlled like a surrogate or a drone, I mean you will be not allowed to do any thing by your own well?


Now, you are talking about something else that don’t exist : angels. Humans are just animals like others.

Humans use god to gain power and money.

And, it’s interesting that you are talking about “mistakes” (but don’t define them) because my theory ios that people created god because humans are imperfect, not equal and because ressources are not evenly distributed. For example, some people have more wtaer than others. So, people have created god to make humans perfect. But, when you tried to make humans perfect, you see that humans start loosing what make them alive being.


No you can’t. Both are equally (un)provable


There is 99% chance that the abrahamic god doesn’t exist.


There is a 100% chance that the Supreme Personality of Godhead exists….What is the Abrahamic One again?


No chance.


You know, better to have different attitude to life. It’s very good to sometimes answer “I do not know / Maybe”. I used to be like you, when I was younger. I thought I know everything, and I understood reality. I was so wrong. You limit yourself very much by not allowing yourself to explore more about this reality. You see tip of the iceberg only, you trust only your senses and reason. Both are limited. You miss the most extraordinary things about this life, things you could explore and experience, but which you will spend rest of your life negating. I was like you, and I feel sorry about people like you – not knowing who you are and who you can become.


Great you discovered it and are 100% conviced. Knowing is so much more than being a believer. :)


Abrahamic God does not exist. It’s a human made concept. However there is something more about this world, more than just physical reality. I will not try to convince you as it is usually futile effort (as it was with me when I was atheist). You will either be gifted with this knowledge one day, or not. I wish you this experience. I spent one year looking for that answer, and only when I gave up, I found it. :)


Of course, you gave up. That’s why you think you have find it.


No, it’s not like that. There is a very interesting book I would recommend you to read. I read it as an atheist. I am sure you would enjoy it. It is “Conversations with God”. It tells one simple truth about life/world/reality, one I understood over time to be real. “You cannot have what you want, but you can have everything what you desire”. So it worked exactly like that with me giving up. You see, you think about science and reason, but you miss something more about this world, hidden rules which impact your life, and which you could take advantage of to make your life easier, happier and more relaxed. Like rule I mentioned above. It took me one year. Some people do not find it ever, although they try. You are not even looking for it.


That’s BS. The society is made so that it distract you for the important things.

People spent their childhood in f….ing useless schools. Once again, the so-called “low IQ” don’t like to spent their childhood in schools. Then they go to useless college to have useless jobs they don’t like to pay their debt. Once again, the so-called “high IQ” do this. And if you haven’t noticed, the “high IQ” are the one who are the more dangerous and make life of people suffer.

So, can’t live the life you say unless you are a very rich guy who can afford that.


I agree with most what you wrote, except for last sentence. Finding God, or rather finding Self in relation to Life, is available for poor and rich. Actually, the latter have it harder job, as one of things which prevents us from finding Self is attachment to things. It is easier to find self if one is not so absorbed in pleasures of life. Also being very poor also make one thing too much about lack of money, etc. It also does not help. Best is somewhere in the middle, and even better before one starts career and family. Then it is a bit too late, as it becomes too hard to stay away from daily challenges.


The career BS. those who made “careers” are just losing their time doing stupid things they don’t like for fairytales. People are too brainwashed to do this and this and this and even forced to do instead of just living and do what they like.

Life isn’t difficult above all in Europe where there are pletny of food and water. People made it difficult because they are stupid. And especially the “high IQ” who like to create lots of BS have created this society of non life.


100% agree. However you can’t change that easily, so better to not get too frustrated about it. I was there, so I know. So just do live as you wish and enjoy. There is nothing better to do in this world really, than to truely live :)


Yes. People waste the valuable thing of earth : time. So, they waste their time doing their stupid job and pursuing a stupid career. At the end, they will die like everyone and all the money they have gathered will not make them alive again.

Also, parents waste their children time to go to school and college and whatever instead of letting live their life.


Most people love USA because most are stupid people who love destruction.

How many times, did I heard Americans say to nuke NK just for fun. Did you see how they enjoy invading Iraq for nothing ?


brainwashed half-automated humans that cannot take decisions or have own thoughs, nothing more


This is the typical empire children behavior.


Also, I always laugh when an average Americans speak geopolitics. They know so little about the world but they have strong false opinions that they think true. And, most of the time, those americans who talked like are the one who want to “nuke” everybody.

So, it’s fair to say the Americans are the real terrorists and those who support USA are collaborating with a terrorist organization and those who love USA are lost people.


The fact that people have created god shows that he doesn’t exist.


I used to be atheist like you and I was saying exactly the same thing. Then I was proved wrong, what was the happiest day of my life. Good luck with it as well. :)


Of course, in the bible it is said “Blessed are the poor of spirit”. Usually, the stupid people are the happier.


Ignorance is bliss :)

leon mc pilibin

The zionists can see their NWO plans going up in smoke.They are desperate now which means they are reckless and likely to trigger a war that cant be stopped.It will be all or nothing if they attack Syria this time.


When you ask religious people why some people are ill or whatever, they say “it’s because god is testing them or because they have done something bad”. I say OK, but why do some people are born with genetical diseases ? The new born did nothing bad. And, they can’t answer. That’s one of the billion proof that god doesn’t exist.


Since we are by nature eternal spirit souls with infinite births and deaths,then it’s fairly easy to see how we can be born with defects or diseases,or in the family of rich or religious people….So yes,we can be born with genetic disease,or born in a rich country ,or,or,or,or……………..


That make absolute no sens. I see no correlation between defects and reincarnation.


I cannot know whether reincarnation is a valid concept (I believe it is), but as I understand it, I can see a room for connection between defects and reincarnation. However it does not sound like a sufficient explaination for me. And also there is a place for both defects and God. If one understand God as all loving being, then obviously defects are hard to understand. But I see God as everything, both evil and good (with small inclination towards love), as otherwise God would not be everything. So in my understanding God created a world/reality – a framework where evolution takes place, and as evolution is – it is cruel way of going towards perfection.


It’s contradictory. You can’t say what is evil and good without a framework. If god existed, he would have made a world of good (what people call heaven) with perfect people in a perfect world. He will not choose to give them free will to after punish the wrong people. It’s ridiculous.


You are talking about Abrahamic God. I do not believe in one. I also find it absurd that God gives people free will and punishes them for using it. Ridiculous idea. It makes him sadistic being rather than loving God. :) And Good and Evil is indeed relative. There is hot and cold. High and low. Quick and slow. So is evil and good. They describe single quality called love, same like hot and cold describe temperature. And it us up to us what we call good and bad – it defines as. I believe God does not care whether we are good or evil.


It makes no sens because if some god exists, he could have chosen to create a world like he wants.

If the world is like it is, it’s because of balance. If the world is not balanced, the world can’t exist and will disappear.


I find this world pretty good master piece. Why would God like to create ideal world where everything is good? How can good exist without opposite in first place? Can free will exist in world without mistakes and bad deeds? I think this world is pretty well designed actually. Once just needs to accept that God did not create Eden, but Eden can be created by humans if they use their free will to do good.

Re balance – you mean some kind of laws of physics which keep it current shape? Yes. Multiverse theory (which can be interpreted in many ways) tells that possibly there are universes with laws of physics so that universe is unstable soon after t was created. We live inside a balanced universe, otherwise we would not be here and we would not have this conversation :)


Also, the futur of humanity is in the movie “Gattaca” a fu…ing masterpiece.

No matter how hard you work or how hard you train, the futur elite will be the one with the best genetic and they will be chosen by genetic.

Also, no one can stop the progress of eugenics. No people will let “god” decide if their child will be born, with a disease or not or will have a disadvantage compared to others.

the only people who will not share this view are the religious one. the religious one will be at the bottom of the society.


And also, by using eugenics, the human race will start deshumanizing. So, basically, the human race has no futur. Either, be deshumanized robots, either be imperfect humans destroying everything.

The human race will extinguish and animals and plants will be king and the planet.


A decent moral code to follow would be a good start for society.


No one gives a f..k about moral. Once you start eugenics, you will never stop. Notice that in some years, seeing trisomic people will be impossible. Trisomic people are diagnostized during early pregnancy and most women abort them because no one want a trisomic child.

It will be the same for every genetical diseases and then it will follow with what remain.


“No moral code, 80% of people are stupid, I hate all Sunnies, lets start WW3. ”
So now I understand your take on life. SO SAD :(


And, if you want to know why defects exist, it’s because defects are the opposite of good mutation. They are mutations that don’t enhance the body. It can exist good mutations without bad ones because the same process make them both. That’s why eugenics will remove them. And, basically, what will remain are only the good mutations. And, so, the race will be enhanced and with scientific progress, you will be able to select and design your own good mutations. And the one who don’t jump into the train will have a disadvantage. This process will led to the destruction of the human race.


Your scientific view is very childish and oversimplified. I wish your perfected descendants do not discover a few generations later that some bad mutations they got rid of were actually important for their survival in long-term. Problem is that genes are interconnected, and even though you may say increase IQ of your child, you will make you child more vulnerable to various brain diseases, etc. It’s not that one gene is responsible for single aspect of your body. Some unrelated genes may actually work together and changing a known one may have unforeseeable consequences for activation of another gene which was not expressed before.


I don’t think that IQ exist and I don’t think that what people say large IQ is an advantage for evolution.


There was a nice movie Idiocracy. It started so that low IQ gene pool was spreading like crazy, and intelligent and responsible peopel were thinking about having a single child, and they died without having any because they waited too long. It’s sort of true really, that low IQ is no longer important in current society. However I believe higher IQ brings advantage in terms of quality and dominance, especially if is shared by bigger community.


I don’t think IQ exists and is even important. What people called low IQ are advantaged in evolution because they just live and enjoy life like it is. Those who are called high IQ are the ones who will destroyed the world.


I would agree with you to some degree. But people with low IQ can also destroy the world. But I guess people in control of this world are rather smart (not stupid politicians we face on daily basis) and somehow they lack empathy unfortunately.


Low IQ can make minor damages. High IQ make severe and irreversible damages.


how many casualties on both side so far? Anyone knows how many militants are left?

Mo Richard



US threatening a strike against Syria because their (US, UK, Israel, Saudi, perhaps French) high-level assets in E Ghouta are in deadly danger. Traditionally spies are shot.

That Guy

For the coming urban warfare in eastern Ghouta, bring Liwa Al-Quds, they are proven to be good in such unconventional warfare.


Americans are idiots!
Hope the SAA has a lot of Pantsirs!
I say SINK the ship that fires cruise missiles!

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