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Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta Following Liberation Of Beit Siwa By Syrian Army


On March 7, the Syrian Army and its allies liberated the town of Bayt Siwa, several farms and the Tank Base around the town of Hawsh al-Ash’ari and imposed fire control over the town of Misraba in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. Militants conductes serveral counter-attacks but were not able to stop the army’s advance. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta Following Liberation Of Beit Siwa By Syrian Army

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    WAY TO GO SAA :)

    • SVEN 🇸🇾

      Actually, even JihadLiveMap already admitted that they cut the pocket in two.

      • Michał Hunicz

        Well, it is definitely pro-rebel source, but they gather info from all agencies. It simply shows some allegations and after maximum few days get things straight.

      • Bru

        Nice naming! I prefer to call them Soros-financed.Ukro-Nazi.liveuamap…

      • velociraptor

        practically. not physically.

      • LOL . Good one!

    • Easy sniper range from right and left! Orcs in a shooting gallery!

    • gustavo

      By tomorrow it will be closed.

  • antoun


  • Michał Hunicz

    In fact they are already split into 2 parts. The SAA probably has got full fire control over that corridor.

    • 1eeripsa

      Ok great. Source?

      • Michał Hunicz

        About a deal? Some icon in liveuamap.

    • Sinbad2

      They should drive them home, to Israel.

  • SVEN 🇸🇾
    • Michał Hunicz

      Your meme?

      • SVEN 🇸🇾


        • Michał Hunicz

          Which app?

          • SVEN 🇸🇾


    • SAA wins so much, you will get tired of winning! :D

      • gustavo

        As the WWII with Russia-Germany fight. It is not enough to win many battles, it was necessary to destroy the fascism totally. The same here, it is not enough to win many battles, it is necessary to destroy totally the terrorists.

  • Michał Hunicz

    Hamouriyah allegedly surrendered. What’s going on there?

    • antoun

      SAA not arrived!!

      • Michał Hunicz

        They claimed that the SAA is entering area…

    • It was an exaggeration. Local protesters raised Syria’s flag and called for the Orcs to leave, but the Orcs didn’t leave. Very positive development, but not as wildly over optimistic as the twitter source claimed.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Looks like the SAA will be splitting up the dangerous/destructive hired assassins! Keep using your brains SAA and catch them out by splitting them apart! As you do, continue to give the Universal Sadistic Aggressors /USA nightmares! Up yours USA/Up yours Turkey and Saudi Arabia!

    • Universal Sadistic Aggressors…… how apt.

  • antoun

    error carte base of tank libered!!!

  • Shadow Blade
    • wwinsti


    • Toni Liu

      Damn I want to play that game especially brutal version

    • Assad is Rick Grimes! :D

  • Bru

    Fantastic news, excellent fight against the terrorists!

  • David BlackBeard

    Hi everyone , I have a question ; ”between E, Ghouta en city Al Qaryatayn , are 2 green pockets ( on Syrian Live Map ) , bigone and smallone around a town of DUMAYAR , are those ppockets DE-Escalation Zones or just pockets ?”

    • jerrydrakejr

      Just pockets, for now…

      • David BlackBeard

        thx )))

    • Dumayr is DeEscalation Zone. Qalamoun was supposed to be under DeEscalation agreement until the Orcs there fired captured long range missiles into Damascus a few days ago. Hopefully the Qalamoun Orcs get what they deserve soon after East Ghouta Cauldron is boiled dry!

      • David BlackBeard

        I hope so , it’s time to clean up those pockets and send all trash from those pockets to HELL

        • Or to Wahhabistan, which is basically the same thing! :D

          • David BlackBeard

            it’s sounds same to me )))) are they gonna get 72 goats to fuck in Wahhabistan ?

          • Maybe, though it could be the reverse :D

  • Gjergj

    Suheil is a genius, I was confident he… and SAA altogether, would use some nice strategies for a quick and decisive victory!!!


    • Mountains

      His definitely something and that is Homosexual. His a proud and open Homosexual serving the Syrian arab army… Lmao what a effin joke

      • Toni Liu

        Ah mountain shit again who didnt admit his jihadist friend got burn and lose by that man, why you didnt join them while still hot so we can see you in here burn with them

      • goingbrokes

        Whaat? It’s the Israelis who promote homosexuality everywhere, so the good money is on israeli army having more homos than anywhere else on the planet.

      • TheLulzWarrior

        > Turk
        > Accusing others of homosexuality.

        • Mountains

          Dude everybody knows this within the SAA.. I mean how can any honorable individual serve under this guy.

          Fighting alongside the people of sodom and gomorrah.. All I have to say is good luck to whomever dies besides him

    • gustavo

      Remeber that Hezbolah-Iran are always with them……they are the real strong and brave motor behind all attacks, the intelligence come from Russia ground troops and Russia generals, and the real protection and wave front come from aerospace Russia force.

  • Turbofan

    This is what fighting terror looks like.

  • hamster

    I said it before and I will say it again.

    EVERY inch of Syria will be liberated and reconquered by the legitimate government of Syria.

  • FlorianGeyer

    It will be excellent to see some of the civilians of the liberated towns giving their accounts of the criminal gangs abuse during last 7 years of US proxy terrorist rule.

    • Youtube has video from Hammuriyah of citizens marching under Syrian banners calling on the Orcs to get out. That’s courageous, like marching past Gestapo HQ with banners calling for /dolf to step down! Hopefully the Orcs are too busy fighting for their lives to slaughter the civilians!

      • FlorianGeyer

        There is a frenzy of desperation in the US Coalition of Terror camp to justify the only way they can hope to prevent the collapse of terrorism in Ghouta and that would involve direct US/NATO intervention.

        The narrative is being laid with multiple propaganda assaults on Russia.

        • I know. It’s horrifying, but also so stupid that I can’t help laughing a bit.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Me too :)

  • Drogba

    The Cauldron is being prepared for the annihilation of the satanic zionist scumbag terrorists. May they all burn in Hell forever.

  • RichardD

    Those green bus tickets out of there have got to be looking awfully good to the Jew world order terrorists right about now.

  • Brad Isherwood


    The Rat groups don’t get along,…they attack each other when SAA is elsewhere.
    Some excel recon to nail ammo stores underground and maybe take out leadership could
    Create full on panic run for Rats.

    Lavrov go on Holiday… …no Amnesty!

    • javid soltani


  • Mountains

    Lmao. Seems like Yevgeny Prigozhin has filled the internet with to many bots.

    Warning for the readers all comments could technically be BOTS


  • Xanatos

    There are four numbers missing.

    1. How many casualties have the tiger force taken? They know the answer.
    2. How many enemy have they killed or captured? They should have an estimate.
    3. How many civilians are liberated, and how many remain held in militants hands?
    4. How many civilians have died?

    Unlike the destruction of mosul and raqqa, this anti-terrorist army is liberating it’s own people and actually has humanitarian corridors.

  • Let’s pack it up, Orcs. Go Greenhound and leave the driving to us!

  • goingbrokes