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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta Following Advance On Kafr Batna And Saqba

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Syrian government forces have liberated large parts of the villages of Kafr Batna and Saqba from militants in the Eastern Ghouta area, near Damascus. According to pro-government sources, these villages have already come under full control of the Syrian Army. However, this still has to be confirmed. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta Following Advance On Kafr Batna And Saqba

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Pave Way IV

Porton Down spent a lot of time cooking up a big steaming batch of cloned Novichok-5 for Ghouta. The ‘Russian CW’ narrative has already been seeded in the MSM with the Skripal false flag. ‘Samples’ of what should by now be a degraded, 28-year-old Soviet nerve agent have already been sent to the White Helmets to ‘find’ after the staged attack. The Shia hostages have been cooped up in cages for weeks awaiting their own sacrificial CW death. The binary precursors made it from Israel and Jordan to Daara and are on their way to East Ghouta right now. British, French and US ships are ready to rain Tomahawks down on Damascus in retaliation. A lot of effort has been put into this op so far.

SAA: PLEASE stop taking over all the head-chopper territory in East Ghouta. You’re going to absolutely ruin this whole carefully-prepared false flag. Lots of evil people in the west put tons of hard work into this operation to make it happen. Don’t you care at all about them or their efforts? That’s just plain mean!


Yoink! I think Russia must stop this!


They actually already have by prior announcing it . If it happens as Russia predicted and Trump sends missiles , then Trump will look like a biggest fool the world has ever know and be known as such for eternity .

No it has already been pre empted. No CW and no attacks .. just watch if I am right.


If US UK FR send a salvo of 100 Missiles …does RUS have enough capability in Syria to neutralise it..?


You must be nuts to post such.

Want to send Salvos it is the land base that has the advantage .

If Russia send, no need salvos, but a few hypersonic missiles , just one for each ship that has hundreds of missiles… how are you going to send hundreds of salvos from floating coffins?

After the few hypesonic … there are many more to come … Iskandar etc. where nothing escapes .

Anymore smart suggestion? I am all ears


The previous US missile strike on the airbase was a salvo of 50+ missiles launched from sea, so combine this with FR / UK involvement, you can easily produce salvos of 100+ missiles from the sea. The question is not whether RUS can destroy the vessels, once 100+ missiles have been launched, what can be done to stop them ?


Come on, if there are to be such massive strikes, the Russians would have sent hundreds of missiles towards the ships.

But like I posted, Russia does not have to send hundreds but only a few to sink those ships having lots of missiles .

50 missiles did not do much damage what are a hundred more ? Syria is so big.

Moreover, Russia and Iran can replenish those missiles easily, how are the US ships going to replenish if not already sunk?

No I can tell you for certainty, naval power can never match land power in modern times. That’s why they are called floating coffins.

Look russia said for the first time, they would not go for the hundreds of flying missiles, the would sink those ships with a few missiles which is much easier.

Now you notice , Nikki and Trump is silent as a mouse.

These are facts

John Whitehot

“I should have used the term military grade nerve agent”

:D Like there are also non-military nerve agents. Such wonderful substances, with so many uses ranging from dressing salads to body care.

Fricking hypocrites.


According to syria.liveuamap Kafr Batna has completely fallen.


comment image


We are fast approaching a point it time where one of the opponents in a gunfight has to blink and fold, or the shoot out will start. Only i don’t see neither Russians nor the West blinking at this point. Not only that, the whole constant and relentless “Russian aggression, Russian meddling, Russian bombing and now Russian nerve gas poisoning narratives” actually lessens the West’s room for maneuver making sure that, when the time comes, it’s in no position to blink. Also the only Russian move they’d be ready and able to accept would be – total and unconditional surrender – and I don’t see that one happening as long as Putin is alive. And after the guns are drawn the Blue Planet will have mere weeks left…

Promitheas Apollonious

I think the guns are already out of the holster.


So the Question became: Are they filled with Live Rounds or Blanks…I’m gonna book me a holiday to Cuba, we got weeks left anyway….


Good holiday, Merijn


Thanks… I hope they don’t have Missile-Crisis up there….

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The blank rounds are just enough to cut paper and live rounds will cut your life short.


Does it take weeks for missiles to fly across the Earth? I thought they had hypersonic ones…


Well I don’t think they’ll start with the nukes first – but they won’t wait too long either…


Conventional war is not really an option..with modern firepower, things escalate real fast


The United States wants to blink and get the hell out of Syria, but the Zioisraelis won’t allow it.

Richard M

48-72 hours until all of E.G. is liberated, unless Axis of Evil stages large scale attacks.


According to florian geyer, jesus and their ruskiefan horde thos will be the end of USA.


Not so fast. The remaining suburbs are the most fortified. It is still in SAA interest to allow the militants to evacuate to idlib if a can can be struck.

Western media claims of 400,000 civilians trapped in east ghouta is a ridiculous lie. There are less than half a many, possibly one third. But a large population does live in douma .

Richard M

In East Aleppo civilian population was 10% of the alleged number touted by Western propaganda sites. Problem for Orcs is they are now besieged from all sides. No way to maneuver or reinforce threatened points.


Update from AMN:
Faylaq al Rahman in southern pocket may want to negotiate a green bus ride. :)

Richard M

Great news! The other Orc gangs will have to smell the coffee now! :D


Those Daesh separated terror scum the Jaish al Islam those are the first one that need to go and be made into an ash. Then proceed to Harasata if they want to make a deal, good get them on busses and stack them on that Idlib( oh i wish one small tactical nuke to be thrown in the center of it) and then proceed to HTS in the South and execute all of them…


Looks good, roll on SAA!


SAA and Tigers have been very canny and fluid in East Ghouta. A week ago it appeared they would focus on northern pocket – but then suddenly they took big gains against rear of southern pocket. Either they are probing and acting on weakest defense lines – or have well disguised their focus to silence mortars firing into Damascus city.

Fülöp Kiss


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