Map Update: Military Situation in Damascus’s Western Ghouta


Recently, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) have taken control of Deir Khabiyah in the Western Ghouta region, near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

This success significantly reduced the militant-controled area and set a foothold for further advances in the region. Upcoming operations of the Syrian army and the NDF will likely pursue the goal to split the militant-controlled area into two, capturing the farms between the 137th Regiment and Deir Khabiyah.

Another option is to continue advances across the region, liberating the settlements of Marrana and Muqayliba prior to launching a battle for the major towns – Khan Shih, Zakiyah, Taybah – remaining under the rule of militant groups.

Map Update: Military Situation in Damascus's Western Ghouta

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  • Igor Ochocinszk

    Muqayliba gonna be tough (just because its small doesn’t mean there’s no tunnel network and fortifications in and around it). Better go for farmlands or straight to Khan Shih, cause thats where terrorists running away from Deir Khabiyah ran to.