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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Military Situation In Armoured Vehicles Base Area In Eastern Ghouta

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The Syrian Arab Army and its allies are conducting a military opeartion to lift a siege imposed by Ahrar al-Sham on the Armoured Vehicles Base in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta. On January 6, government troops captured captured several buildings near the Abu Baker mosque and deployed within a striking distance from the base. MORE DETAILS HERE

Map Update: Military Situation In Armoured Vehicles Base Area In Eastern Ghouta

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While SAA and an odd assortment of proxies are making some progress in trying to advance on the besieged vehicle base, it is known that opposition forces breached the perimeter of the besieged area, killing generals on an average of one per day, incl today, and opposition being targeted both by artillery and bombing.

The latter is indicative of SAA not very near the base as otherwise there would not be bombing and artillery fire as SAA and Ru fire is not precise enough for bombing very close to own lines.

I am astonished opposition forces are still able to fend off SAA and other proxy forces, despite overwhelming odd against them.

Costs to SAA officer corps is getting higher and higher daily. On top of that, there is the, unconfirmed, rumor that the ex MOD and many high officials were visiting the base when the attack started and are now trapped and besieged. If correct and if taken, that would be a huge blow to the Assad regime.

Furthermore, I wonder. Did the opposition destroy or take many armoured vehicles when they overran most of the base?

Imo up till now not the finest hour of the SAA, even if, or when, opposition forces have to withdraw in the near future. Any SAA victory here would, given their lossess, be a pyrrhic victory.


I respect your stance but, what are you smoking? If Russians were in that base, Russia would be there at the front line to finish the job, like the attack in northern Hama/Southern Idlib few months ago. Please provide links to all your suggestions.

Toni Liu

As usual he just write what his master told him to do, even why we care about a news that came from this jihadist supporter who love people go oppressed under terrorist who like to make chopping people head as everyday activities


Havent been following me, otherwise you would know betterAs for gross, look at pics from Sidirenko, an ass-adophyle, showing a proud SAA posing with his foot on a rebel corps. Almost as bad a head chopping, which SAA does too.


Puting your foot on a corpse is not even near as bad as chopping a head of a human or child.



So why have I seen pics on SF in 2016 of the then commander of DeZ with heads of fallen IS?


I haven’t seen those pics so i cannot say, but still those weren’t children, the rebels that you so passionately support kill children and mass murder civilians just because they are part of a different muslim group that’s by far worse then chopping the head of a corpse, they even kill children for their propaganda movies and west supports them too, imho.

what the kurds seems to be doing also

Just a couple of examples, but you never talk about that, you just keep on praising the kurds lol, like if they are some kind of godsend.


Stop trying to draw attention from the fact that the rebels are being routed in Hama and losing swathes of territory. If you think surrounding some buildings in E.Ghouta will hit the regime hard, I have to laugh.

I told you a couple of months ago that I expect you to whine and cry all the way to Idlib, every step of the way you will find something to bash the SAA for, very entertaining, keep it up, the SAA will crumble any day now rofl


go to #harasta and you can find most of them. In wikipedia, they are also rather up to date. Go to harasta battle.

One of the latest is that an AAS counter counterattack broke through SAA lines, killing many, taking prisoners.


Well you do have a point however, the SAA has redeployed many forces to idlib to participate in the ongoing offensive. Major advances are being made and after the military abu dahr base has fallen, it will create a large pocket in idlib. The thing is, the SAA doesn’t need to advance in eastern ghouta, only to hold on to their territory. After the siege has been lifted, the SAA will try to create a small buffer zone and set up defenses to prevent future attacks by militants. As soon as the bejt Jinn pocket is cleared from mines and sleeper cells which will take approximately 1 week tops, major reinforcements will arrive to eastern ghouta.

Samuli Suominen

I really hope this small terrorist enclave will fall quickly, because long as the terrorists manage to carry on, the longer the people have to suffer

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