Map Update: Military Situation In al-Qaryatayn Area Sezied By ISIS Sleeper Cells


This map provides a general look at the military situation in the area of al-Qaryatayn city recently seized by ISIS sleeper cells. The map is based on available reports from the area.

According to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq, ISIS fifhters and their supporters recently seized Jubail, Adah, Barakah, Kuhlah, Zarqah, Thanyah, al-Nasrani, the Qanas mountains and Mhassa area south of al-Qaryatayn.

Map Update: Military Situation In al-Qaryatayn Area Sezied By ISIS Sleeper Cells

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  • Ice Icegold

    wtf is going on down there…

    • dutchnational

      According to opposition sources IS took many weapons defeating SAA and NDF units there. According to SAA at least part of the locals and or NDF rose against SAA.

      Combined one large clusterf*ck.

      A corridor to rebel area seems possible, but not easy.

      Now the loss of face is becoming terrible, RuMOD starts to blame US. Just pityful.

      • Alex

        Pitiful is US supporting “rebels”.

        • dutchnational

          Supporting how?

          Not from SDF held area, shortest distance is almost 200 kms (Tabqah).

          From IS held areas some 150 kms and Durayn pocket (not IS) just some 40-50 kms, now 10 to 20 kms. No large reserves in isolated pockets imo. Just BS.

          • javier

            jesus just shut up go away go fuck yourself

          • dutchnational

            The fact that you do not have any facts yourself contradicting me only proves I am correct.

            Your namecalling only is proof of a mental incapacity that shows either a genetic deficiency or an unwillingness to use your brains.

            Stupid, very stupid. and this evening I will have a drink on you.

          • dutchnational

            Having it now after checking trolly boy javier still does not have any rational to add.

      • Michael’s Child

        Sure NDF rose against SAA, very plausible (not)…

        • dutchnational

          Was a report (also given by SF) from local SAA commanders.

          Not for me to say if correct but very, very damaging if correct.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            That was meant to deflect from what truly happened, there were 300 that came from the Al Tanf area , they always see if which trolls know anything. These guys could be the FSA from that region very good chance that they are.

          • PZIVJ

            300 seems to be an extreme number, but I think ISIS has gone all out to slow down the advance on Mayadan. Just like a Daesh kamakazi attack?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            They are running up against the SAA and things are getting under better control as most fires are being put out. When they took over Al Qaratayn they started executions in the village. This would be a dastardly deed if proven the US is in behind this or even Israel there wold be no telling if Hezbollah will rise up with hundreds of thousands from across the middle east to Asia.

            Glad the attack is being put in it’s place but the road from DE to AS Sukhna has been cleared for nearly a week. The nonsense Psyop has gotten out of hand and hopefully they will enter the town soon as they clear them out.

          • dutchnational

            Ghost stories. You are completely being moronic here.

            If I want fairytales, I can go to your homesite. Instead, I come here to enjoy more or less factual, even if a bit partial, news from SF and I amuse myself reading the excuses, rantings of most of the commenters here and sometimes exposing them.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Checked Smartnews as they were the ones pushing your narrative as they are a pro terrorist/USA site. Then check 2 dozen sources and most had the different but similar stories close to all describing the events as the road cleared, and the region near Sukhna under control.

            Hate to disappoint but it will all come clear in a day as most communications are in a disarray in the region.

          • Michael’s Child

            Do you have a link to that report, but directly from SAA not from MSM?

          • dutchnational

            The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

            The situation in Al-Qaryatayn city remains complicated despite the recent deployment of the Syrian Arab Amry (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the area to re-take the city from ISIS cells.

            ISIS sleeper cells took control of Al-Qaryatayn during the recent large-scale ISIS attack against government forces along the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor highway.

            According to field sources, 16 ISIS members entered the city on Friday evening and with a help of unknown number of ISIS supporters inside the city got weapons and explosives. Reports suggest that the ISIS supporters were members of the NDF stationed in the city.

            At the dawn of the next dayy, the ISIS attacl started with two car bombs. The attack started in the southern entrance of the city and 15 ISIS members entered it uniting with and 22 ISIS supporters remaining inside. The ISIS terrorists started killing and taking hostages.

            Government forces were pushed to withdraw from Al-Qaryatayn and besieged it. Then, government reinforcements arrived the area and started entering the city.

            Following this the internet and the roads to the city were cut off and the ISIS members lost ability to communicate with the outside world. This explains a lack of photos, videos and reprots from the area.

            Government forces are now working to drive ISIS members out from Al-Qaryatayn.

            SF 03.10.2017

          • Michael’s Child

            Ok I agree that “reconciling” isis was going to bite them back, but NDF is standing with SAA. groet

          • dutchnational

            Through twitter Sidirenko (pro assad) from Sham FM :

            200 IS were in Qaryatan as “reconciled”

            Do not know the veracity.

            All kinds of stories here.

      • jhon malakiat

        because terrorist has been identified, maybe SAA can follow spetsnaz how to handle terrorist. Capture all their terroris family. if terrorist not surrender, then

        1. cut off hand of their family and send to terroris.
        2. if still not surrender, cut off legs of their relative and send to terrorist.
        3. if still not surrender, cut off throat of their relative and send message to terrorist. this will also happen to them if not surrender.

        no mercy for traitor.

        • dutchnational

          This seems to be more or less the Assadist way of terrorizing people, very similar to IS btw.

          Glad you will likely get arrested for being a terrorist yourself. In case they get you, it would be justice if you get your own adviced treatment.

          I myself am totally opposed to this islamo fascist way of thinking.

  • Expo Marker

    The SAA must improve their internal security, because this is quite pitiful.

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      Unfortunate, yes, but I wouldn’t say pitiful, that implies neglect on behalf of the government, as I heard this was only possible due to a reconciliation agreement with the residents that meant the city was not garrisoned by government troops. The reconciliation agreements have won so much territory back without a fight that this is a small price and will surely be remedied soon; ISIS can’t achieve anything more than minor distraction with one encircled city and these agents will be sleeping permanently from now on.

  • Valery Grigoryev

    Good case for the use of thermobaric weapons.

  • dutchnational

    Distance from the Qaryatayn pocket to opposition pocket north of Durayn just some 20-25 kms.

    If they can connect and decide to cooperate, there will be a much larger and much more dangerous pocket there, right in the center of Syria.

    As RuMOD reports of negotiations between HTS and IS (see SF elsewhere), this might be the objective.

    Both possible and very dangerous if and when realised,

    • jhon malakiat

      just FOAB to clear off area..

    • John Brown

      You hope Mosaad

  • Jc Plancarte

    The SAA needs to interrogate everyone after liberating each town/city and find out who was who during the ISIS/al-Qaeda/islamist terrorist occupation. Find out who was cooperating with them, who was a cheerful participant of the caliphate, who was one of them!!! After sorting them out, try them for treason and terrorism, take them out to the desert and execute them all!!!!

    • jhon malakiat

      better SAA must make them regret ever born in this world.

  • Gary Sellars

    Douchenational seems to be loving this… what a pitiful terror sympathizer….

  • Werner Knöllermann

    It makes irritations but it doesn’t stop the success of the goverment. Senseless actions from isis, they will retake it in a couple of days.

    • jhon malakiat

      absolutely. and i think this is good for SAA. SAA can identified traitor and sleepers cells faster with this incident..

  • Daqiri

    What is this? Total collapse of Syria.

    • VGA

      lmao chill out dude

      This situation will be resolved real soon, just a few dozen ISIS idiots there with no heavy equipment and no armor.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        and took so easily the town…

      • dutchnational

        SAA/NDF “donated” those heavy weapons free of charge.

  • jhon malakiat

    thx god. with thiss accident, SAA can identified the sleepers cells. they seized only small area. no problem. capture alived all of them. and jail them in septic tank with full human of feces.

    that’s good for them.

  • DJ Double D

    Good question to ask is How do they get the weapons to sustain and improve on these attacks? If my contact is correct, then the answer is clear. There are hidden ammunition depots on several locations that SAA never saw or never managed to get hands on and ISIS through it’s collaborators knew that those warehouses are still intact. This is clear intelligence failure on the part of SAA and the repercussion is clear as we have seen.

    • John Brown

      The weapons were most likely buried. Its no intelligence failure, Syria simply does not have the men to garrison every town right now.

      • Ronald

        Qarayatayn , is a Christian city , so it is highly doubtful the locals would back ISIS . Highly paid mercenaries with more back up than reported or expected . US is doing all it can to stop SAA in D/E .

        • goingbrokes

          A city that is not 100% christian could easily have sleeper cells, you know the resentful minority.

      • Mattias Dahlström

        Weapons and ammunition is quite compact. The AK47 ammunition for a fighter will fit in a small back pack – say 2000 rounds. Mortar and RPG rounds for several days fighting will fit in a small garage. My point is that it does not take that many collaborators (voluntary or not!) to equip a company sized force.

  • Deo Cass

    There were no sleeper cells. These are very well US trained and armed special forces posing as ISIS who infiltrated from Al Tanf. They passed unnoticed under the noses of the Syrian government forces because they had precise satellite and drone footage of vacant areas provided to them by the US terror coalition who are co-ordinating this invasion and attack against government forces. Their aim is to link up to the other FSA terrorists in the Al-Tanf area. It is time to bomb the hell out of Al-Tanf and of this pocket while not being distracted from the prime objective to reclaim the gas and oil fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river.

    • Ronald

      You got it , in a Christian city , there are no ISIS sympathizers .

      • dutchnational

        All christians left in 2015 as far as I know.

  • gustavo

    Yes, it is clear that we have here SAA sleeping cells ! ! where is Russia airpower ? Let us finish this pocket, and that is.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They came from Al Tanf they have already got a few prisoners alive, things are looking bad for the US now.

      • dutchnational


    • Solomon Krupacek

      against 2/3 platoon there is not needed the airforce.

  • Xanatos

    Sleeper cells like these make it harder to justify amnesty programs.

  • Deo Cass

    There must be a tunnel connecting the US Al-Tanf occupation base and the center of Qarayatayn city. It is also obvious that this is not a lightly armed terror force but a heavily armed unit or units and that there was gross neglect by the Russian side which is supposed to have eyes all over Syria 24 hours a day. Another thing that baffles me is how these IS terrorists are advancing so fast when Russia and Syria have domination over the skies. This is unacceptable.

    • goingbrokes

      90% of this force would have driven banged up trucks on diverse routes with a few goats in the back to deceive the eye. But the banged up trucks, easily passing a quick aerial inspection flight even in full daylight, would have been armed to the teeth. Some teams on foot would have taken remote tracks dressed as shepherds and with drones spotting any patrols in the area.
      For sleeper cells all you’d need is a couple of farms, kitted out to accommodate arriving fighters plus a couple of buried ammo caches. The only suspicious activity to be observed would have been lots of extra “goats” delivered!
      That’s what special forces do, they’re invisible or they blend in. This is way behind front lines.

    • dutchnational

      Called “operation magic cloaked carpet”. They bought the features from the Klingons.

  • gustavo

    I think what we have here are SAA sleeping cells rather than ISIS sleeper cells. It is hard to understand why Syria-Russia just haven’t destroyed this ISIS pocket.

    • dutchnational

      They tried and failed, now several times.

      Real clusterf*ck.

      Reports (German Media by way of Anha) say SAA is offering to let them go to DeZ,

  • dutchnational

    According to Anha (based upon “German media”) there are negotiations between SAA and IS to transport IS to DeZ out of Qaryatayn.

    Seems unlikely but when I think of Arslan and other cities, maybe.

    On the other hand, their nuisance value is very high so why go?

    Will be interesting to see whether correct or not and how, if it is, it will play out.

  • Justin

    Time for saa to dress and act like Isis. Oh wait, the SDF already do that .