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Map Update: Military Situation In Afrin Area Following Fall Of Afrin To Turks

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This map provides a general look at the military situation in northwestern Syria following the fall of Afrin to the Turks. On March 18, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) abandoned the city of Afrin and the nearby villages and Turkish forces established control over almost the entire area of Afrin. Only few villages, the town of Tell Rifaat and the menagh airbase remain under formal controll of the YPG. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Afrin Area Following Fall Of Afrin To Turks

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Michał Hunicz

Next stop – Erbil :D

Emily Byron

I hate war…look after the people


Everyone should hate war as the ultimate Human failure. The only good soldier is the soldier that, after the war, despises the failures that lead to war, and hates every murderous act he needed to carry out. Those that glorify wars after they are over are pure evil.

To treat war as a ‘football hooligan’ sport as so many here do is plain disgusting. The Syrian War could have been avoided, but only Russia had the power to do this. Russia chose to serve Israel, sit on its hands, and wait until Syria had been mostly ruined before intervening.

Today, only by eliminating 100% the malignant influence of Turkey, Britain, France and the USA can the war in Syria be brought to a rapid end. Instead, Putin has given America explicit permission to operate in Syria, and gave Turkey the greenlight to invade. Putin is now prolonging the war and enjoying the ‘benefits’ of a live fire training ground for the Russian war machine.

I’m pro-Russian – what choice does any decent Human have? But regardless I’m not going to overlook the sins and mistakes of Putin.

That Guy

SAA should retake Minnigh airbase quickly. Time is ticking.


How? Their entire army is outnumbered by the Turks, even if they weren’t bogged down all over the country. It was a mistake to let the Kurds lose; the Turks will be FAR harder to kick out.

Daniel Castro

No, Kurds are Greater Israel project, they have to lose.


We like Israel though, they’re the good guys. Iran are the ones threatening genocide (of a nation how far away?! Based solely on religion), with Syria eagerly letting them set up bases and train away, so Israel, yeah, good guys, clearly. Everybody shits on the Palestinians until the Jews do too.

Daniel Castro

Iran threatens genocide, Israel perpetrates genocide.


*But not really.

That Guy

If Iran is there to help Syria get back what is rightfully hers (Golan) and with the agreement of the Syrian government (Well, fuck yeah they’re gonna agree), then they are welcome ;). And it would be also nice to see Iranian troops marching in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.


“Rightfully hers”

She lost it, after invading another nation, a tiny one, solely because it wasn’t Muslim. You don’t think that Syria had that coming?? Why don’t they complain about Turkey occupying Hatay Province? Oh wait, not a problem because they’re Muslims, not Jews.

Why would it? Islamic extremists (don’t even try to confuse the more moderate people of Iran to the governing powers, who matter, who control, who enforce the craziest laws out there) as opposed to democratic Jews that innovate, can’t imagine the agenda that would cause you to support the former! Can’t be related to the above paragraph!

What right does Iran, a nation 1300km away from Israel, have to invade and occupy? So it’s wrong for the Americans to do it, but okay for Iran? On what logical basis?

That Guy

Golan heights are even by UN considered as Syrian lands, and Syria has the right to invite Iran to help her get the strategic heights back. Other than that, Iran doesn’t have a legal right to invade Israel that’s true.

Hatay is also Syrian, but not considered as so by the UN (So Syria can’t invite Iran for that matter), and the Turkish army is too strong for Syria to take on (And Turkey is also a member of NATO), so Syria can do nothing about it unless they somehow convince Turkey to give it back to Syria (Which is close to impossible) .


The Islamic dominated UN says that? Shocking! The same UN that has Saudi Arabia in charge of its human rights department?

But Iran wants to invade, and you just said that you want to see it. What of Syria’s legal right to invade Israel, which caused the loss of the Golan Heights in the counterattack, were Syria wrong to do that? Was Israel justified in pushing these invaders back and using the Heights as a buffer from this foreign aggressor, that attacked completely unprovoked?

That Guy

You mean the Six days war? Syria didn’t even initiate the attack back then. Israel did her pre-emptive strike thing without even being sure that Syria (and others) wanted to attack.

Israel is actually planning to expand its territory and they don’t deny that, and ever since it’s creation, it was a menace to the peace in the middle east. And seeing Iran invading that menace would be nice, because by that, the middle east will experience more peace and much less war.

Just for more information on how Israel was created, Google “Irgun” and compare them to ISIS.

And about the UN ? Fuck the UN. Syria and Iran shouldn’t follow its rules especially that the creators of the UN themselves don’t follow its rules. Every country should sort its problems with its military might and on its own, just like North Korea, it is not a member of the UN, and it has nuclear weapons and a massive army, that’s why the US doesn’t even dare to touch NK, they only bark at NK without biting.


Syria had their entire army on the border about to attack, they weren’t alone in doing this, you don’t think that Israel was justified, considering this? Syria have instigated war many times.

As they should expand, Jordan was mandated as Palestine, that’s where these Palestinians should be.

So every country should sort out their problems with military might, but you said that Israel are wrong to claim the Golan Heights, which they claimed through military might! After being attacked.

That Guy

And Syria should invite Iran to help in retaking Golan (and even erasing the menace called Israel) since Iran is interested in doing so. Two countries with a common interest can cooperate. (One has a huge number of MBT’s and other armoured vehicles and also battle hardened, and the other has a decent military industry capable of producing a good number of drones and has a large number of troops in service apart from decent proxy troops that help them abroad.)


Re-read this thread, because you were making progress. We’ve already gone through how hypocritical your opinions are but here you just seem to have thought ‘screw it, I’ll embrace my absurdly hypocritical opinions.’

Syria- wrong to invade (that time and the other times), right to lose territory afterwards. Iran-wrong to invade a far removed country in essentially a religious crusade, especially when you’ll criticise America for invading the Middle East, where they don’t belong. The only difference being Jews are the victims, which somehow seems like a justification for you.

Would Israel be a menace if every neighbour didn’t want to wipe them out? If they didn’t try to since the day of its inception?

That Guy

I didn’t say that the US doesn’t have the right to invade where they don’t belong. They just have a strong military, and they don’t give much fucks about international laws, thus no other country should, since these laws are useless and the US doesn’t follow them but yet forces others to follow them.

In order to ensure peace, you either get everyone to agree (which is imposible), or give nukes to every country so that no one dares to touch the other (which for some reason, no superpower likes because they all have that mentality of “my dick should be bigger than other’s”).


Great idea, give Iran nukes! Each nuclear power holds their arsenal as a deterrent, they don’t actively talk of wanting to annihilate another nation. Iran does.

So might makes right, then why is Israel unjust in holding the Golan Heights? They took them by force. By your own logic, they are theirs.

None of the Middle Eastern nations were created fairly, they were carved out regardless of tribes. There were barely any natives in Israel anyway, that’s verifiable by accounts from the time, people only started pouring in once Jews started to develop the area.

Think about this Greater Israel concept. On what planet is it even remotely feasible? It is absurd to even consider, let alone be threatened by it.

And nice try, I’m not Jewish, I just see two sides and one that’s clearly worth getting behind. A complicated but ultimately democratic free nation> authoritarian, Islamic hellholes. If you are a mechanical engineer then you should be more intelligent than you’re proving yourself to be.

That Guy

Israel has the right to hold Golan. And Syria has the right to take it back by force with or without the help of Iran. If Syria fails to take land back by force, then Israel has earned the land, if Syria wins, Syria earns the lands. That’s it simply, I didn’t say anything else.

That Guy

Minnigh airbase is still in the hands of the YPG, they should either hand it back to the SAA along with some land since they are losing it anyways, or the SAA should launch a military campaign to retake the airbase if the YPG refuses to hand the airbase back .


The kurds could have prevented this. Wow


How? Outnumbered, what, scores, hundreds to one?


No- no they could not. To join Assad they needed Putin to kick the Americans out, and Putin laughed in their faces at the suggestion.

Vanessa Russ

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The SAA should take the rest ow yellow territory. Otherwise the red appendix will be in hopeless situation.

Pave Way IV

Here’s the real update: CENTCOM/CIA has successfully resupplied tFSA head-choppers from the massive leave-behind arsenals – the latest being in Afrin. In the months leading up to this charade, the US was sending a convoy of semi-trailers almost every day full of weapons across the Iraqi-Syrian border. They went somewhere.

This ruse provides plenty of deniability in case anyone points out how Trump had previously ordered an end to US supplying al Qaeda with arms. Now the tFSA (really just the al Qaeda old-timers) have plenty of modern weaponry and ammo to kill more Syrian, Russian and Iranian soldiers. Turkey is fine with the scheme because the YPG isn’t allowed to take any of the stuff (otherwise, they would have put up a hell of a fight to keep it for themselves). The YPG still gets all the weapons and ammo it wants from the overflowing US arms/ammunition depots in northeast Syria, but only for US-approved land/oil theft.

Bonus: as the Deir EzZor Military Council/ISIS ‘volunteers’ in Afrin leave, they will also be loaded up with semi-trucks of new U.S.-supplied weapons and ammo, especially the coveted ATGMs. That will come in handy for the coming ISIS (or whomever) offensives against the SAA and allies back down in Deir EzZor and al Bukamal. The fake-ISIS SDF takes over a few cities or oilfields, then changes uniforms in order to ‘liberate’ them. At that point, ISIS-turned-SDF are instantly protected by the USAF and coalition aircraft. Sorry Russian mercs, the US will kill you if you get anywhere even close to their war booty.


Yeah, but who on our side is smart enough to process the FACTS. The turks are the direct handlers of the ISIS (whatever) pipelines. Putin’s Turkish invasion of Syria allows the turks to move the massive American supplied kurds arms dumps to ISIS (whatever) control- as you say.

And why did Putin allow the inevitable loss of the American controlled areas of Syria? Because, as East Ghouta PROVES, behind the scenes Putin has agreed to the partition of Syria.


Turkey = NATO = ISIS.

Let me ask you this, people… do you think Southfront is for or against the illegal Turkish invasion of Syria?

Southfront is a propaganda outlet, of course- OUR propaganda, but propaganda nevertheless. So Southfront pushes agendas, and without a doubt Southfront is PRO the turkish invasion.

By no coincidence Assad was dead against the invasion, and Putin totally in its favour.

A lot of good people here are like people at a church where it is becoming increasing obvious that a beloved preacher is a child abuser. They have to believe the past trust and love they invested in this ‘man of god’ meant something.

Same situation with Putin. The facts of Putin’s recent actions cannot be denied.

1) he voted for the West’s obscene sanctions against the people of N Korea at the UNSC 2) he voted to make illegal all supplies of weapons to the defenders of Yemen at the UNSC 3) Putin then rushed to try to sell Saudi Arabia even more weapons to use in its invasion of Yemen. 4) He gave the greenlight to the USA to massacre the russian irregulars 5) He actively allowed Turkey to invade Syria

Southfront should have taken a stand against the turkish invasion- any outlet on our side should have. But they had a dllemma… do the RIGHT thing or do the PUTIN thing.

The Deep State is an irresistable force, and only by being an immovable object can Putin counter. But Putin is moving in the WRONG direction. We should be blowing hard against the Deep State to try to slow Putin to a stop – not blowing in the wrong direction to make Putin “feel good”.

Today, because of a whole series of dreadful mistakes by Putin, Russia and Putin are on the ropes. And these mistakes can be easily typified… they were each COMPROMISES with the west. You cannot do a deal with the devil and hope to keep your soul.

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