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Map Update: Military Sitaution In At Yemen’s Northwestern Border With Saudi Arabia

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Map Update: Military Sitaution In At Yemen's Northwestern Border With Saudi Arabia

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This map provides a general look at the military situation at Yemen’s northwestern border with Saudi Arabia. The map demonstrates how the control over the area allows the Houthis (Ansar Allah) to carry out successful drone and missile attacks on targets in Saudi Arabia.


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Pave Way IV

SF: Qods video does not match the title or content of the article. Informative video, so it should go somewhere on it’s own right.


Before 2017 everybody proclaimed own links with Jewish ancestors and went to Jerusalem, to touch the West wall to show respect and solidarity with Israel but then they found that these Israeli morons are bogus Jews. They have no relation with any religion.

So now they have stopped proclaiming that they have links with any Jewish ancestors and have completely ignored Israel.

So now complete trend changed. Now everybody show solidarity and respect to Muslims and proclaim that they are Muslims or their ancestors were Muslims and show links with their Muslim ancestors.

Icarus Tanović

Well said, my friend.


This is fact. Trump has not closed his eyes, he sees that these wicked Israels what they do to Palestinians is against any religious scripture.

Before Trump was against Muslims particularly to Pakistanis but as Pakistan PM Imran Khan meet with Trump and his administration. So I saw a very big change in his mind set. Trump now says Pakistan is a wonderful big country, Pakistanis are wonderful and very hard working nation and I have many Pakistani friends etc.

Similarly Boris Johnson also shows his relation with Pakistan and with Turkey.

Boris Johnson says that he is the grand son of Osman Kamal the son of Ali Kamal the Turkish citizen, politician and journalist.

The Boris Johnson wife is from Sargodha Pakistan.

The Queen Elizbath II says that she is descend from the prophet Muhammad.

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