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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Key Turkish Military Observation Posts In Western Syria

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Since October 2017, the Turkish military has establish about 12 observation posts in order to observe the so-called Idlib de-escalation zone establsihed in the framework of the Astana agreements reached by Russia, Turkey and Iran. The map below provides a general look at the key posts established by Turkey.

Map Update: Key Turkish Military Observation Posts In Western Syria

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I know that Erdogan loves his Jihadi allies, but I wonder what ordinary Turkish troops, who actually have to be among them, think of them.

Feudalism Victory

Whatever they think theyll never say! All hail the sultan!

Michał Hunicz

Very innacurate map. Check Liveuamap, you have got all these locations very well marked. So far the TAF established 9 posts.

Sebastian Vicente

Morek, protects K. Shaykoun, El-Eis = Saraqib, Or the turks are confident of the near border or sacrifice Valley al- Ghaab, (difficult to defende only geography is favorable), infiltration in the mountains annul all defense, The infiltration towards Dair Sunbul at least obligates to sacrifice Q. Madiq and K. Nabuda, but SAA needs mountain troops. Lataminah is a rebel mistake.

Sebastian Vicente

THe turkish position in Morek do not acomplish the rule of logistics about separation of strongpost/columns. Is a professional army and will cede Morek blocking K. Shaykoun. I don´t know the turkish intentions. About the warning against France the turks know the lack of logistics, and projection of power of the former superpower.

Roger Snellman

Erodogan slowly advancing and negotiating to take the lion’s share of what was at one time Syria. At this rate he could cut Syria off from the Mediterranean in less than 3 years. At that point he will start to move much faster.


So do you think they will go at war with Russia? You wish^^ You are really really stupid.

Roger Snellman

Russia is calling the shots in Syria. Turkey will only go as far as Russia says they can. Same is true for Iran. Russia does not care if it controla Syria through Assad or through Turkey and Iran. On second thought Russia would rather control Syria through Turkey and Iran. Russia is drawing Turkey away from the West and using Syria land as the bribe. Just look at all the trade between Russia and Turkey. Turkey even buys it’s military hardware from Russia. Turkey and Iran are Russia’s strategy to take the whole Middle East. At some point Russia will let US kill Assad and a big chunk of his associates. Then US will declare victory and go home.

Alessio Simonato

realy fast , but whit help of terrains configuration , a good strategy, …in the fast-time attack, but i think are not longher able to maintain the control of the situation for 1 year, or less …prob.
a lot of variabiles in his territory call attention and much more time to resolve, expensive..
certain syria it’s at the finish , no structures , no peoples , no govern, …no bank , …absolutly called out of competition , economy to zero, and not from yestrday but from 10 years ago, and this is the point! is not hard to conquer a land without active variabiles, turkish army force should do much more for call it self ” a good solider”
first removing anti-persons sistem…from the frontier (i think)
” isnt a good idea to go on attack after depoly a lot of mines in to the rear…not realy professional, maybe .”

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