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JUNE 2020

Map Update: Israeli Miltiary Actions In Framework Of Operation Northern Shield


This map provides a general look at the current military situation on the Israeli-Lebanese border. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continue their actions in the framework of  Operation Northern Shield, which is aimed at searchind and neutralizing “Hezbollah tunnels” in the area.

Map Update: Israeli Miltiary Actions In Framework Of Operation Northern Shield

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  • You can call me Al

    What a load of Kosher tosh.

    Israel want the water in Lebanon and the O&G in the Golan heights ….. this in the crux of many, if not all the problems in the ME (Palestine is slightly different, but can be included as you wish); this needs stopping and it needs stopping NOW.

    Israel needs to be eliminated or relocated, or at the least the removal of the Zionists; remembering that Judaism is the total opposite of Zionism.


    • verner

      most if not all problems in the middle east stems from israel so and to solve the problem, discontinue israel post haste. return the stolen land to the palestinians, the golan heights to syria and tear down every west bank israeli settlement and drive the murdering thieves into the sea. no other way to bring peace to the middle east. come on, a concentration camp (Gaza) in this day and time and run by israel. it really says it all.

      yep, discontinue israel now – for starters join the BDS-movement now.

      make a case for your government to de-recognize israel and close the embassy,

      make a case for a full stop to any financial transfers from your country to israel, since israel survives not on its own abilities but on subsidies from groups, people and countries outside of israel.

      israel has forfeited the right to be a sovereign country (read the balfour declaration) and has failed in every respect to be a good and respecting country worthy of the recognitions it once received.

  • R PLobo

    Why would Hezbollah even need these tunnels? Would it not make more sense for the iof to know where the tunnels are and use that against Hezbollah if there was a 2006 redux?
    Typical zionists nonsense bounced into the echo chamber that is western propaganda.
    The reality is that any attack on Lebanon will bring immediate reprisal against the entity by Hezbollah, Syrian SAA and Iran. Along with direct assistance by Russia.
    The resistance has made their position quite clear as to the consequences of another invasion by the entity. The entity has no viable infantry and their airforce is now seriously contained by Syrian and Russian forces.
    The tunnel story is just for show to keep the population of occupied Palestine distracted from the massive failure in Syria to destroy resistance to the zionist nightmare.