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JUNE 2021

Map Update: ISIS Counter-Attacks Near Humaimah, Intense Fighting Ongoing

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ISIS terrorists have repelled a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) attempt to advance and successfully counter-attacked in the Humaimah area near the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

The ISIS counter-attack started with a VBIED that allowed the group to destory the first defense line of the SAA.

According to Amaq, ISIS members killed 15 SAA soldiers and destroyed 5 vehicles. ISIS mebmers allegedly seized a technical armed wtih machine gun, an ATGM Kornet launcher with missiles and an artillery piece. No photos or videos have been provided to confirm these claims.

The incident showed that ISIS is still able to conduct successful counter-attacks, especially with the usage of VBIEDs, in the important directions. The group puts pressure on the SAA in the Humaimah area nad near the Shaer fields in order to prevent further SAA dvances in central Syria. ISIS uses mobile groups with suicide bombers and technicals.

Despite this, ISIS is in very compicated situation. As soon as the SAA secures the Sukhna area, government forces will be able to pay more attention to other frontlines in the Homs province and will likely drive ISIS from a large area north of the Homs-Palmyra highway or event will attempt to encircle it.

Map Update: ISIS Counter-Attacks Near Humaimah, Intense Fighting Ongoing

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USA plans to transport FSA mercenaries to Hassakah governorateto fight against ISIS and take over DZ governorate. Like I said, continue to stop SDF and FSA from going south by crossing the Euphrates river and take over the Al-Bukamal city and deliver DZ from north and south.


They can try but they’re a bunch of losers who couldn’t defeat ISIS when it was still active down south, why should they magically become successful when transplanted up north?


They have advanced against ISIS in the south. But SAA blocked them from going to Al-Bukamal.


FSA and ISIS are US proxies, SAA isolated them and cut off the supply lines from Jordan to ISIS.

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

Isis member when they want weapon they changes their cloth to FSA. When they get weapon they return to IS group.

El Diablo

Problem: how much resistence will do ISIS? We don’t know. Maybe thousands of ISIS members will change banners e will join FSA. They can’t join no another faction they still fight.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There are getting to be no more legitimate factions these FSA groups none of them have any ties to any opposition. What will happen is you will see the external supporters showing their hands now.


But the Hasakah SDF front has been static for well over 6 months now, if FSA trash wants to move against ISUS they will die trying (I hope to see it).
The SAA move on Abu Kamal is a rather stupid idea without Iraqi army supporting this advance on the Iraq flank. So you should put on your thinking cap.
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I think that SDF is running out of fighters. But, USA still plans to take over DZ. They have failed when SAA cut them in the south. Al-Bukamal and DZ are essential. And SAA must absolutely keep the frontier with Iraq free of US mercenaries.


SAA taking AL Bukamal is not required to take Deir Ezzor!
Even in this article you should note that ISIS is still strong along this stretch of the river (the counter attacks against SAA and PMU)! You should also note that Iraqi army has not made a move into west Anbar province to back up PMU and SAA.

Bruce MacKinnon

Are they being stopped by the US from doing this? On Iraqi side of the border? US are against IS unless it suits them in another area. The more the war can be strung out the more the US military industrial complex profits there are.


It seems the Iraqi military has been in slow motion for quite some time now.
This may also be due to internal politics?

Julius Meinel

The SAA soldiers defending the position must be really third rate corps. To have a Kornet AGTM with missiles handy and still allow the VBIED is inexcusable and unpardonable. What on earthy were they doing? Sleeping? Can;t they handle a Korent launcher? What is wrong with these men?


You must be really ignorant to believe every ISUS propaganda report that comes out on a daily basis :/

John Whitehot

I’d wait to see some confirmation before judging, this seem to be the daily “ISIS attacks SAA and causes losses” article.

DJ Double D

I have followed this war for some time now and don’t believe that ISIS indulge in too much of propaganda when it comes to reports of successful attacks. Most of their reports have actually turned out to be true. That is not to say that they are always entirely accurate but not flat lies per se. SAA is taking too much unnecessary casualties for our liking and commanders and planners should do something about this. It’s high time something was done. Please do everything possible to save our Heroes.


Perhaps the problem is you are spreading non stop ISUS propaganda and you are mentally defecient in your brain?
comment image

DJ Double D

I simply can’t be deficient in my brain simply because I’m still writing and responding to you. Just because we have different opinions can’t make me one. I am a staunch SAA supporter and will remain so. SouthFront is about people expressing multi-directional opinions and if you can’t stand this, please leave the Forum.


I apologize for being rude. No doubt SAA did sustain some casualties in this attack, but ISUS numbers are often a bunch of BS. There are some that will take this reports and say “Look how screwed up the SAA is”. I see more and more of these types of “reports” from ISUS as of late.

DJ Double D

Your Apology accepted. Thanks for your understanding.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This is definitely propaganda since ISIS lost heavy casualties in trying to attack this region. why the CIAmaq tries to tell false tales and not tell how many ISIS lost in the attack.


I agree, this is just ISIS propaganda, trying to keep their moral a some good level. ISIS is lost, and they are so fool that they have not realized about this. Only USA air or missiles support will save them. USA-NATO-Israel are their creators but it looks like they will let them to die. ISIS has finished their job, to help to destroy Syria.

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