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Map Update: ISIS Conduts Two Attacks On Egyptian Army In North Sinai

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Over the past week, ISIS conducted at least 2 attacks on the Egyptian Army in the North Sinai destroying an army buldozer near the town of Rafah and a military vehicle near the city of Arish.

Map Update: ISIS Conduts Two Attacks On Egyptian Army In North Sinai

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Oh wow. They destroyed a bulldozer. Is that really worth reporting?!!

neil barron

It is if it’s a D10 Catepillar $1,000,000.00 taken out with a $10,000.00 rocket.

Concrete Mike

If I would own that d10 would i say ok, lets call the 5 floats we need to load this fucker in peices to get there , put it together where i know damn well its a war zone? Hell no, d10 aint for small jobs.

Media types call eveything a bulldozer, could be just a skidsteer for all we know.

I bet it was an old loader…like a 950 ;)

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

It shows that ISIE (islamic state in egypt) have the skills, materials and opportunity to produce IEDs and that they know where and when to strike gov forces. Depending on the location and how the IED was used, it may also show local support or that they are, in some way, controlling the local area.


It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on given the heavy controls Egypt has on the press, but I saw articles elsewhere that most of the fight against ISIS is being done with a mix of Egyptian Army and armed locals. The locals are very unhappy with the situation because even though the fighting is limited the breakdown in law and order is total.

R Trojson

Anyone know if these are local recruits or outsiders setting up shop.

R Trojson

Appears to be relatively close to Gaza. Any link between these attacks and Gaza.

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