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MAY 2021

Map Update: Iran Establishes Major Land Route From Tehran To Lebanon’s Beirut

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On December 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Hezbollah and their allies establsihed a full control over the highway between the Syrian cities of al-Bukamal and Deir Ezzor. Thus, the SAA and Iranian-backed forces just officially established a major land route between Lebanon and Iran.

The United States and Israel had been fearing for a long time that such a route may be used by Iran to provide supplies to Hezbollah in Lebanon and to the SAA in Syria. Now, this road is the reality.

Map Update: Iran Establishes Major Land Route From Tehran To Lebanon's Beirut

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  1. bcbingram says:

    could the road also be used to transport oil for sale to the world.

    1. Richard M says:

      Inefficient. Tankers from Iranian ports would make that route impractical. Pipelines would work well, once security is established.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Everybody else says the opposite.

        1. Richard M says:

          Everyone agrees with me, except Shanoman and you!

          1. Daniel Castro says:

            It takes only a complete distorted economy to transport oil and gas mainly through highways…

            Brazil do it… -_-

          2. Jens Holm says:

            You must be hard censured. Oil by Syria and pipes any time is much cheeper then transporting to Abadan/Basra and by Suez.

          3. Richard M says:

            Delivery to India, China and Japan has no need of Suez.

          4. dutchnational says:

            Correct. In a decade Europe will import less oil and a lot of the import will be from US, Israël, West Afrika and maybe Canada.

          5. Jens Holm says:

            I did not write that.

        2. Rodger says:

          Trucks don’t hold enough and burn more oil than is efficient. You want pipes or a very short route to tankers. Boats are very efficient just slow.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Thats what I wrote. Pipes are to prefare.

    2. chris chuba says:

      There’s a pipeline that needs to be refurbished. A good infrastructure project unless Bibi the madman claims that it is being used to transport chemical and biological weapons and bombs it.

      1. Pave Way IV says:

        Israel and the US will just make sure it’s never refurbished or allowed to operate. Look how enthusiastic fake ISIS was about defending remote pumping stations, T1 and T2, which they could never possibly have any use for.

        There will be a huge westward pipeline constructed from Hadith, but it will go only to Israel’s Haifa terminal, not the Lebanese port of Tripoli or Syria’s port in Baniyas.

        1. Hide Behind says:

          That was and still is the US/NATO/ ISRAELI plan.
          Take a look at World Bank financial plantings to see where both the present Iraq/Kurd lines to Israel and the newer lines from Syria Kurds were/are planned.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I kind of agree. Many would like to grab parts of that production and any pipeline made.

            I dont see the world bank as any owner, but a loaner.

          2. Hide Behind says:

            WHO LOANS IRAQ, OR FOR THAT MATTER MANY PODUNK NATIONS, THE FUNDS PREDICATED UPON FUTURE OIL REVENUES? Also planning is done years in advance,; and who advises World Bank administrators?
            5 years in Advance Egypt Saudi Arabia and ME financials set up joint Egypt/Israel Saudi Economic zone, all predicated upon US granting of Special trade status.
            All that is in place today.
            Interesting was papers upon secure Palestinian access roads financed by a loan from US and used by Israel and Jerusalem based Pals that built the walled rooads.
            Natural gas and oil in both Golan and closeoffshore to Gaza also mentioned.
            complicated world we live upon, with movements beyond borders of those we seldom hear off.
            World Order takes planning for future, all we can do is try to follow the money and blood trails.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            You have to be worth credit and be a member of IMF. Its meant for capitalistic investments and vertical against any economoc activity from people, which prefare to name the world economy as “jewish”.

            They therefore only give loans to people/nations from those areas, if they have oil, gold, diamants or like that and their currency have a value, which they can rely in/on.

            You can go around that, if another country or several give a gueranty for the money will be payed back. Its about trust.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            You hit Your point well in Your last sentece: You dont make any production which is worth investing in, which can guarentee some needed investments, which can make more production.

            Syria itself having a lot of oil is not even able to made some simple plastic buckets even having oil for it.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          You forget the lack of oil and gas for the western parts of Syria was the important thing in those takings and an internal Syrian affair.

          Here You forget their own use of fuel was secured as well as they sold a lot to their neighbors.

          1. Pave Way IV says:

            Who’s fuel was secured – Syria or Israel? I know Israel has a guaranteed supply because treasonous Israeli-firster powers in the US government signed some kind of secret agreement, with all expenses paid for courtesy of me and US taxpayers. The Israelis used the US Navy-delivered supplies (still happening) to replace domestic supplies, allowing Israel to profit from their now-unneeded domestic stocks.

            Syria has no guaranteed supply – just the opposite. The US sanctions and infrastructure destruction there is intended to punish the Syrian little people and make life as miserable as possible for them until they accept a US/Israeli-approved puppet government. The more pain and suffering we can cause, the better – because we’re trying to save them from a cruel, oppressive government we don’t like. They’ll thank us later, just like praise the Lybians, Iraqis, Ukrainians and Afghanis have showered on us for saving them.

        3. Graeme Rymill says:

          The Iraqi government wants to ship oil to Israel? Surely their actions against the Iraqi Kurds show their independence from US strategic plans.

        4. Joe says:

          You are not realistic.
          When the war is over, you think US or Israel dare to attack Syria as though the air space belong to Israel?

          That road will be useful and there is no way any force even US can do anything about it.

          1. Pave Way IV says:

            We’re talking about Iraq’s Kirkuk – Tripoli west pipeline through Syria, Joe. The US and Israel will get fake ISIS to constantly sabotage it if/when Syria and Iraq try to rebuild it. They’ll also have ISIS ambush truck convoys or use IEDs on the Baghdad – Damascus highway, but that won’t close the road or stop the traffic.

            And not that I can imagine it would happen, but hell yes – I think Israel will continue to attack whatever they want in Syria like its their air space. The US will eventually justify attacks on Hezbollah as ‘fighting Islamic terror’ because Israel wants us to. We’re their little bitch, now.

          2. Joe says:

            Sorry I can’t agree with you that when the war ended Israel will dare to attack Syria as that would bring about United response from Hez to Iranian forced which Israel will have no way to counter.

            You tell me how .. Israel attack one it attacks all unless these Iranians , Hez etc are pure cowards .

            Time is different because they today fight real battles as one
            and with Turkey on Russia side US and Israel would be powerless.

            The Kurds will have to join Assad or be wiped out

            See the latest article today

            It is exactly what I have posted the situation in Syria.

          3. Pave Way IV says:

            Fair enough, Joe. I’m just confused about how you think Syria’s defeat of ISIS has any relevance here. You realize that Israel and Syria are and have been at war since Israel was created, right? The war has only been interrupted a few times with truces that are eventually broken. Putin repeatedly said Russia would only help Syria defeat ISIS and they’re not there to protect Syria from Israel or get involved in that war . Syria can and will protect itself with it’s other allies.

            As to the article on Turkey, I hope they didn’t just realize what the US is planning. But that’s Turkey’s problem and they can take care of it themselves. Russia isn’t going to start WWIII in order to ‘help’ either Syria or Turkey. I disagree with the article’s statement about US intentions to destroy Iran in order to further encircle Russia. The US goal of destroying Russia and destroying Iran are mostly independent of each other. They both accomplish our Israeli masters’ objectives, but the US is pursuing each one mostly independent of the other one.

          4. Joe says:

            If you have been following the situation and arming of Nato in Europe and ME, it is true it is a strategy to surround Russia .

            This was supposed to be until the shah of Iran was overthrown and they lost a country that borders Russia.
            You now see how much Iran is hated by the US .

            That’s why Russia and Iran are allies.

            Now if Turkey joins the Iran/Russia grouping, Russia is as secured as a rock in the ME and will call all the shots there.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      It already has. Oil for food by Saddam used the pipeline there. Before that France and UK divided the area because of oil transport there.

      I dont know if the pipeline is still there, is modern or intact.

    4. Rodger says:

      Most oil is produced in the Persian Gulf region so it’s not very useful for that.

  2. Amon -Ra- DeArmond says:

    “The United States and Israel had been fearing for a long time that such a
    route may be used by Iran to provide supplies to Hezbollah in Lebanon
    and to the SAA in Syria” – well it’s their fault it was established in the first place,rip Saddam Hussein

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Seemes like You prefare Lebanese as well as Syrians should be united by fear as well.

      1. Amon -Ra- DeArmond says:

        “should be united by fear as well” – what?

        1. Lav says:

          Jens is a raving lunatic…

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Compared to Your childish assumption I am raving lunatic.

            You only will become a big area as a Syrian and Lebanese warfare zone. Thats what the oilmoney is for ?

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Typical answer – W H A T.

          It against Your lowlife honorkodex as well as a lack of respect.

          So far I see 450.000 dead and 8-10 mio refugees as well as most of a country into demollished peaces.

          Thats the result of Your lack of realisme.

          Do You really think Israel in silence will allow any kind of escallition there. Not even russians will. So far they only has made a 20 km non zone for Hesbolah/Iran. They dont like Iran as well.

          1. Joe says:

            Funny who is Israel to allow or not to allow?

            When war is over , do you seriously think Israel Dare to attack Syria?

            Now they dare because Assad’s hands are full.

          2. Jens Holm says:

            I think kind of nothing. I have seen the same song since 1948 even I was not born at all. You just kill each other for nothing or could have bought something else in stead.

            Israel has dared anytime, so its not because of Assads having their dirty hands full. Thats an illusion of Your own being very slow learners.

          3. Joe says:

            Come on, fact says it all.
            Israel will only attack when assured there is less likelihood of retaliation or risk of real war with Syria.

            Has Israel struck Hez in Lebanon?
            None and why? Because Israel knows not one.but hundreds of missiles will flow.

            To Hamas one rocket, they dare and boasting about it.

            I am talking about the time Assad is not at war with terrorists anymore not now as Israel knows for sure Assad cannot afford to open a new war with Israel.

            So rest be assured that road from Iran to Beirut will be Nethanyahoo’s nightmare

          4. Jens Holm says:

            I certainly hope for Assads they find oil and gas in the best Saudi style to effort any of that. If not its a total illusion.

          5. Joe says:

            Yes, Assad needs the oil revenue for reconstruction that would last for decades.

            That is why ,I said, being victorious and want Syria as one he will ensure all out assets belong to Syria and not to the one who captured or negotiated with terrorists.

            This is possible only if the Kurds assimilate themselves as Syrians and Russia will be the negotiator. US is out of the picture.

          6. 2448 says:

            Israel won’t hesitate to use nuclear and chemical weapons, that the real threat in the Middle East !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

          7. 2448 says:

            It was the Israeli’s that caused all the destruction and deaths, with the help of their boots on the ground, better known as ISIS.

  3. FlorianGeyer says:

    The road may well be a reality but I would not wish to be a truck driver on it yet :)
    Despite that ,it is good news and will further annoy Israel and by association, the US government.

    1. chris chuba says:

      I hear you but even ISIS was able to move things around without any air force. There must be ways of doing this covertly, like doing it at night, during sandstorms, having hidden bunkers. God forbid that Syria and Lebanon should ever be allowed to defend themselves.

      The U.S. is allowed to have bio-research facilities all over the world but any medical facility is now a bioweapons lab according to Bibi.

      1. goingbrokes says:

        Bibi sees biological weapons labs everywhere because that is what he is doing. It’s called a paranoid fantasy.

    2. Bob says:

      Between the US satellite surveillance of Tehran and Damascus airports, and likely Israeli spies at latter, the US and Israel have long attempted to monitor any Iran to Hezbollah physical deliveries. Damascus airport has long been the critical hub and dept point in that link, and surveillance of inbound Iranian flights are largely the basis of Israeli targeting information. International flights involve very formal procedures with scheduling that is easily monitored – but a transnational road link removes a lot of that capacity for external surveillance. Trucks are far more anonymous, and large objects can be transported with far less visibility, than when loaded onto aircraft on known and monitored airport tarmacs. A direct, Iran to Lebanon, transport route is big shift, and means the loss of their previous surveillance advantage for the US and Israel – and they will not take it well.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        I agree. Iran of course will not sink as low as the US and resupply weapons in Humanitarian Aid convoys as the US has been responsible for.

      2. Joe says:

        Really I just wonder how the heck can Israel prevent all those deliveries as though He’s and friends have no brains.

        It is impossible . They may hit one or two out of hundreds but generally there is just no way to stop it even if you have all the spies which I doubt can.be so many.

    3. Joe says:

      That is silly
      So by your logic when there is a truck out of thousands Israel is going to send one plane or more which can be shot down, to bomb it with a US 100k missile?

      How many trips can you make.

      Know and know this…. The entire talk or actions against Hez getting deliveries are failures . There is just no way to stop it fools.

      You are nuts

      1. RichardD says:


      2. FlorianGeyer says:

        I sense that any sense of humour has passed you by Joe.

        However it is a reality that Mossad/CIA terrorists ( or anyone else for that matter ) could easily threaten the very long route that traverses terrain where IED’s and ambushes are able to be made.

        There is a long history of such actions going back thousands of years Joe.

        1. Joe says:

          No , you are out of reality.
          Check how long the road is and you think that route is purely for arms and men? And you think Mossad is so great to stop the huge shipments as though you are James bond?

          Come on. Give us a break
          How successful was Americans bombing of Ho chi ming trail in Vietnam? Why you special forces or Mossad did not stop them?

          Get the idea why it is pure silly to even suggest tiny little Israel can even stop 1% of the traffic even if Israel has full control of the air which it dies not

          Give me another method to stop it, I am all ears

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            Joe, I never said the road would be used for only ‘arms and men” I merely said in jest that ‘I would not choose to be a truck driver on the route’ and this is due to the risk of being attacked by those who oppose a land route from Iran to Lebanon.

            I am however pleased that the route is open as I support Iran, Syria and Hezbollah . And if necessary I would drive a truck on the route with military and other supplies free of charge.

    4. RichardD says:

      The south side of Chicago might not be any better. Except for the RPGs and gun trucks. Kind of takes road rage to a whole new level.

  4. Jozsef Osztronkovics says:

    It is great Hezbollah is in great danger because zionisrael is evil regime It is great cooperation Hezbollah– Iran

    1. Samuel Boas says:

      Your comment makes no sense…

      1. Jens Holm says:

        I read it as if he likes Hesbollah will be attacked more by Israel.

  5. 1eeripsa says:

    I like the fact that US/YPG/PKK didn´t reach al-Bukamal before SAA. Their (US) goal was to block Syria from Ira/Iran.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Take another selfie. Those have never said they will apart from 1 provoking general.

      Your world is so infected by homemade mad construction of lies, that You choose among them to find the real answers.

      Making other dirty doesnt make You clean.

  6. RichardD says:

    This is great news and will be very helpful in stabilizing the regional security situation and providing a Shanghai Cooperation Council supported military block to assist regional progress and problem solving, the Jew and Israel problem in particular. Which is the primary problem facing humanity at this time.

    Over 40% of Americans support sanctions against Israel, and a strong majority support Palestinian UN membership:

    Over 40% Of Americans Back Sanctions on Israel


    overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state


    1. Jens Holm says:

      Most of that is vertical lies. Its very infected to ask questions like that with no alternatives.

      If You asked the same people about how many arabs, they would prefare, they preobatly would prefare only 5, if it was an option.

      1. slayern2 says:


        1. Jens Holm says:

          Seemes to be not allowed thoughts in Middle East. You might move focus for making no more Khalifats in stead as well as normal reforms to improve a lot inside Yourself.

          1. slayern2 says:


          2. dutchnational says:


          3. slayern2 says:

            “Most of that is vertical lies. Its very infected to ask questions like that with no alternatives.
            Seemes to be not allowed thoughts in Middle East. You might move focus for making no more Khalifats in stead as well as normal reforms to improve a lot inside Yourself”

            Well, maybe you do understand your boyfriend Jens.. go play with him.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            I think he does.

            1) Extremisme grows when You have no influence as well as hard times – Give influence and better times by helping people.

            2) Inside Yourself is inside Syria. I can hardly see You devellop Syria at all because You are not learned to learn but to copy, what Your parents did.

            When Your army is close to dysfuncktionel its because You by birth are made into dependent obeyers.

            So is the rest. The Syrian people are by fear made into Bathists all won the Nobel price or something like that, Everything from the outside which make progress are censured away being tabus and worse.

            Yourself also is You raise girls for sale and keep them in stupidity. Stupid men should take those stupid jobs not gifted women. Here You loose a lot and keep Your country in dark.

    2. Rodger says:

      Yup, this is Silk Road in action.

  7. Jens Holm says:

    The T2 should renovated first, if the Morons here can only unite people by more fear by war.

    The long roads along the Eufrat should be used for rebuilding incl. some bridges.

  8. Tudor Miron says:

    Deal with it snakeheads :)

  9. Hide Behind says:

    Today we do not hear of trade routes as in the pastpast, but that term is just as important today as in early times, especially in context of EuroCentrics that once battled each other militarily over control of trade routes.
    There is great wealth being ripped out of Iraq, and the means of doing so reside in US Green Zone.
    That is where US/Israel Euros and UAE, go through whenever oil or Iraq paid for infrastructure or industrial contracts are let.
    That was reason for Iraq Kurdistan was supplied before first Iraq invasion , during 12 years of sanctions and since total control of Iraq by allies built Iraq Kurdistan.
    Today US will keep a few small but one very large military base within their Kurd pawns in Syria.
    It is over controlling trade routes and infrastructure rebuilding; all paid for by whomever is given oil rights.

  10. Hide Behind says:

    GOOGLE new super HIGHWAY being built in Iraq.
    Being built by Iraq oil funds, one reason Sovereign Iraq took back partial Kurd oil control, is that Sovereign Iraq’s oil cannot support both a bloated cost of buying foreign military gear and supporting all these US mandated infrastructure building

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      Are you talking about the reopening of the Baghdad to Amman (Jordan) highway?

  11. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    well USA lost his ISIS card…now US are playing Kurdish card in northeast as Al Qaeda card(FSA) in southeast failed in Al tanf…but to ensure always will play Israeli joker!

    1. Jens Holm says:

      US only had the final count down for Assads for a while. You are right the SDF/NDF card seemes more reliable.

      Israel will do as known for 1000`s of years. Help making its enemies fight each other more or less supported by USA.

    2. Rodger says:

      But the Kurds being Kurds any alliance that binds them can be easily be used against them. The US is just throwing money away on them.

        1. dutchnational says:

          All humans are animals.

          1. slayern2 says:

            your parents are animals…

          2. Solomon Krupacek says:

            kurds more

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Very high level. Upu are a and ISIS tunnel ?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Why do we have to repeat this again and again. ISIS was a product of Assads as well as Isil. It got out of their hands.

        USA and we used them as the hard way to remove Assads, but they got out of hands as well. USA only supported ISIS/ISIL for a short time but hard.

        Then Syria took in Russiam Hesbollah and Iran.

        And Kurds added themselves but only against ISIS/ISIL.

        I dont see USA and we are wasting money. We pay a lot to keep their kind of terrorrisme down and help You too.

        USA and we dont think we waste money by that, its our own as well.

        1. Rodger says:

          Lol Jens, ISIS happened when al qaeda in iraq didn’t want to merge with al qaeda in Syria after some raghead got killed. Both were Saudi proxies.

  12. Barba_Papa says:

    A connection brought about by criminally negligent and ill-conceived meddling in the affairs of Iraq and Syria, trying to topple regimes. Which has made Iran the laughing benefactor.

    Great job, America, great job, Israel, now you can reap what you yourself have sown.

  13. Starlight says:

    A good idea, if Iran didn’t face the full might of the Deep State- including the largest and most destructive murder machine in Human History, the US armed services.

    Russia allowed wahhabi terror gangs led by the british SAS and others to move insane amounts of arms into Syria. Only when ISIS had far more weapons than terrorists to use them, and ISIS had grabbed much of Syria, did Putin start fighting back.

    Iran isn’t going to get the ‘advantages’ wahhabi fighters had, cos Iran hasn’t the Deep State on its side, only incompetent, pro-zionist Russia (to a very limited degree).

    Iran dreams of another proxy war to join Yemen- that in Lebanon- to act as a buffer against the Iran war. Ain’t gonna work. As we see with Trump’s move today, Trump is acting to set the whole Middle East ablaze, so out of the chaos any number of regional wars can go ahead.

    The West is going to war on Iran, not Israel- and the West will do so in the name of “protecting the jews”. Putin will sit on his hands in the name of the same excuse.

    What happened once Blair started bombing Serbia in the kosovo war? All rules and restraint went out of the window. Blair targeted civilian infrastructure across serbia – hospials, factories, power stations. He even leveled the Serbian’s ‘BBC-equivalent’ HQ, murdering all the civilian workers within.

    This is the Iran war. The xcuse that starts it is the ONLY hard part. Once it starts, the West will do anything to utterly destroy Iran.

    Iran is playing The Great Game, but as a little regional power faced with the fury of the planet’s dominant Empire Power, its position is worse than hopeless. Iran is a bee with a sting whose use will kill it. So Iran only stings when all is lost. And when the first British, American or French bomb hits Iran, all is lost.

    Iran’s ‘sting’- maybe one hundred thousand ground-to-ground missiles striking all acroos the Middle East, will give us images of armaggedon as yet unwitnessed. The tallest structures on Earth will burn. But the ‘sting’ will ‘justify’ the USA bringing total holocaust to the people of Iran, and many millions will die there.

    What Iran is doing is like all the time the french wasted on the Marginot Line. Hitler laughed so loud at France preparing for war with 19th century methods. But Iran is desperate, as was France pre-ww2. So Iran self-fools and wastes precious time and resources on hopeless plans.

    1. Rodger says:

      I very much doubt that Iran will make serious moves against Israel. It’s just to good a boogie man to scream against and get Arabs to cooperate with you.

  14. Tommy Jensen says:

    We still have plenty of bases in Iraq to obstruct Iran´s little road to Hezbollah and the Sea port…..LOL.
    Israel have the right to defend itself with American troops……..LOL.

  15. Solomon Krupacek says:

    USA accepted jerusalem as capital of IL.

  16. gustavo says:

    Goof news anyway.

  17. Thegr8rambino says:


  18. dutchnational says:

    SF reports and commenters quite often talk of SAA fire control. What is the use of this route when it is under SDF fire control?

    1. Hide Behind says:


  19. svenne svensk says:

    I really don’t understand. The roads have been there before the war so I don’t really understand why they are so important now. The weapons could have been delivered before and then nothing have been done so what’s the big deal now

    1. Jonathan Cohen says:

      I agree, they have had a land route for months, accross the desert farther south and west, between Al Tanf and T2, you can see the much bigger red area on the map in full contact with Iraq, South of all ISIS territory. It’s not paved but the desert is hard enough for semi’s to cross it and they have been doing so for months.

    2. goingbrokes says:

      “A salafist principality in E Syria and W Iraq…” was supposed to isolate and cut Syrian land-routes from Iran. To weaken all the countries along the roads. That plan has now officially failed. Failure is the key word. Bibi failed. Israel failed. Saudis failed. No military convoys have to travel on that road. Its mere existence gives the Israeli leadership the screaming willies, and the Saudi monarch nightmares.

  20. Thegr8rambino says:

    fuckin yes :))))))))))

  21. Douglas Chalmers says:

    The ‘Shia crescent’ is up + running well BEFORE China’s Silk Road appears in SYRIA…

  22. Hide Behind says:

    This route is an older route and in much disrepair, and in no way can oil be moved by truck as effecefficiently as by popelines, not even short distances.
    Oil is already being piped from Iraq Kurds directly to refineries in Haifa Israel.
    It is protected by Israeli military; has been pumping since shortly after Saddam killed and Kurds took autonomous control of best sweet crude fields in Iraq.
    Oil Kurds sold outside of control of Iraq Sovereign Oil ministry, and at lower than world price per bel and gave Iraq proper not one cent royalty.
    This HIGHWAY always was a valued civilian and commercial route for Iraq industrial and agricultural products.
    In years 2004-2006 part of US plans at war college and presented at West Poont, was for a new Baghdad to Jordan super highway, with trunklines from Saudi Arabia.
    This to cut off Iran and as importantly divide Shia and Sunni from each other.
    THIS HYWAY IS ALREADY UNDER CONSTRUCTION BY OVER 10 US construction and security firms.
    Will be a private contractor toll road complete with gas stations , rest stops, and a barbed wired buffer zone on each side.
    Iraq will receive a tiny royalty.
    What makes anyone think Iraq will keep open road for Iran once ISIS defeated?
    For that matter what makes so.e presume Iraq is a Syrian ally?
    Remember Syria fully aided USin first Iraq invasion, took part in no fly zone for 7 of 12 year embargo and no help at all during Saddam overthrow.
    All Iraq , including Kurd Peshmerga, and officer Ranks and senior Enlisted are US NATO trained, and most were trained at NATO base in Jordan and US proper.
    For years now not only Iranian overflights were allowed but Saudi paid terrorist, and US terrorist supplies to ISIL and Al Q’ as well, transported through Iraq proper, before ISIL started stealing Iraq cities.
    NO way this new freeway will allow any Iranian exports to Syria upon it.
    Iran terminal at border of map will be under strick US Iraq guard inspectors and susceptible to closure at any moment.

  23. Thegr8rambino says:

    :))))))))))))))) HAHAHA YES

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