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Map Update: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Controls Almost 60% Of Idlib De-Escalation Zone


After the recent series of advances against Turkish-backed factions, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) has consolidated control of almost 60% of the Idlib de-escalation zone in northwestern Syria. MORE HERE

Map Update: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Controls Almost 60% Of Idlib De-Escalation Zone

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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    months ago Assad send its armies to clean this shithole but the russians and their policies stop him from doing so and instead imposed the turkish occupation of idlip and afrin in syria, for their own reasons and profit and the reason is the pipe line going via turkey allegedly to either pass from greece or bulgaria.

    They did help syria none can deny this, to stop isis and free some of it, but also their policies allow the FUKUS (nato) to hold via the kurds, most of natural resources of syria thus having always the top hand in what is going on in syria and Assad to must obey their dealing with the turks who are one of the main tools of west with israel, in supporting and arming isis in the first place, against syria. People with short or selective memories have the habit of forgetting who is who in this game and what they have done.

    Beside the ones who run from syria and allowed turkey to handle them and push them into europe along with all the scam of the earth coming from africa and pakistan and afghanistan, the ones who stay behind and fight for their mother land the worst war ever to this day witnessed in human history deserve more respect from their alleged allies and better future than the one handed to them. Syria with out control of her natural resources means a puppet state either under the control of west or russia and must dance to what ever tune played to them by their alleged allies never for their own good and never on their terms and that is the raw truth.

    • AJ

      Maybe the Russians had second thoughts after US threats to start attacking the SAA if they launched the Idlib campaign. Whatever the real reason the result is this bad agreement with the Turks which has failed to clear out the jihadis. Now HTS are retaking more areas. Sooner or later Idlib will have to be cleared.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        putting the fox to guard the chickens is at least stupid not to say any thing more harsh even a complete idiot could figure that out. I would also like to find an excuse if there was any for the russians, but there is none.

        At the end of the day all of the ones involved in the atrocities against the syrian people are there not for the syrians and their well being but for their own interest. This much to me is clear and I take no sides with the exception the side of the syrian people who fight and die for their motherland them they have my unconditional respect.

        The rest are the same shit to my book just different name.

        • jako

          Russian don’t need you or anybody else to make excuses for them
          It is obvious that Russia is not Syria therefore they can’t possibly have the same interests all the time
          But accusing Russia for perfidy and being two faced only because in your opinion things didn’t develop the way you expected them to be and stitching all that on Russia is little bit too far fetched.

          Nobody can give good arguments to justify (something you presume to be Russian fault ) simply because NOBODY KNOWS those things to talk about them with certitude!
          And neither do you know them.
          Nobody really knows completely what is happening there!
          You are just GUESSING and jumping on conclusions but you DO NOT KNOW rally what was really happening on the ground in Syria and behind the curtains
          Nobody of us here dosn’t know that

          To make my answer very short I trust Russian integrity and dedication in Syria to help Syrians to get rid of Jihad maniacs.
          While you obviously do not believe that.
          That is all.

          • ruca


          • Promitheas Apollonious

            assuming to know what I think, does not make you correct jako. I know exactly what is happening based on the facts and each ones actions and the results of their actions and I dont excuse any one, not take it on me to be any one lawyer or spoke person.

            You may dont like what I am saying but that does not make me wrong. When you have the ability which you dont obviously to analyze facts and results which you dont from the way you answer me we speak again. For the moment I let reality to show you the error of your thinking. Both in how I think and what russias policies will lead her into and already are leading her there.

          • jako

            I will not be pretentious to promote myself to the level of an expert on geopolitics specialized on Middle East.

            I will stick with the facts only
            And they tell me that Assad’s Syria in 2015 was on the verge to be defeated (despite Iran & Hezbollah)
            Then Russian’s came on Assad personal demand for HELP.
            Once they arrived things started to change very fast and today Assad is in much better position..
            I would jump on conclusion that if not for Russia – Syria would become Libya 2 years ago.
            I will wait another year for things to change and if I see peace in Syria I will be happy and have gratitude for Russian help

            The problem with people like you my friend is that you keep accusing Russians for never doing enough.
            Russia has no printing press that permanently prints the money like US.
            Capabilities of Russia to resist to U.S., NATO and so many other enemies of Assad are limited… So, it takes time
            Many Russians have died in Syria and I don’t think that is for sale.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            no the problem is you dont read what I wrote and just translate it in your mind as you like. I never accused russia of not doing enough actually I dont accuse them of anything you imagine I do. I am just saying that their actions and partnerships are not to the best interest of syria, but the best interest of their (russians) national interest.

            I also never disputed that russias help have saved part of syria and Assad in the process. But been in international business all my life and be fully aware of global events, I see where this is going.

            And … people like me don’t accuse russia of anything. But also are not as blind as you appear to be based, on the comments and personal preferences used as base to judge a situation. Remember one simple thing always. I am responsible for what I am saying and how I mean it, but never how you chose to translate it, into your mind.

          • jako

            “their actions…are not to the best interest of syria” = They don’t do enough for Syria (they don’t compensate their “bad” actions)

            If Russia does things that are priority for their interests and they never put other interest’s in front of those I am always OK with that.
            That is normal way for every normal country to take care of her own population and their well being first.

            And do you really think that Iran, Hezbollah has only Syria’s interests before their own??!
            If you do than you are very naive.

            So I am not trying to “translate” but reacting on your message the way I perceive it.

            You are attacking main pillar of Assad defenses by attacking and labeling Russia.
            Do it but I will not be on that side ever.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            you have your point of view and I have mine friend. Your views as I said are based on personal like and dislike and as you said the way you perceive it so let time show you what I mean. Analyzing someone actions or a country’s actions are never based on the emotional way you seem to see things and events, but on their actions and the results of them.

            And you keep assuming to know what I think why is that? As for the rest you saying about Hez or Iran or that the russians dont do enough for syria never said that that is your own assumptions and a poor argument. I said what I said that happen to be factual truth. If you ever come down to reality on the ground and not emotional arguments then we may discuss again, in the mean time have a good day.

          • jako

            Nothing for “time to show” me what you mean…
            I think that I understood good enough things that are important for me and I do not agree with you or anybody else with similar attitude.
            And it is not based on ” like and dislike” or “emotions” but on things I consider important.

            I also don’t try “to know what you think” I only try to understand what are you saying . That’s all

            I never said that you were saying that “russians dont do enough”
            It’s simple deduction, I just have consider your words to go in that direction.

            Accusing Russians or Iranians or Assad or anybody else for defending their own interests 1st. is wrong argument in my modest opinion.
            I would never complain for Iranians using war in Syria to prepare attack against Israel because it is normal that Iran is trying to protect their own interests.

            One is doing bad favor to Assad’s alliance if one is complaining about details like that.
            Nobody… no nation is perfect.

            So we agree to disagree I guess.

        • jorge

          Okay, lets speak of another thing, of fairy tales, for example, once upon a time a bear put a mean fox to guard a lot of chickens, some days after the chickens begun eating each others, because they were a new kind of chickens with piranha dna, meanwhile the bear was busy on teaching how to use S300, on preparing reserve forces and some other things. We don’t know yet the end of this fairy tale because it’s still in process.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            ok you stick with your fables I stick with what is action result and reality on the ground lets see who is more accurate in what they see.

          • jorge

            Okay, but for the first one, because the last fable is a real story, or at least a pretty well based hypothesis.

      • You can call me Al

        But HTS are retaking the area at the expense in lives of HTS and other vermin; who cares ?. They will be swept to hell shortly. Keep the faith.

    • Brother Ma

      All you say is true. All will be happy apart from Assad and the Syrians.

  • antoun

    excellentes news for damas and moscow!!! :)

    • ??? Civilians and pro-Assad people were all killed by terrorists in Idlib. Is it a good news ? Hardly.
      It is a genocide and Putin and his bloody politics to please ‘western partners’ including Turkey is to be blamed.

      • antoun

        ah one terrorist!!

  • Lupus

    Soon the Nusra rats will control entire Idlibistan and Turkey aint doing shit to help their stupid puppets. Turks better fuck off to Turkistan so SAA and friends can wipe out the Jihad vermin

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      how you gone do it? nuk everyone inculiding civilian?dick head

      • Lupus

        Just same as everywhere else in Syria lol

  • jako

    60% officially terrorist dominated – infested Idlib is reason good enough for Russia and Iran to give up on Astan agreement.
    Turks didn’t respect their part of agreement and now there must be consequences.

    It is time for SAA and allays to prepare themselves on all out attack on the last Jihadi stronghold
    Time to clear up Syria for good from that VERMIN !
    Time for Russia to finish the job on Syrian terrorism !

    • Brother Ma

      Very true. Turks dawdled and lied.

      • jako

        Yes to the certain extent, that’s how Erdogan does things and everybody expects that from him
        BUT also situation has changed lot in Idlib because majority of pro-Turk militias “moderate” Jihad rebels are with Turkish army in preparing attack on Manbij.So it wasn’t difficult for HTS to take advantage of the situation.

        I doubt that HTS taking over of Idlib is in Erdogan’s preferences
        But than HTS are just less obedient servants of Turkey… no big harm to Turk interests

  • SurfshackTito (TheSecular)

    How much longer now?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    That just means Assad’s about to get 55% of his territory back, yippeee and OMG at the same time.
    It’s only a few more days to go before the second Russian New Years Fireworks celebrations kick off, but you don’t want a front row seat in Idlib, that’s way to close to see the show, you’re best off staying at home and watching it on your TV, it’s going to be big, I mean really big, it will make Daraa/Quneitra look like a village fireworks show compared to what’s about to happen here, PURE SHOCK AND AWE.
    I know a lot of innocent people are going to die here, If you live in southern Idib and read Southfront and my post, please get out now, take your families and run to ether Assad or Erdogan, just get out any way you can, HTS territory even away from the front lines will become hell on earth soon, pick up you kids and run for your lives, and don’t stop until you’re completely out of HTS territory. God help you all.

    • PZIVJ

      To many Turkish proxies pulled out of W Aleppo and Afrin areas to threaten Manbij action, which HTS took advantage of? Appears the gambit by Erdogan has not worked out well. W Aleppo should be SAA first priority, maybe time it when Turkish trash counter attack from S Afrin front first.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        This is all intentional on Erdogan’s part, all part of a well laid plan by him and Putin and not a big mistake on his part, it’s what I’d call a wise decision. He’s getting his troops out and then blaming HTS for forcing them out, that way there’s no political repercussions for abandoning Idlib from all the anti Assad factions, he just blames HTS for wrecking everything.
        HTS couldn’t kick a naughty kid out of school at the moment, leave alone Erdogan’s forces. HTS has the SAA/Russia on one side and the Turks on the other, both are attacking HTS at the same time, and with no more recruits, still only 15 to 20,000, they’ve taken so much territory from the Turks rebels, that they now control twice as much territory as they did a month ago, I don’t believe for one second they could do that without Erdogan’s permission. Erdogan may have moved 15, to 20,000 fighters to east Aleppo, but he still has at least 20,000 well armed fighters left in Idilb, as well as Turkish tanks and artillery. The November Astana agreement doesn’t prohibit Erdogan from using heavy weapons in Idlib full stop, it just inhibits him from using/positioning them in the demilitarized zone, the same way the Russians are allowed to sit just outside the demilitarized zone and bomb the hell out of HTS who operate inside it. Why doesn’t Erdogan use his troops, tanks and artillery to help his proxies out, according to the new November Astana agreement both Russia/SAA and Turkey can attack HTS at any time they like, with anything they like, artillery, tanks Airstrikes, HTS aren’t a part of the agreement, they’re valid targets, Erdogan could lawfully by the Asana agreement just come in with tanks and artillery and clean them out himself without, even asking for Assad or Putin’s permission, so long as he stayed out of the demilitarized zone he’d be covered by the Asana agreement, but he hasn’t chosen to do that, he’s just sitting on his butt instead. I wouldn’t mind betting even if he did place or use heavy weapons in the demilitarized zone, Putin or Assad wouldn’t mind at all, so long as he was only using them against HTS.
        The last map we got showing HTS positions wasn’t quite right and this one isn’t either, the areas in the south west don’t look right and neither do areas to the north near the Turkish border, a lot of those areas I know for sure are under Turkish or Turkish proxy control, and yet the map shows all areas up to the Turkish border under HTS control from the border of Aleppo governorate all the way west to where just one small area of Latakia is marked as being under Turk proxy control. I want more accurate maps from SF, these 2 haven’t been accurate as far as I can see, unless I’m totally wrong.
        I hope you’re looking forward to the Russian fireworks show PZIVJ, it should be a good one, just make sure you wear your sunglasses, they’ll be be big and BRIGHT and probably hurt our eyes if we don’t wear them.

        • PZIVJ

          Thanks for the material.
          But I doubt Erdogan is in control of the situation. HTS attack may have come as a surprise, and he has been very quiet as of late. I think this fact is rather telling.
          Hope SAA and Russia can take advantage of the situation.
          And now with Tiger Spam. :D

          • jorge

            The Tigers are in th East.

        • Sinbad2

          I think you might find that HTS has quite a few western special forces people hiding behind the beards.

          • Willing Conscience (The Truths

            If they are they’re about to get their beards burnt off, right alongside the beards of the people they’re hiding amongst.
            No seriously speaking I don’t believe that, no one would be stupid enough to hang out here just before the Russians unleash hell on earth, would you like to be there even if you knew you weren’t supposed to be one of the targets, just watch what happens to the poor civilians there next week, no one in their right minds would want to be in Idlib right now. But if you’re right and there are still some foreign agents hiding out amongst HTS, they’re probably going to die there next week in the same trenches HTS die in, good riddance.

  • RichardD

    The Turkish DMZ agreement is now not only a failure, but is contributing to a worsening of the terrorist problem in Idlib. Any terrorists that Turkey had control over, are being eliminated from Idlib. This may be by design, to get them out of the way when clearing operations against the remaining non Turkish supported terrorists resume.

    Though the question reasonably has to be asked. Who is supporting these terrorists not only in Idlib, but also Isis in Dier Ezzor, when they’re purportedly completely surrounded and cut off from resupply? How are they being paid and supplied, and by whom? This once again brings to issue the massive hypocrisy of US/NATO anti Russian and anti Iran sanctions, while there are no sanctions against the terror supporters like NATO, Israel and the gulf states. When Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are eradicating the terrorists and the US, NATO Jew 3 FUKUS, Turkey, Israel and the gulf states are creating, funding, arming and managing the the terrorists.

    • Turkish terrorists or not Turkish terrorists, both are terrorizing civilians and it is Putin’s fault that he made such a stupid ‘agreement’ with Turkey and allowed that.
      In Idlib genocide is ongoing against Christianity and people loyal to Syria are suffering.
      Remember all the buses evacuating terrorists from whole Syria to Idlib.
      Thx Putin.

      • PZIVJ

        Yeah right, its all Putin’s fault.
        Idiota :)

        • Call an idiot your mother. And if you want to discuss, keep FACTS.
          Putin is the first to be blamed for Idlib disaster. He did in Idlib the same thing he did in Donbas and Luhansk in Ukraine. 10.000 Russians were killed.
          But Putin didn’t moved a finger and sticks to ‘Minsk protocols’ which are 2 years dead and breached by Ukronazis on daily basis.

          In Idlib they call it deescalation zone. But basically it is Russian-Putin approved genocide of civilians.
          Ukraine and Syria – it is the same story.

          • RichardD

            How many more civilians would have been displaced, killed or injured in Syrian government coalition clearing operations if the DMZ agreement hadn’t been put in place? Probably a lot.

          • I’m finished with Putin.
            I can understand that in 1991 when NATO started genocide against Serbia and Christianity in former Yugoslavia it was a bit different.
            Russia was not able to do anything to save Yugoslavia because of internal problems and pro western puppet Yeltsin in the lead.


            The situation is absolutely different now.
            Russia is much stronger but keeps on retreat.
            NATO is on the very Russian borders already.
            New US bases with nuclear capable ballistic missiles were constructed in Poland and Romania and soon will be constructed in Ukraine and Putin is just empty talking instead of acting.

            What basically is Putin doing ? Sitting in Kremlin, enjoying press conferences with hundreds of journalists, making agreements which are violated the next day (how many ceasefires Putin signed in Allepo ? 10, 20 or even more? ) and watching how his allies are slaughtered by thousands meanwhile his army is ordered to hold fire.
            And in Ukraine they are actually Russians who are slaughtered by Ukronazi squads.

            Putin is to be blamed for it.

          • RichardD

            That’s a complete dodge. You haven’t answered any of my questions because the answers would make you look two faced and foolish. I could debate your new issues. But when I ran them down as incorrect. You’d just change the subject again in an attempt to divert attention from your failures and stupidity.

          • jako

            So if in Putin’s place you would start WW3 with NATO to save Syria and Russia?

            You are just neocon (propaganda) “useful idiot”
            You are playing in the hands of White House Bolton& Pompeo, DoD, MSM and Pentagon LUNATICS who believe in wining limited conflicts against Russia.
            They are itching for war with Russia and they find fertile ground in
            pathetic characters like you

            I can’t know if you are too agitated, or oversensitive, or plain stupid or just paid troll of Deep State

      • RichardD

        How is it Putin’s fault that the Turks didn’t deliver on their end of the bargain to implement the Idlib DMZ agreement? If they had the agreement would have cleared much of the province with a lot less death and destruction than if the Syrian government coalition had to or has to do it by force.

        • Putin had all the information. He must knew how the situation would develop. But he decided to transfer thousand of ISIS fighters by buses to Idlib to achieve his short sighted goals instead of destroying them. What he basically did is that he washed his hands and now he is going to blame Turkey for not keeping their objectives.
          But it was Putin and his agreement who allowed ISIS terrorists to destroy Idlib and kill civilians.

          Putin is to be blamed. It is the same like Ukraine war.
          Putin wanted Crimea because of strategic importance, so he decided to intervene.
          But he didn’t helped Donbas and Luhansk because they have not such a strategic importance as Crimea.
          10.000 people died because of it. It is what pisses me on Putin so much.
          He is liar, coward and opportunist with personality cult comparable to Stalin.

          • RichardD

            “What he basically did is that he washed his hands and now he is going to blame Turkey for not keeping their objectives.”

            Why shouldn’t the Turks be blamed for not implementing their end of the agreement when the Russians and Syrians implemented their part?

            And how many more people would be displaced, dead and injured now if the agreement hadn’t been put in place?