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Map Update: Government Forces’ Progress In Western Part Of Syrian Province Of Daraa

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have liberated the areas of Tafas Dam, Ajami, Khirbat Qays and Nahj from militants in the southern Syrina province of Daraa. MORE HERE

Map Update: Government Forces' Progress In Western Part Of Syrian Province Of Daraa

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You can call me Al

Cheerio you Yank funded terrorist VERMIN. Die you Bastards.

Val Shadowhawk

Yes! Their end can’t come soon enough.


Not Free, not Syrian, and now,, not an Army.


Still no coverage of one of the worst filmed atrocities in Man’s history on SF I see.


While SF had a jewed puff piece about the wonders of jewish activity in Africa, a video first hit the net showing an Israeli trained death squad murdering two women and their small children in Cameroon. This video has been notably absent on Israeli partnered kremlin outlets, like SF, but is now at last starting to appear on western mainstream media. And why? Cos readers have been demanding an explanation why west media has been ignoring the story.

SF doesn’t care. If factual reporting hurts Israel or the jews, it does NOT appear here.

The atrocity in Cameroon was justified because Putin and the West allows the jews to do the same in Gaza. The Cameroon soldiers, with LOGIC, argued if their jewish trainers could shoot dead women and children, and justify the atrocity in the name of ‘fighting terrorism’, so could they in their native Cameroon.

World jewry wants AN AGE OF ATROCITY, to allow jews to murder tens of millions of Humans they designate as their ‘enemies’. The very public acts of jewish atrocities in Gaza, supported 100% by Putin, are designed to set the ball rolling.

You will notice the regular trolls here have ZERO problem with Putin backing the jew butchers, or Putin backing the Saudi butchers. Even The Saker, to PRETEND some form of rational legitimacy, has to attack Putin now and then on these grounds. But not the regular trolls here- who pretend everything Putin is just fine and dandy.

SF micro focuses on pointless detail in Yemen and Syria so the big picture is always missed. Syria destroyed and partitioned. Yemen lost to the wahhabi invaders. SF’s business is FALSE HOPE for the very hard of thinking.

Meanwhile Putin is doing the work of his jewish masters, so he will have zero problem with this example of jewish activity in Cameroon.

Those that have seen this video literally cannot believe what they have witnessed. The atrocity by Israeli trained soldiers burns the truth of the state of our planet onto the souls of all who witness it. And SF does not want anyone here changed like this.

Remember, any news site you visit SELECTS carefully the stories it presents. The ones NOT selected represent the true agenda of the site. Look at what Southfront NEVER covers. And before you try BS about how SF is about Syria, well NO!!! SF was about Novorussia until Putin demanded the kremlin outlets stopped covering that region.

You can call me Al


In return, the update !!


You called it, nice one.


Off topic

Syria made no request for Russia to deliver S-300 missile systems — defense minister


Russia delivers over 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Syria’s Dael
Russian military servicemen have delivered more than 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the city of Dael in Syria’s Daraa Governorate that has been liberated from militants recently


You can call me Al

I wonder, if with the go ahead, they may re-engineer it via Iran, before you shout at me, just think about it. Just a thought.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Did your government ever talk about the two British SAS that Syria Arab Army captured and returned on July 6th to Iraq, just curious.

You can call me Al

Yes and No….



It gets more confusing, but you must remember that the government will never comment on Special services movements nor outcomes:


THE MOD PAGE was error 404, but they denied it.


I will not “shout” at you. and I’m sorry if I did.
Just like you I do not know.
I have feeling if they tell us everything they know, than Israhell, US and others will also know. :-)
S-300 battalion is huge in size. How to dissimulate that?
I personally hope that they will send them modern medium range BUK M2E or even BUK M3. And they would be much easier to hide and as deadly as S-300.

“maximum target speed of 3,000 m/s (11,000 km/h; 6,700 mph; Mach 8.8), an altitude range of 0.015–35 km (49–114,829 ft) and a distance range of 2.5–70 km (1.6–43.5 mi).”
“The probability of hitting a target with one missile is: aircraft – 0.95; tactical ballistic missile – 0.7; cruise missile – 0.8. It offers increased efficiency against electronic countermeasures and manoeuvring targets. They are more compact, increasing the TELAR’s carrying capacity to six missiles.The missile’s new HE-fragmentation warhead can more easily penetrate armor. The complex is highly mobile and designed against air, ground and sea targets (e.g. destroyers).”

So there is 0.05 probability of missile not hitting the airplane. And they can use them even on ballistic missiles, ground and sea targets.
In short hits EVERYTHING.


If you were planning a strategic air defence the BUK M3 would be a central component. A very serious piece of air defence. We are all very aware that the IsraHelli AF launch attacks from the Med, which would be outside the range of the M3s, of course they could target the incoming strike. However, it is time these cowards paid the ultimate price, as in having their aircraft and pilots taken out permanently. Looks to me SAA need both systems to deliver that kind of retaliation in order to nullify Zionist Dirtbirds


” IsraHelli AF launch attacks from the Med”
Every time I was reading the attack was from Lebanon’s airspace and on few occasions it was Jordan’s airspace, Iraq, rarely Syria.
Attacks from Med is pointless because it would be too far

OK now give me the longest range of Israel air to ground missile before we go any further.
If not the conversation is pointless, talking about preferences and convictions without facts.
I just have posted article that they did not ask for S-300 and you keep insisting


Hot off AMN Press. “Rebels to surrender the most important town in West Daraa. The fsa rebels have accepted a deal to surrender Tal Al-Harrah. More Great news. Read all about it at AMN

Aheebwa patrick

Yes I want ASaad to command the reconciling rebels into Golan and liberate it from the infidels, hand them a surprise visit in a twist of events, this is the only one way to silence the murderous Jews and bring them to their knees, every day I pray that one day they will pay for their sins, Palestinian, Moslems blood shall pour over their faces indeed there are such Cowards who deserve to experience the war inside Israel


good news!!

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