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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Government Forces Liberate Large Area In Eastern Ghouta

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On March 3, Syrian government forces liberated the towns of Utaya, Hazrama and al-Nashabiyah from militants and further advanced in the eastern part of the East Ghouta pocket. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Government Forces Liberate Large Area In Eastern Ghouta

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Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

An actual liberation, unlike the Turkish theatrics in Northern Syria and Pentagon theatrics in Eastern Syria.


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Pave Way IV

I always imagined a push into Ghouta starting from Damascus. That would have been terribly difficult considering how well dug-in the head-choppers seem to be in places like Jobar. Coming at East Ghouta from the east, instead, is an interesting strategy. I can see a Douma and maybe a Harasta cauldron forming. The UK and France should probably think about evacuating their ‘assets’ soon, or risk them being paraded on Syrian television at gunpoint.


For some time I was wondering why are they constantly trying to push from the west when there is much more open space in the east. It looks like they were just keeping terrorists busy, and waiting for the Tigers to become available.


I wouldn’t be so sure. If anything SAA operations in East Ghouta seems to have been a mess, where attacks were not even coordinated. The General Melchett school of military operations. I suspect that with the Tiger Forces also came Russian ‘advisors’ who are now overseeing operations more efficiently.


If Syrian General Melchett was in command, than the only thing he could possibly do is keep the terrorists busy, and wait until Tigers (and Russians) are avaliable to clean up the mess.


Melchett doesn’t plan that far ahead. His tactical philosophy is that even though we made 17 failed full frontal attacks on the same fortified position they will never suspect us to launch operation ‘Certain Death’, another full frontal attack on the same fortified position.

Holding the line defensively until reinforcements come was Field Marshall Petain’s plan. ‘I’m waiting for tanks and Yanks’.

You can call me Al

Surely you mean the East ?..apologies if I am wrong but look at the map above again.
comment image?x17560


They were trying to push trough Jobar for a very long time (urban area on the west side on the map). This is the first big attempt on Al-Nashabiyah side (east side on the map with lot of open space).

You can call me Al

Ok got it thanks. Apologies but I was looking at the dotted line on the East which I assumed meant gains.


They were trying to push from the west so that less mortars would reach inner Damascus.


Coming in from the east, or rear, is basically a repeat of the East Aleppo offensive. For years the SAA tried to expel the Jihadis from East Aleppo in the center, achieving nothing, as this was the most fortified part of the frontline. Instead the final breakthrough came in the north, also in the countryside. Once the SAA had broken through in the rear there was nothing the Jihadis could do because all their defensive lines were facing the SAA in the city center, not to defend themselves in their rear. In the end when the final Jihadis surrendered for a green bus ride the lines in the city center had not shifted an inch. I reckon the Russians and Tiger Forces came to the same conclusion here. No point assaulting the bastards where they are strongest. Break their lines where they weakest in the east, then assault them through their own interior. Places like Jobar and Harasta will probably end up being the last stand for the Jihadis, until they too surrender for a green bus ride towards Idlib.


Hopefully it all ends for the jihadis with one last green bus ride to Kilis.

You can call me Al

Is Kilis = hell ?


Yes, I too wondered about the final strategic approach. They chose a good one. Rapid territorial losses are quite demoralising to the insurgents, and the attack sectors bulging into the middle of E Ghouta keep the frontline stretched. It is amazing that the west-ward bulge from the east is now not much more than 3kilometres from the Transport Base on the Western edge. I wonder if they plan to meet at the Transport Base in the first instance. That would split the area in two sections, each more manageable on its own.


comment image


comment image


So happy about this development! Once East Ghouta will be liberated from terrorist, syrian government will be in a very strong military position and this will determine much of the political outcome as well.


Everyone who wrote the U.N. cease fire agreement are violating it. Yet they blame Assad.

David Pryce

Jobor u gonna gget it ? but as many them rats uin a freezer truck decorated as a ice cream van and send to Al Tanf The yanks love ice cream
This is how you will end up, u fcukers

You can call me Al

mmm what ?



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