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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Government Forces Crush ISIS In Northeastern Hama

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies have liberated over 50 villages from ISIS in the northeastern Hama pocket. ISIS terrorists are in a critical situation in the area. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Government Forces Crush ISIS In Northeastern Hama

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Wolfgang Wolf

IS in critical situation? what kind of wording is this?)) kill those camelfuckers. done

That Guy

Mooooooaaaar >:D !!!!


There we go. :D

leon mc pilibin

looks like ISIS is having a hard on,lol

Jonathan Chartrand

The right side of the black area looks like a giant penis with an ISIS flag on the head. Is the SAA trying to tell us something?

Ariel Cohen



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Elisabeth Jenders

Reminds me of Snoopy (the dog of Charlie Brown) in “Snoopy and the Red Baron”, bravely flying his Sopwith Camel (i.e. msitting on top of his doghouse) riddled with bullets, angrily raising his fist ih the air and shouting “Curse you, Red Baron!”

northerntruthseeker .

Besides the fact that ISIS is phoney and nothing more than American dick heads???


Wow, that was quick, go SAA. They’ll have that pocket gone in no time. Then back to crushing HTS scum in Idlib.


>SAA eating to much hotpocket, this may make them sick.

Anthony Paul Mapes

What happened to the HTS controlled area? Could we have some clarification on the larger situation!?


Exactly my thoughts. However, I think it is included in the Isis area as HTS retreated. This means that the entire pocket is only 20% left. This is what’s left of Isis in the pocket.

Pave Way IV

The graphic below shows the situation on 18Jan18, just before the SAA pincer cut off the Hama pocket.

HTS had most of what would become the pocket a few days before, but probably saw the writing on the wall and started fleeing to headchopperistan to the northwest while they still could. At the same time, ISIS was also pushing from the bottom of the pocket to the north. That was also pressuring the fleeing HTS who probably were more interested in escaping that ‘defending’ their former turf against ISIS.

Not sure what ISIS was thinking before then, but the just stopped moving north after the pocket was cut off. The HTS ‘commanders’ were supposedly killed in an airstrike about then. I’m wondering how many HTS were even left in the north, but they were now leaderless, unsupplied and had no hope of defending themselves against either ISIS from the south, or SAA artillery/armor from the northwest.

Maps of Jan 30th still showed the northeast side of the pocket as HTS-held. On the 31st, most maps just showed the entire pocket as ISIS held although no HTS/ISIS fighting was noted. The size/shape of the pocket remained the same. HTS either fled, joined ISIS or were annihilated by them, but were no longer recognized as a separate fighting force within the pocket. They didn’t tweet their demise, so it’s anyone’s guess.

The SAA was busy chewing through head-choppers north and west of Abu ad Duhur Airbase during this time, paying little attention to the pocket. Yesterday, Feb. 6th, they started hammering it from both the north and south – HTS didn’t exist in it anymore. ISIS head-choppers left there are either fighting to the death (and poorly at that, being out of Captagon) or shaving and fleeing if they can. I don’t think SAA is taking any prisoners, so the head-choppers stuck inside will not exist soon. Couple of days max by the looks of it.

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Fernando Silva

No prisoners, please

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely… Kill them all for their murdering of Syrian civilians… NO quarter…


Here, Daesh can’t receive weapuns, ammunitions…. from their supports !

northerntruthseeker .

The pocket should be eliminated within days… Congratulations to the brave soldiers of the SAA!


Can we get any figures on casualties taken on both sides?


Nicely done.

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