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Map Update: Government Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City

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This map shows the progress of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies against militants in the northwesstern Aleppo countryside. The red arrows show the possible goal of the operation. However, it’s unlikely that pro-government forces have enough manpower and military equipment in the area to reach this goal.

Map Update: Government Advance Northwest Of Aleppo City

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Aleks Black

I like it, incircle the Turkish-backed garbage and then kebab.

Alex Mayers

More like chicken wings from our loved Colonel :D https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d65198c9f4911e0482c9a2793e484b6c90c35fff576a4a46c90480ba242edc95.gif

Aleks Black

Anything to get those boys laid?

Alex Mayers

You’re the man ;)


Even if this offensive were to ultimately fail, it might cause El Nusra and its supposed moderate rebel allies to panic and withdraw forces from Hama.

Aleks Black

It wont fail, and taking NW is the right move. After the encirclement, bring in the TOS and then send in the dogs to eat whats left.

Gary Sellars

Agreed, lots of freshly TOS-1A roasted kebab for everyone… eat yer fill boys…


Why not just go south to Babis, bombard the area in between that and the city, and attack the mostly encircled area.


Just a second front to take pressure from Hama.


This is a pleasant surprise. Hope that the Kurds will pitch in on their front. The Jihadist dogs may be weak up there. This would be like payback against the FSA for them.

Solomon Krupacek

this step should be done 1 year ago. take the anadan plane a so besiege east-aleppo. in that tima also in souther part of this front was more westly. e.g., al eis was under government control. enadan plain, mansoura, al eis is physiological defense line. after thatimmediately should take al bab and jirah. so would be used optimally the momentum and bulit up the self-proud of saa. when russian bloked this, this was the second mistake and decided about everything.


Not enough manpower, unless the Kurds participate. It is in their interest to bag Erdo-goons.


Keep the neck of the salient open and make the US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers run the gauntlet. A steady flow of raper casualties for no Syrian losses is a good result in a war of attrition.

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