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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Federal Government’s Ultimatum To Tigray Rebels Nears Its Deadline

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Map Update: Federal Government's Ultimatum To Tigray Rebels Nears Its Deadline

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The civil war in Ethiopia does not seem to be nearing its end:

  • On November 22, Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed stated that attack on the capital of Tigray will begin within 72 hours unless the regional forces surrender. The army told people of Mekelle to move away from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TFLP) facilities and positions;
  • On November 23, two rockets reportedly landed in Bahir Dar airport;
  • Axum Airport has been heavily damaged by the TPLF, according to Ethiopian gevenment;
  • On November 22, Tigray TV reported live from Adigrat denying ENDF claims about the control of the city;
  • On November 23, clashes between ENDF and TPLF continue in the Korem area.

More details on the background and reasons behind the ongoing war in Ethiopia can be found here: “Civil War In Ethiopia: Conflict Developments And Background


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Jihadi Colin

If Ethiopia is not to be Balkanised and the pieces snapped up by Amerikastan and its EUvassals, the TPLF has to be eliminated. This isn’t like Armenia, which could survive even the total loss of Nagorno Karabakh. This is a question of the continued existence of the country. Like Abiy Ahmed or hair him, the TPLF has to go.

cechas vodobenikov

TPLF fought the Derg for 20 years–I do’t expect this to end well for the Oromo govt


the TPLF fought the Derg for 20 years with other group, Oromo Liberation Front, Afar Liberation, Front, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front etc…. all were united against te Derg,.After the fall of the DERG and ruling Ethiopia for 30years all this group/ethnics are again them today specialty Ahmara and Oromo.

Jihadi Colin

The TPLF has earned the enmity of literally everyone else and most importantly Eritrea. The TPLF has also become as believing in their own propaganda as the Armenians and the result has been the same.


The unelected jew puppet Abiy ISIS is a Trump Pompeo selected son of a bitch. The Saudis and UAE cant save this Dictator. TPLF, OLF, Somali, Afar, Wolayta etc. will finish Amhara regime in Addis. Amhara Neftegna terror rule ended 30 years ago. Art 39 is in the constitution and every state can secede now. Trump is gone, Yemen bombed Saudi oil refinery, Iran has nukes against Israel. Abiy the ugly midget dog wannabe Trump, will be headchopped soon, we know where his bunker is.

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