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JUNE 2021

Map Update: Ethiopia’s War With Rebel Tigray Region Continues Despite Victorious Statements

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Map Update: Ethiopia's War With Rebel Tigray Region Continues Despite Victorious Statements

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The federal government of Ethiopia, including Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, has been trying to present the conflict with the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which controlled Tigray province as an internal security matter and the law enforcement operation. The government even declared that the operation is over after capturing the provincial capital, Mekelle. However, in fact, the conflict continues and the TPLF is not going to surrender.

Government forces achieved a significant progress, but most of the province population still supports the TPLF and rebels regularly conduct attacks on government positions.

  • On December 2, the Ethiopian military seized TPLF munitions depot in the city of Mekelle, according to Ethiopian authorities;
  • Keria Ibrahim, one of the 9 central committee leaders of the TPLF, surrendered to Ethiopian Federal forces. He was the Speaker of the House of Federation before the resignation to join the TPLF in Mekelle;
  • On December 2, United Nations signed an agreement with Ethiopia to allow humanitarian aid to reach Tigray region.

More on the conflict in Ethiopia and its background can be found in the following analysis: “Civil War In Ethiopia: Conflict Developments And Background


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SF Keria Ibrahim is a lady not a guy. Correct that

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