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Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In Greater Middle East As Of March 31, 2020

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Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In Greater Middle East As Of March 31, 2020

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This map provides a general look at the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak across the Greater Middle East as of March 30, 2020.


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Yeah, the eh…. we are dead next week hurray is stil roling, but this epidemic, despite the massive propaganda, etc witch I dont bother to deal with that much anymore, since I know the facts are dripping into the ocean of bullshitt, will sooner or later cover the surface, but, the issue is, what about the coming month, some are hystericly preoccupyed with the status quo, and ignores the reality we live in, some nations do, but are attacked vigeriously by the western MSM, mainly since they are the foot soldiers of the scums of this earth, the Imperial banana republics wiling bitches, etc, whom screams at anyone whom isnt sucking up to the scare porn and so on, and nobody bothers to look forward, its like the never ending echo of what happened in ww2 despite the fact it happened 80 years ago and have didly squat to do with this, the present, and what comes in the coming months, witch will be unpresedented, in our life time, unless somebody slammes the gears in reverse, the pedal will be at the metal to we hitt Da Wall.

https://www.palestinechronicle.com/israeli-forcesdemolish-emergency-coronavirus-clinic-for-palestinians/ Yup, the Joos high morale forces are crushing an Pal emergency Clinic with buldosers, of course, since any living palestinian is an terrorist, just ask any Norwegian just to give you an clue.

Yeah, but then again, its the same as with Iran, the same western rat packs whom is screaming in fear in the comentary fields, I just read an ZH article about the Chines are coming, to invade the banana republic, hehe, and that is in the leauge of politics done on acid, tripping, where the enemy is crawling under the porch, and inside the painting on the house wall, when the same people managed to make Nicaragua to an national security threat, yeah, in an world where they, aka TrumpTards etc, etc, dont even know where Africa is, you know, the tiny penninsula west of Madagaskar, almost impossible to find on an atlas, just ask any Moronikan. I bett, since I read realy good coment/s, over at Unz, ( anastasia, you are an light in otherwise dark world) yeah, this was bloody briliant, and I agree, with the senario, when they blow this off, since it will blow over, of course, and then we will have an freak show of politicians clapping each others shoulders, and nurses/docs parading the main street, with full ompa ompa and all, and the MSM cratualting them self for been in the front line fighting this war on death… sorry CONvid 19 or somewhere around there, and this will be declared over, and hush, hush back to work. Hipp, hipp….. hurray.

Sorry for been an bit sarcastic, but if not, well, why do Dantes inferno come to my mind, when the world goes into lock down, the shere level of stupdity is biblical. I am afraid of the coming year, the world is going into an reset, and belive me, somebody knows exactly what I talk about, most dont, but I know some knows, I cant even debate that, because people are stupid, ignorant and abolutelly clueless, about basically everything. May the lord have mercy upon us all. Take care.


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