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JULY 2020

Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of March 26, 2020


Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of March 26, 2020

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A closer look at the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the European Union and in the United Kingdom.




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  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, the shitstorm is going up to hurricane level this days, before we had and stil do the HasbaRats, but now, uh, eveybody is yapping something and a large part of focusing on the Chines did it, and pimp it as hard they can, and not only had we to endure the Putin Troll nonsense, thru been terrorist lovers since some of us suports Hezb and Hamas, etc to SAA just to mention an few of this that fights the scums of this earth, but now they whine about been China eh…. apologistas, right, right, and instead of focusing on possible solutions to this “hoax” they just drools down everything, everywhere, and makes it hard to find something de facto usefull.

    Yeah, listen to an educated persons talk and reasoning, and its also an transcript to, of it.
    (psst….dont tell anyone I linked to uh…. saker, but like Trump, even an clock whom is dead is correct at least two times a day)
    This also debates the time line and its now evident this originated in Maryland, in the banana republic UssA.
    And what do I mean when I say Fake, read this and you will know.
    There are others to, but I cutt it short.

    But sometimes you can, and remeber the time line video, witch was stated was an Chines propaganda uh… something and the slipping of the tungs, coming from the Pompeous thing, I can even claim this, and it may be an surprice, even for me, hehe, but Trump was spot on, the problem with this was, the scums of this earth wanted this to be weaponised, with that I mean, why on earth did the Banana republic head hunchos denie testing, it took an loooooong time before they managed to jerk their thumbs out of their asses and do something and yet, even as we speak, its like some parts of the imperial banana republic wants this to continue, and their medical advices are making this to be something that makes one wounder, are they either simply just stupid, or is this because of an agenda, the bailouts are just another lame thing that will blow out within an week, because the house whom is stil standing, have no floor, it simply dont matter, because the floor is gone, nothing but air left and that is no where near solid and the messurments are for the top of the scam chain and nobody else, and will be eaten up within an week or two, and then they have to pour even more into the ponzie skeem called capitalism.
    Socialism for the 1% and hard core capitalism for the rest of us, yup, did you expect anything else.
    The cure is even simpler, erase debt, eraze the young ones education debt, and nations, let the to big to fail, die, and nationalise the banking system, etc, we need that, not to keep the f…. whom lead us to where we are floating for any cost and f… the rest, the banana republic is an briliant ex. on just that.
    If not, I amfraid since there is an agenda behind this and that is for the 1% to make even more, and refuse treatements that works because the scums of this earth wants even more, like the hyping of vaccines, etc, to avoid cheep medics, oh…. horror, and instead offer us something that will not be an option for millions, because its simply to expencive, etc.and that is backed by an insane propaganda in our otherwise rotten to their core MSM, whom have taken scare porn to new heights, even intervjuing cancer patients whom is calling people whom wants to live in the cabins for Scumbags and selfis assholes, yup, etc, etc, and the batt shit is stil the norm, and when Trump said something about medication, the MSM went total bananas, because, it came from Trump, even I can see that this is way out of line and we have issues with this idiot, but this time Trump was indeed right, and the MSM totaly wrong because their 3 year long hate propaganda against Trump and now that alone will risk the life of millions, yeah, never have so much bollocks been writen about something we dont even see.

    Wake up.