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Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of April 16, 2020

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Map Update: COVID-19 Outbreak In European Union And United Kingdom As Of April 16, 2020

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A closer look at the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the European Union and in the United Kingdom.


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Raptar Driver

Covid 19 the great hoax!
Less than 1% mortality rate.
This is why our global government shut down our lives?


Yeah, apart from the regulare MSM scare hyping, this stil lacks the millions dying everywhere, all the time senarious, and I have read even good articles, about the stupdity of the politicians etc and though to link it but I didnt bother, since even ZHege had it, but as always when the AmeriTards is comenting the level of pure shit is baffling, ok, ok ,ok I link to it anyway.


Good one, but, yeah, its an big honking but here, and thats where after an bloody month I am stil not even convinsed, about what do we actually have, but despite the insane level of fear porn hyped over into warp drive, there are some few things that dont add up.
Every event messured, have to be based upon what will be the fundamentals, as I am an process tech, something with this so called pandeimic dont add up, it may very well be highly contagios, but when we know the process of messurment witch is critical to whatever math or process histrorical system you make, that will never be correct if the messurment dont actually reflect the facts, like temprature in an mill, we dont have that, and ends up with prodjections or hypotesises, and both are based upon not facts but theorys, like AGW, and in this the base isnt even true, and take the CPR test regime, something even the invetore said was about 80% incorrect, and then what do we de facto messure, in this process of pandemic, we end up with numbers that dont have anything to do with whatever they claim that they have, period, and then we have the pneunomia, witch happens anually never the less, and where did this anual flu go, because if you an crappy methodic to pessure, aka shit in, you will get shit out. and to then interpite that is completely useless, period, because it cant reflect the facts of whats happening, do you get that, huh.

And then we have the assh….. whom will make this to be an opertunity to make some quick bucks, and the true horror is, where have/are all the other patients, when the hostpitals are by now an no go zone, for anyone else than this so called Corona patients, that, is mass murder, nothing else.
There is so much wrong this days I am just amazed.
And I dont trust anyone official at all anymore and it have nothing to do with whatever conspiracy nutt cases out there, but if you dont understand what I wrote you are by me an clasifed idiot.
And to this day, I am not even convinsed about the so called Virus, the Germ theory, the Koch Postulate is flushed down the drain, etc, sounds more and more like AGW, and never forget whom is behind this, like AGW, people whom wants to benfit from it, the MIC, and CDC to WHO is not public, they are private owned and run orgs witch have patents to witch they create an massive cash cow on injecting battshit and shinnola into us, and the same mofo are behind the WHO, and the scums behind AGW is and Hedge Fonds, investment people, banks, etc, etc, whom is behind our very own Missias Saint Greta.

I am just deeply offended by the shere level of scams we have to endure, and ignorance witch guards their swindling, protected by the MSM and our corrupted class of rotten to their bone marrow polticians.
But, take care.


PS: f….. you, Scotty.

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