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Map Update: Clashes Between Syrian Army And Militants Continue In Northwestern Hama, Northern Lattakia

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Despite the recent annoucement of ceasefire around the so-called Idlib zone, clashes between pro-government forces and militants continue in northwestern Hama and northern Lattakia.

  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) once again stormed the miltiant-held town of Kbanaah. The attack was repelled by militants.
  • SAA units repelled a militant advane on al-Huwayz. The town and its vicinity have been the area of an intense fighting over the past two days.
Map Update: Clashes Between Syrian Army And Militants Continue In Northwestern Hama, Northern Lattakia

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Offensive is over, now is time for repelling, repelling, and more repelling, for ever and ever.

Rhodium 10

Because only Hezbollah&IRGC&Shia militia have the ability lo lauch offensive…

Promitheas Apollonious

I wouldn’t say that. SAA proven is worth a long time ago, but is not easy to over run good fortifications that are defended with heavy weapons and armor. I am sure SAA is not fighting only terrorist but turkish army as well. Who you think supply the terrorists ?

Daniel Miller

oh ffs stop defending the unproffesionalisam of the SAA. They are just like any other rag tag arab army. Without Iran and Russia they wold have been defeated by militants……that is sad.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am defending no one shit4brains. I call it as I see it. Yes the russians saved the day for all you mentioning but considering who come against syria with almost half a million organized mercenaries is not a surprise that syria could not handle them. Now if you want to make it personal you found the wrong man to do it with so stop behaving like a retard.

Jens Holm

The illusion remains in You. The soldiers there as usual are from foreign vountries far away. 500.000….

And as usual there are no reflexions for even a little why.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

can you please hire someone to teach you how to use Google Translate properly Thank you, everyone on Southfront

Daniel Miller

you obviousely are defending these arab inbreeds.

Astrid Watanabe

“you obviously are defending these arab inbreeds.” After this comment from you we can safely ignore all your comments from now on. Saves time. Thank you.


Whatever you feel about the SAA wont change shyte. They still retook Aleppo, Palmyra, Deir… And they will retake Idlib. Enjoy the show, jew.

Daniel Miller

yes with Russian and Iranian support alone they are nothing. And they even have the delusion that they can take back the golan…


maybe storming is not the best idea here. what about suicide drones and unmanned armoured vehicles to break the lines?

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think is any rush to go in tomorrow and what you suggesting will kill civilians more than it kill turkish terrorists. because this is what is happening unless you not following what is happening or failed to understand what is happening and the fight is with the turks and not just terrorists.

No if they want to save their civilians who are under turkish occupation they have to do it the hard way unfortunately.


If Washington invade Iran from Saudi Arabia or other Muslim state then the rigional countries will be allied with Iran definitely. Washington always divide Muslims and then take side with one to invade the other.

Jens Holm

Again totally far out spekulations.

You even make the joke more funny by telling any of importance will support Iran.

“Houtis take swimming lesssons… :) “

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Once upon a time… there was a kurd living in Scandinavia he could barely write english or make any sense then he was diagnosed with a severe case of retardation the end


Saudi Arabia and other Muslim states are permanent slaves of America because they have given their all gold for paper currency to America.

Jens Holm

Very good prepared to other options – hip hip.

John Whitehot

idk if the SAA still has a capable heliborne infantry component, nonetheless it would be an effective tool in this mountainous environment.

Jens Holm

USA never will send a single soldier into Iran. Very optimisticc to believe anything like that.

They will smask infrastructure making Iran to the land of the many oil lamps as well as military facilities will be destroyed as many as they can.

You are in the old days. Iranian soldiers will not even meet a single american one.


First Americans along with 40 thieves win war from Afghani Taliban then talk about American supremacy.


Too risky, because the element of surprise is not there. The helos would be taken out and the behind the lines units would be surrounded with no way out. Also it’s an israeli tactic, which would not work here because the shithadists are getting intel from israel constantly.

John Whitehot

let decide what’s risky to those who actually know things and have data on the situation.

“because the element of surprise is not there”

bs. It’s up to commanders to exploit the element of surprise at any tactical level.

“The helos would be taken out”

don’t try raising jihadist morale.

all the goat fuckers in this area will become worm food with or without helos, and the foreign aggressors of Syria can stick their “revolution” up their hairy asses.

“Also it’s an israeli tactic”

bs. It’s doctrine, not “tactic”.

to finish: you know nothing.


Wow! You having a bad day or something? Of course the shithadists will be wormfood – you see, we agree on something! ;) Of course the decision to exploit a tactical surprise (or not) is up to the commander locally. SAA used an airborne helo operation in the desert East of Palmyra a while back so they are capable of doing it. That was desert. The surrounds of Kabani, which is a strongly fortified position, is crawling with ATGM teams and they have MANPADS too. A russian rescue helo was taken out by an ATGM after the Turks shot down the SU-24. Israeli intel will alert them to any airborne operation, that’s what I meant that the element of surprise is lacking. I’m not sure I understand why you call it a doctrine? Anyway, I hope you have a really good day, and I’m looking forward to a civilised conversation! Ta da.

John Whitehot

“Israeli intel will alert them to any airborne operation”

Israeli intel isn’t everywhere and does not work in “realtime”.

Anyway, this discussion is pointless – because you want to talk about tactics, of which you know little to nothing, because no one is able to access that information in significative amounts – while my original comment was doctrinal: “does the SAA have heliborne capability?” – If YES, then “heliborne operations are a valuable tool in mountinous terrain”. It ends there.

all the considerations and examples have no value, because they pertain to the above said domain – that of whatifs and whatnots. Nor are valid “historical” considerations like the example of the SU24, which you like so much to remind, but has even less significance as it was a prepared ambush.

As every other ignorant fool writing here, me included, you have to go to the -ROOT- of things, not waste your life over the most irrelevant bs to exist, like zionist illwishing medias and pentagon garbage producing writers have forced us all to do in the latest 60 years.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

they need to go at kabani from multiple directions, with artillery, airstrikes, everything all at the same time, SAA/RU FIREPOWER NEEDS TO BE GREATER THAN WHAT SHITHADISTS ARE PUTTING OUT!!!!!!!


Provoking counter-attacks is the best way to inflict attrition on the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers.


HTS/NLF/TFSA launched a massive coordinated attack from two axes against SAA at Kafr Nabudeh this morning. SAA and RuAF have eliminated 100+ jihadis, and destroyed many TAF supplied MRAPS, bmps, and tanks another failed counteroffensive twitter victory only :)

(ง ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)ง

? ?


?? *recaptured today*

╭∩╮( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)╭∩╮

No proof and opposition sources denied already dont cry


??? say what? cant hear you?



Jacob Wohl's Nose

Why isn’t the Russian AF doing nighttime operations against HTS/NLF using MI-28 or MI-24s? That’s the perfect time to use gunships, lowest threat from MANPAD and why haven’t SU-25s been used yet as CAS to propel SAA advances? cmon they’ve got so many gunships and frogfoots… use them to smash some jihadi cockroaches already!


As long as the number one terrorists creator, terrorists trainer and terrorism funding state Turkey is in Syria there won’t be no peace. They got to be chucked out of NATO and they got to get an embargo on weaps sales and financially straved till they decide to change cource (even North Korea is less of vermin to the world than Turkey is).

The Kurdish independent state of Eastern Syria – Northern Iraq and South Eastern Turkey can’t come soon enough !

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