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Map Update: Armenian-Azerbaijani War On October 15, 2020

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Map Update: Armenian-Azerbaijani War On October 15, 2020

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A brief overview of the recent developments in the Nagorno-Karabakh region:

  • Azerbaijan allegedly took control over the villages of Garadaghly, Khatunbulag, Garakolla, Bulutan, Malikjanli, Kemartuk and Teke;
  • Azerbaijan artillery shelled Agdam and Martakert;
  • Armenian artillery allegedly shelled Tartar;
  • Azerbaijani forces made an advance attempt on the Armenian-controlled town of Fuzuli;
  • The Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) released the names of 23 other Armenian soldiers who killed in the Karabakh region. The confirmed death toll of Armenian forces reached 555 people;
  • The Armenian military claims that Azerbaijan lost 350 troops, 20 armoured vehicles, a plane and 3 UAVs in recent clashes.


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We’ll likely see the collapse of the Hadrut-Fuzuli pocket. Then we’ll see more development on the Northern front. The two forces will attack at the same time. Azeris may even open a 3rd front. Probably in the middle. That is very important….

Jessica Brown

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Антон С

Look at the map, my warmongering and spamming pal, there are no roads to open such front.

Servet Köseoğlu

A good piece from Neil Hauer…worth reading..While a snowbound stalemate is possible, so is the realization on both sides that a lasting peace deal makes sense…


This is very likely. The “Kazan” deal was verbally agreed by both sides. But Parshinyan regime rejected it due to Armenian domestic pressure. Armenians wanted outright independence and control of the two districts to Armenian proper.

The war is clearly in favor of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan wants to returns to the status quo of pre-1988. With the military, economic and battlefield situation, Artskins are expecting a miserable winter season.

The good thing is that majority of the 150,000 Artskin population have leaft N-K. So the Artskin civilian casualty will be low. But Artskins won’t get much supplies etc…..

The war and the approaching winter is not sustainable for Armenia. Azerbaijan can even stop ground attacks and use drones exclusively to weaken Artskin defense.


Did they forget, Armenians have female snipers and soldiers on the front lines. If they get killed by a woman, they believe they don’t go to heaven.


Do Artskins send female pigs and suckling baby pigs as snipers??

They could be frozen to death. Winter is coming. They are very limited supplies.


But Ara ve are loosing war. Vhat ve do Ara???

Антон С

Take your donkey and… you know what to do next.)


Thank you my friend, God bless our Iranian brothers. I have been following this war on every front, from Iraq, to Afghanistan, to Libya, and Syria. I was there every moment of the green brigades, to every inch of Kobane. This is all part of a much larger plan, but we will hold our own. The final show will be in Iran, and I hope we can do everything to assist your people. This is a colonial war, it is a war against freedoms for nations to choose their own leaderships. It is a war that the West will inevitably loose, their glory days are fading fast. The future is in Asia, and for all of human civilization it has been the economic center of the world, except for the last 200 years. What we have gone through with the Anglo-Americans is just an aberration that the history books will look on as a mere blip. Stay strong!

Icarus Tanović

Ali, it won’t be war in Iran northern border. Forget about that.
Wahhabis will be stopped, by Muslims. Now, everyone knows who they are, what is theirs Satanic faith.


I will prepare some lulu kebobs, lavash, and matzoon and we can feast together!

MeMad Max

Very tiny gains considering….


Frigging Turks, nothing but trouble in the entire MENA region!

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