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JUNE 2023

Map Update: Areas Of Deployment Of Syrian Army In Northeastern Syria

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Map Update: Areas Of Deployment Of Syrian Army In Northeastern Syria

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On October 14 morning, units of the Syrian Army started entering the area controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria. By now, they have deployed in Tabqah, Tabqah Airport, Tabqah Dam, Ayn Issa and Tal Tamir, the Manbij area and several nearby points.

The map above provides a general look at the current situation in the region.


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Damien C

I hope the SAA light these bastards up like a Christmas tree


It looks like the US is getting out of Syria east of the river. This is probably the end of US airstrikes on the SAA and company east of the river.

“WASHINGTON – The Pentagon will pull virtually all its troops from Syria over the next few weeks, reversing years of U.S. policy on fighting ISIS terrorists in the Middle East, as Turkey presses its invasion into the country.

About 1,000 U.S. soldiers who had partnered with Kurdish forces will be flown or driven from Syria, leaving behind a small garrison at Al Tanf, near the border with Jordan, according to a U.S. official who was not authorized to speak publicly about troop movements.”

– Pentagon to withdraw 1,000 troops from Syria within weeks from fight against ISIS –


northerntruthseeker .

Really??? Then who are the “American forces” that are stopping the SAA from rightfully entering the northern city of Manjib? Ghosts?

The reality is that this American withdrawal may be BULLSHIT like the previous ‘withdrawals’ that were announced last year!


I agree, but there’s obviously enough to it to bring about a sea change on the part of the Kurds. And I’m just posting some of the msm reports. There’s more. So it’s equally possible that the Zionist Israel firster anti American traitors in the US government are going to have a lot more trouble walking back this withdrawal than the last one.

Trump is facing defeat in 2020 if he doesn’t get off of the Zionist forever war band wagon. So it’s going to be a lot more difficult to get him to back down. Whether Mossad will try to put a bullet in his head or set off an explosive device to kill him remains to be seen.


This US pullout from the north is for real, after Turk forces cut off their main supply line M4. Not sure if the Manjib story is true, or maybe the unit needed another day to get out of town. Fact is, SAA is on the outer perimeter of the Manjib area now.

Jens Holm

If true, they are delaying Assads only and not Turks.


Fuck off dane.


It looks like they’ve got most of the M4 secured. That’s a good thing if they can hold it and fill south of it.


Yeah, everything depends on that. But someone on MoA just posted that Putin declared he will not intervene. That leaves the Turks with their airforce in an advantage.. As the terrain is flat, this is a very bad sign.


I just looked at MoA and couldn’t find it. With Russian forces almost certainly moving with the main Syrian government coalition force east of the river. I find the possibility of Russian non intervention unlikely.


Me too. From a practical perspective, Russia has a lot to gain economically by securing the oilfields of NE Syria. Expect more howling in the MSM when they do so.

Jens Holm

The oil and gas fiels already are secured and has been for years.

You really dont get anything about it. How can fx SDF take it up, when almost all equipment are destroyed.

Whare can SDFs sell it it to.

You are so so stupid and are not allowed to see even simple things by Your progandalfs.

But of course many of Your kind also can shout, that SDFs are an inland and isolated.

Thats biopolar skizzofrenisme just telling, that any soberness has been out about it in 4 countries since they were not Ottmans as You anymore.

You not even liberated Yourself. You didnt decide who You were with and they didnt as well.

The level is shown well. Arabs of course are crawling all over being the wast majority and well camouflaged by the Ottoman for KObane now by force is Ras El Ain even the majority of the people there never was arabs and the big new town Konae is not based on some farmers get some water from an old and now even dry well.

Thats madness.

Here we see the semilaries weill. Turks do like that too. Kurds do.


Jens. Do not try to interact with those guys. They are struck by autism, unable to interact with anyone of a different opinion and will not be swayed by facts. Just accept that and make your points.


And your solution was what, war between the two largest armys in NATO to protect the Kurd traitors?


Why don’t you eurofagboys get room and get lost from this site, the dutch to bad the NAZI didn’t starve to death enough you at the end of the war.


Fuck off danish trash, your Kurdish idiots are toast get over it.


Absolutely. Can SAA deploy SAMs?

Jens Holm

You seemes to be a videogamer only. You not even see the big amount of troops on the ground.


Your a danish idiot that believes in to much Israeli propaganda.


Maybe not enough fire power and troops vs TAF, but SAA seems to have speed , so that is a big plus.

Jens Holm

Speed is not enough. Assads has very few troops for it as well as they are famous for having hardly any supply lines.

Assads probatly only are able to take the areas Turks dont want.


Keep dreaming you danish sac of shit.


They’ve been preparing for this for a while. I doubt that they were caught by surprise. And I’m sure that the SADF is on the move. Which will make the Turks think twice about just how much they want to escalate

northerntruthseeker .

The reality here is that the freaking Kurds had their opportunity two years ago when the honourable Bashar al-Assad threw them an ‘olive branch’ and offered them a chance to rejoin the Syrian nation as part of the Syrian family with their religion, and rights as citizens of Syria retained.. Bashar al-Assad even offered them an equal partnership in the Syrian family where they would have representation in the Syrian parliament as well as status as “semi autonomy” to allow them a sense of freedom while being protected by the good people of Syria…

And guess what? The freaking Kurds rejected that fabulous deal, for their criminal leadership was swayed by the devil itself, aka the criminals in the US and Israel, with the belief that if they sold their souls to the devil, the devil would get them their “independence”…..

But now with the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal basically throwing the Kurds away and stopping their fraud “protection”, the Kurds are at the mercy of the Turks…. Payback for their refusal to have their future assured under the umbrella of Syria is a bitch!

And honestly, should Bashar al-Assad even allow them back into the Syrian fold? For people seem to so quickly forget that for the last two years, the criminal Kurds followed the devil’s directive and helped with many ethnic cleansing campaigns against the few Syrian Arabs still stuck on the northeastern side of the Euphrates River…. The massacre of Syrian Arabs in the city of Al Raqqa last year is the prime example of the evils of the Kurds!

Bashar al-Assad has every right now to demand the Kurds surrender to his forces and accept what ever the good people of Syria have to “offer” now, especially when the Kurdish leadership should be put up to trial by the people of Syria for their blatant acts of genocide….

In terms of the Kurds now being attacked and killed by the Turks, in a lot of ways they do deserve that for again they made a deal with the devil….. And yes, again, payback for their ignorance is indeed a bitch!

Jens Holm

Thats highly biased as if You were new upside down in a Yoga position for a long time.

Only filthy.

It was give up for deciding only color of toiletpaper. Let me remind You YPG kept Adrin for FSA, ISIS, Qaida whatever and by kept up to 280.000 refugees refugees from all the way down to Damskus from leaving the country – BECAUSE IT WAS A SAFE ZONE.

Let me remind You many YPG+J has died for it as well and not as spendable civilians but educating themselves to very good and well organised fighters. The same goes for inside Aleppo.

That good, modern and obvios structure was DEMANDED by Your dictator to be replaced by the old primitive Assad offices amd its promitive mismanegement known for corruption and internal fraternisation as well.

Its no go. That was a no go. Assads left them as unimportant and spendable for the hands of Jihadists and Turks.

Furthermore Kurds(and SDF) were never the uprisers against Assads. True they (only) defended themselves. But they did and did not leave their country as about 3,5 million in Turkey of today and the up to 2 millions in Jordan as well as the about 0,7 millions in Europe.

But None of them has said: We will never come back. But true they have said real reforms are needed and has to be given a local try for local devellopment and innovasion – And we pay for ourselves.

Terefore no offices of Assads in Afrin in that dirty lying context You even try to descriebe as a good one. Its not.

Syria is highlt underdevellopment by Assads, which for decades they have no tools for changes and Baathist mainly are grabbers against the poor ones in the dry farmland as well as in the poor citycenters(where many socalled jihadist fighters come from).

The spil over are many addiction systematicly by no reforms and by that needed changes. Who like to be soldiers or need to. Well thats also men, which has no clothe, no food, no job and a Master which dont care.

Its a classic base for recruitment and before the fighting 50% of the men were unimployed.And in Your infame tradition the female unimployment might be close to 95%.

That might be fine, if all was rich drinking tea besides oilwells or goldmines, but facts are a lot is far behind inBNP and anything else even You have so many hands to make changes.

Countries are countries, becayse they incluse people. Bathist systematicly has excluded people. They are not even able to grab all they could, because they are primitive one stringer and money goes to non investments.

northerntruthseeker .

Gosh darn, but these Hasbara/JIDF agents are so full of it… As shown by this “Jens Holm” agent!

Jens Holm

The socalled negosiations are all well descriebed in papers as well as videos.

Russians gave up trying to help into something in the middle and decided it was easier to control Your Master and You with less internal problems not having Afrin.

Much as if You never has left Your garden in Damaskus.

Of course You write I and others only has one source because You expect its like that here.

Ypou agin bias by telling I am Hasbara/JIDF. Thats how You tiny and narrowminded world is.


You are correct in your statements.

One thing is for sure, as Trump cowardly deserted his allies, after first setting them up and even preventing a deal between SDF and Assad, which was going to be a bad deal, SDF now got a worse deal that was unavoidable to prevent a slaughter that turks intended.

Let us hope now turks and islamists will be slaughtered. Chances are there, as it seems Erdogan does not have the flexibility to adapt to the new situation.


Euro fag 2.


Euro fag 1.


Yeah man, this bitch has been on southfront for awhile, meticulously responding to literally everyone with her demented shit. Just ignore her and keep scrolling – lots of better poster on here

Pave Way IV

Jens is a Swedish man’s name, Neurasth (correct me if I’m wrong, Jens). He/she is clearly socialist/left-leaning in their consideration of the Syrian war and all the players.

Jens posts are interesting to me (and American) because our own neocons and all their ideas came from Americas leftist/socialist camp in Washington DC in the 1960’s. Instead of the dominant pacifist leftist ideas of the Democratic Party at the time, the newly-conservative leftists were chickenhawks and wanted to save the world (but mostly Israel) through regime-change wars. The founders of the neocon ideologies (all curiously well-funded rabid Zionists) targeted control and dominance of the Democrat Party to further their unique leftist ideas. That would mostly be boot-stomping-on-your-face socialism imposed on little people subjects of the state. It’s for their own good.

Jens views have little to do with CNN-style leftism and nothing to do with psychopathic US neocons foreign policy or demented Israeli leaders. You many want to consider the difference before you ‘suggest’ ways to make South Front another useless echo chamber of brain-dead cheerleaders for one camp or another.


I dont know which southfront you are browsing, but the one i’ve been reading here Jens Holm has always been about typical hasbara-style anti-assad, anti-everything russian and quick to spew personal attacks at anyone that comments in favor of those. If you need Zionist BS to keep your politics “balanced”, for whatever reason, feel free to keep a Jerusalem Post tab open and ready.

Concrete Mike

For all his craziness, Jens opinion on economic issues is highly valued.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I agree on what you are saying. Many people here on SF starts attacking you if you dont support their way of thinking, so people that dont “follow the herd” and thinks differently and have a different view is important for SF and other such forums.

I dont agree with a lot of what Jens (wich actually also is a Danish male name) is saying, but something i agree on, and i actually like some of the things he says, because that can give a different view on some subjects that easily gets biased here on SF. So Jens and people like him, is actually healthy for a political forum.

Damien C

While a lot of what you said is correct more than enough of it is so fundamentally flawed it negates the rest of your articulated thrust.

The idea that neo-conservatism was a child of the Democratic Party is laughable there is no study to suggest such a statement just an edited paragraph in Wikipedia which anyone can edit to suit themselves. The editing of Wikipedia pages is done every single day without fail by the Tel-Aviv troll farms hell bent on sending false ideas around the world. If it’s changed they go back in and re-edit it back the same day.

Neo-cons are viciously pro Israeli but the one other thing that unites them is they are all rabid Republicans not Democrats! The early pioneers that did migrate from the left were never really left in the first place rather opportunistic ladder climbers flirting with politics and whichever political entity could deliver them their success. But it suits people to muddy the waters of history and cherry pick examples to paint a picture.

Bush Snr, Regan, Bush Jnr, Wolfowitz, Abrahams Bremer, Rumsfeld, Bolton, Bennett, Cohen, Dobranski, Goldberg, Kissinger, Gingrich, Murdock. Not in a million years would these rabid Zionists ever be considered either left wing or left leaning Democrat

George King

You fail to understand the difference between left and neo-liberal. I suggest you research this as the Democratic leadership is all about and in bed with the transnational criminal cabals of finance and divide and conquer. The enemies of the citizens has always been about the enemies inside the Gates.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero 42B.C.

Pave Way IV

You know what, Damien? I’ve never looked at the Wikipedia page for neocons. I don’t know what it says, and don’t care – for the obvious reasons you stated.. You’re citing their statement (apparently) as somehow mine: “The idea that neo-conservatism was a child of the Democratic Party is laughable”.

Neocon ideas took shape in/around WWII, but were never called that. In fact, that name was one of mockery given by Democratic Party pacifist leftists to the emerging but small group of chickenhawk leftists – who originally called themselves neo-liberals – during the Vietnam war. The neocons from that era wanted to transform the Democratic Party from within to adopt their ideas and – in general – moved to the right.

Reagan wasn’t a neocon – his aggressive foreign policy was pushed by his conservative but fanatic dual-citizen advisors (you mention Worfowitz and Abrams, plus Pearle and Kirkpatrick). I suppose you could have called them neocons.

Bush Sr. was more like a realist in foreign policy – neocons vehemently criticized him for not killing Saddam Hussein in Gulf War I. Clinton? Nope.

During the Bush Sr. and Clinton years, the neocons farmed rich supporters, especially those in the media (Murdoch), and used that to started funding DC neocon think-tanks to feed a well-cucked press. The Demonic Order and Grand Cult of Neocons that emerged from 9/11 included many from both parties, but the transformation was particularly dramatic in the left-right shift in the Democrats foreign policy. More so than the Republican’s shift further right with Bush Jr.’s Supreme Stazi State domestic policy (which paleoconservative Republicans seemed to like, too). Neoconservatism dominates both parties today, but it wasn’t that much of a change for already-conservative Republicans. Hardly ‘neo-‘ for them, although the same label is used. There is no real ‘left’ in American politics regarding foreign policy – it’s all just the pro-Israel + Neocon-Jackboot-of-US-Salvation left. Same thing for the right. Anyone else is an anti-Semite and non-patriotic American. There is no ‘in between’ allowed except in the alt-media.

I don’t agree often with Jens, but he’s consistent in his beliefs and a lot of people (in the rest of the world) think like him. Not sure if they run around town drunk and naked screaming warnings to anyone within earshot about evil US and Russia, but what kind of comment section would this be without him? Besides, he may be right – I have no idea.


He/she is the equaivalent, most probably, the same person posting under Daeshbag Sux and Marg bar jomhuri Eslami on AMN News. Both pretending to be French nationals, hahha. Go play some Call of Duty instead.


Your response is full of contradictions to the reality. The term ‘Best Fighters’ is a cliche, and a propagated myth, that has become mantra for you people. The best fighters in Kurkuk, When the Iraqi PMU ended their aspiration? Are they the best fighters now??? Let me school you on the truth, boy.

Post-liberation of Aleppo, by the SAA and its allies, the momentum moved towards Al’Bab, where the Turks had entered into Syria, and were blocked. The SAA moved from that direction, South-West towards the Tabqa area, known as the Raqqa area, making its way to the Euphrates River Valley, South into Deir Ezzor from this direction, while another protrusion of SAA was converging towards Deir Ezzor from other directions. At that point, and at no other time, did the coalition, nor the Kurds, fight ISIS. ISIS territory was expanding. Suddenly, the coalitions under the guys of some pseudo-SDF brand name negotiated- not fight, negotiated- with ISIS, and we saw the black lands of ISIS start transforming into yellow, for the SDF and/or Kurds. The ones doing the real fighting, and dying, for Syria is Assad.

If you don’t believe, don’t care. Because we have plenty of proof they didn’t do poo-poo. Their video evidence is laughable, and their claims of fighting only come from one source, the US military, or their political Kurdish tards. It is no different from what is happening now, with regards to negotiation and the transfer of territories, in more blocking moves than fighting. When we speak about the SAA and Assad, liberating the yellow and turning the map red.


The Kurds are not the Americans or the Turks.

They live in Syria, and therefore, at the end of the day, despite all the bullshit Syria has had to deal with, leniency is better in the long term than being harsh. Syria has to solve the issue with the Kurds in a way that will ensure long-lasting cooperation. If they are punished, which rest assured they deserve, they will run to US again later. If they are supported and aided in their time of need, maybe, just maybe they will show appreciation and grow a brain.

Long shot I know, but it is the better option. Left to the slaughter, they will never forgive or forget that the government abandoned them, even though they probably deserve it for sleeping with the devil.


The Kurds were in on the regime change operation from the beginning. At that time the Syrian government was on it’s back foot and the Russian white horse rescue was an outlier.

So sticking the knife in Syria’s back was an easy choice with the KRG2 carrot being dangled in front of them by the Zionists.

They’re making the right choice now, even if they made the wrong choice then. The sooner that the war can be wound down the better that it will be for everyone. Except possibly Israel. Because then a regional force armed with nuclear weapons can be put together to backstop implementing all of the resolutions that Israel is in chronic scofflaw violation of. Which is what needs to be done to correct the underlying Yinon plan problem that caused the Syrian and other regional wars and a lot of the instability in the first place.


With the road from Hasahah to the M4 secured. The Syrian government coalition is going to be able to bypass the closed section of the M4 and move forces into the NE where the SDF has billions of dollars worth of military equipment provided by the US stored. They don’t have heavy weapons. But they have everything else needed to move infantry divisions, including armored vehicles. This provides additional troop strength to counter the Turkish invasion.


SF definitely needs a map of NE with more details. Liveuamap shows turk forces controlling more of M4, within 20km of Tall Tamr to the east. https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/14-october-turkish-troops-advancing-on-til-temir-where-kurdish


Things are happening so fast with so much information coming in from so many different facets of the various operations that’s it tough for any news source to keep up. At this stage until new positions of the various actors are held long enough to verify that they’re in control of them. It’s specualtive as to who actually controls what.

Even the various commands involved aren’t sure where all of their forces are and what they’re dealing with. Let alone news sources that don’t have access to classified information.

There is a great deal of equipment and personnel in motion at this time trying to complete assignments. And they have to react to what they’re dealing with. Until things settle down a little. Nobody is sure of what was or wasn’t accomplished.


Yes the situation is very fluid. I am sure SAA/SDF has made the Tal Tamr area a strong point. and both maps agree Ras Al Ayn is still under SDF control. This is a good sign. On the west flank of M4 Ein Issa is the strong point, and looks like SAA has moved east of there to control the road junctions. The forward NSA units may be weak in force, this is my hope. :)

Jens Holm

According to pictures from other sited Turks almost had taken Kobani and its center. They also write SDFs has taken back at least some it.

I saw that okt 14 in the afternoon.


Kobani ?? I don’t think so, little activity there. This sounds like news from Ras Al Ayn about 5 days ago.

Jens Holm

It was on Syria Live UA. I am sure, I am correct in reading about it. There even was a detailed map of Ain Al Rap music with it.

It was not 5 days ago. I of course cant say its 100% true, but a yellow figting avatar was there.


Well, the music does make a difference. :) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9e33cd909f6a5fd055b19d483468be7f66680d146705054966a2a181120027b1.jpg

Jens Holm



There aren’t any reports yet that I’m aware of of airstrikes by national military on either side yet on their national military opponents. It looks like most of the fighting is ground conflict between the SDF and mostly NSA and some TAF.

And most of the military operations are Syrian government coalition forces taking over or co occupying SDF positions. But sooner or later the SAA is going to have to confront the Turkish advance directly to contain it and push it back. How much actual combat there will be remains to be seen. I’m guessing that a lot of the advances will temporarily freeze at the contact lines. In the areas that you describe and elsewhere.

But that’s speculation at this stage. Sooner or later the SDF is going to be pushed up against the SAA backstop. If the NSA or TAF, probably the NSA, continues to try to advance. I seriously doubt that the SAA will retreat unless they’re seriously outgunned in that location. And open conflict between the SAA and Turkish invasion force will commence.

George King

Both Turkey and Syria face the same issues with non conforming thug gangs of criminals who tax local communities in taxes, extortion and lawlessness resulting in death and inhumane conditions.

We have seen recently the criminal mercenaries at the Turkey border trying to re-enter Turkey fleeing from advancing SAA and Russian cleansing of terrorist. They are not allowed to pass through and result in protest voicing their treacherous treatment from Erdogan in not allowing them back into Turkey.

The FSA, NSA as well as the PKK are being poured into Syria and will be caught in this anvil that is being prepared to pound them into oblivion. I am surprised that this observation is not being talked about by commenters but understand as to why it is not being vocalized by the participating signers of written and unwritten agreements between them.

Look beyond vocal statements and the deeds reveal the Art of War to all who have the eyes to see……


You raise a valid point about the strength of the NSA force that the SAA. If it’s light compared to the SAA. They may just push through it to continue their advance. Whether that would trigger airstrikes by the Turks will be determined by how much they want to escalate.

I’m assuming that the SADF is on the move, even if there aren’t any reports of it.And that’s one branch of the Syrian military that probably has the highest percentage of Russian service personnel embedded with it. Which is part of the reason that it hasn’t been hit much.

So how far the Turks want to go with this operation will be determined by how much they want to escalate direct combat with the Syrian military. As formidable as the Turkish air force is. The SADF has been dealing successfully with that caliber of attack for the entire war. Particularly since the Russians considerably overhauled and up graded the SADF after they intervened on Syria’s behalf in 2015.


SADF is already in Deir Ezzor for sure. And these can be quickly deployed forward from Raqqa area no doubt. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff07904169fb6f3be8aee2aed30dbbf41704154ca8bbdf88f6614205f21f30f1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e779192f51f6bec3e14c105a99e55ce2788400d878b49a4cc27223c173f9c1dc.jpg


The entire stated premise of the Turk invasion is to neutralize the SDF/PKK threat. Not to fight the SAA in a land grab operation.

What they say and what they’ve done elsewhere in Syria are two different things. But if they escalate from an antiterrorism operation to a border war with the SAA. They’re just digging themselves a deeper hole than the one that they’re already in.

They started with the easy part in Kurd minority areas. Where neither side has suffered large losses. And there hasn’t been much property damage. They may not push to hard now that the SDF has gone over to the Syrian government. And the Syrians get a handle on the PKK nexus problem. Particularly if the US does get out completely east of the river and no longer supports or supplies the Kurds.

At that point they may switch to more of Andana agreement format in a deconfliction effort. If the US doesn’t get out and further arms the Kurds in areas not yet under SAA control. Then the Turks will take a harder line.


The situation around Manjib is interesting. Turks already had their border zone, and yet where pushing on the boundaries against SAA. This may have been part of the pressure to get get US to to leave north Syria, and stop supplying the SDF with money and material. If things start to quite down there, we shall see what Turk intentions are.


That makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the offensive stalls and they keep just enough pressure on so that neither the US or the Kurds backpedal. And the SAA consolidates it’s control on areas outside of Turkish control. Kurdish majority areas in particular. So that they can get a handle on the PKK nexus problem within the Adana agreement framework.

And then the Idlib clearing operations can be wrapped up and an orderly Turkish withdrawal negotiated. I’ve said for years that the Turks will leave when the US does. Because once the US is gone and stops fueling the Kurdish problem. The Turks have no reason to stay. Other than to possibly participate in a multinational force backstopping UN resolution implementation on Israel.


Even BBC is showing people in NE Syria supporting Assad. See about 90 seconds into VID.


Jens Holm

Funny comment.




Damn, what a courageous reporter. In Turkey. Reporting on another country. Respectful too, look she even has a hijab, but she’s not wearing it. Just showing that she could if she wanted to. MSM scum. But she got one thing right – LOOK WHO’S BACK!


study medicine in the UK? say hi to Al Qaeda’s rescue group for me

Jens Holm

The date for the map is oktober 14 and it might be made oktober 13.

I love more detailed maps, but its a small area and changes seemes fast as well.

Papo Machete

ZOG and their mouthpiece #MSM #FakeNews are in Panic ; LOL They want the #russianbug in the white house to send more of our boys instead of bringing their home, their thirst for blood is inmense, #Warmongers ;… Fellow US citizens #NOMOREWARS4ISRAEL iS Responsability of the Syrian Arab Army to defend their Sovereignity

Jens Holm

Go and take Your medicine. If You dont know where You are, call a taxi ot mother.


Jens Holm the crazy cat lady of the southfront forums. Get your tongue out of your cat’s anus and fuck off already


Why don’t you get your queer danish ass out of this comment section.

Concrete Mike

Fuck Israel and fuck the media!


More US msm reports are coming in that the US is making a complete withdrawal of all forces east of the river:

“American troops consolidated their positions in northern Syria on Monday and prepared to evacuate equipment in advance of a full withdrawal , a U.S. defense official said.

The official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name, said U.S. officials were weighing options for a potential future counter-IS campaign, including the possibility of waging it with a combination of air power and special operations forces based outside of Syria, perhaps in Iraq.

The hurried preparations for a U.S. exit were triggered by Trump’s decision Saturday to expand a limited troop pullout into a complete withdrawal.”

– Trump orders Turkey sanctions; US scrambles for Syria exit –


Jim Prendergast

See how the color of the map changes!


Krasna karta please!

Jens Holm

Try whipping Your behind and after that take a couple of beers:). Next You visit a mirror or a lake. Remember Skype.

Daily Beatings

You’re going whirling dervish on everyone. Your tears are delicious.

aleksandar jakovljevic

All off that is contrakt betwin putin and erdogan,erdogan talk about take 30 km deep inside syria,SAA protekt M4,did u see that zone betwin M4 and the border…….30 km deep……after that Erdogan have politikal points at home,viktory against terorist,Asad have teritory whitout war,putin have syria whitout USA,kurds are loozers,and after 1 or 2 years turky go home and the end off the war………

Jens Holm

Tempting to believe You. I almost do – kind of :)

aleksandar jakovljevic

Believe?????that is a FACT…..ok.i make kind about end off the war..but evriting else are fact ,,,dont u think?????

Jens Holm

Thats no end of war. Its just a new phase.

Maybee You are under the beds of Putin and Erdogan, they are peing on You, and it feels warn and well.

I do write its a possible scenario, but its no facts having no links for it.


Again get over it you danish idiot, I thought you stupid danish trannies had better grasp of your English master language.


Danish monkey wants a banana or rotten haring along with that dutch boyfriend of yours.


All the LGBTQ war tourists must be packing their shit as we speak lol. Sad, those mass graves are gona stay empty for now .

You can call me Al

There is always one that will leave his hair gel or hair dryer.


This was predicted as the Turks hold contempt for the Kurdish peoples. Turks are notorious for their genocide of other races. I suggest that the Americans knew too that this would escalate to a huge proxy war and the cowards withdrew. I also predict that Turkey will fail in its attempts to occupy Syrian lands for an extended time and will pay a huge price in the number of funnels the Turkish mother’s will hold for their dead sons.


See. Turks have agreement with Asaad as well. The 30km corridor. Seems like everything is going based on Erdogan’s plans

You can call me Al

No it seems as if it going to the Russian – Turk plan = keeps everybody happy and every body wins.


except for Kurds. I said Erdogan’s plan because, Russia couldn’t have asked US to move the troops.


The SAA is in Raqqa City now! https://syria.liveuamap.com/en/2019/14-october-city-of-raqqa-raising-the-flag-of-the-syrian-arab


If the Syrians get a new border crossing in the NE with Iraq (as Al Masdar claims) then the US presence at Al Tanf is a bit pointless

Bill Wilson

The SAA has been sharing control of the Iraq border crossings with the SDF except for one in the far NE corner. That one is located in a mountainous region that’s sparsely populated so probably doesn’t see much commercial traffic.


Kurds (ex USA-Israel puppets) could be forgiven by Syria government, however, they have to pay and accept the consequences of their criminal acts against Syria people.


This article really brought out those two Kurdish turd loving eurofag trolls, jen holms and dutchnational.

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