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Map: Turkish-proposed Safe Zone East Of Euphrates In Northern Syria


On January 16, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency released a map of the alleged safe zone in the area east of the Euphrates in northern Syria, which had been recently discussed between the US and Turkey. According to the Turkish side, this zone would include the entire area from  the town of Jarabulus to the town of al-Malikiyah.

Ankara has been for a long time demanding to force Kurdish armed groups [YPG and Kurdish SDF units] out of the border area with Turkey. However, Washington, which uses these groups as its main proxy force, has been against this plan.

It seems that this situation may have changed.

The YPG and its political leadership are deeply concerned over the possible US-Turkish agreement on the establishing of this zone because this would mean the dramatic decrease of its influence in the area and the loss of several key towns.

Map: Turkish-proposed Safe Zone East Of Euphrates In Northern Syria

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  • ColinNZ

    I suspect it will be a safe zone in theory only … Russia & Syria may just wait & see if/how the kurds return to the negotiating table before deciding how to pressure Turkey to capitulate.

  • BMWA1

    So Trump plan is to sell Kurds to Turks, 100 percent of Kurd majority areas are in the so-called zone, then keep troops in south, east of Euphrates, including areas of major oil resources, call it “Plan J” of the the Operation Inherent Resolve ‘Freedom’ Coalition.

    • Trump will not be pleased with Erdogan’s “proposal”

      • BMWA1

        Nobody outside Turkey is ever pleased with Erdo-proposals.

  • jim crowland

    I have a better idea. Lets partition Turkey: a part to Greece, a part to Armenia, Kurds take their portion. Russia gets a few ports in the black sea and the straits. Bulgaria get some land. A “little turkey is left”. Erdogan and his funny dressed wife get 30 years in prison

    • jako

      Nothing to “partition” Turkey is ex Greek & Armenian territory
      And Turks can pack their bags and go home…wherever that is now…
      Russia doesn’t need “ports” just free passage through Bosphorus
      I don’t know about Bulgaria…as far as I know that European part of Turkey was all Greek before.
      Who needs “prison” with wife like that?
      I would lock them in the same room forever as the most sever punishment to Erdogan…

      • BMWA1

        I think Russia should get Sinope to celebrate the victory of Pavel Nakhimov.

      • I really doubt who is the ugliest women in the world..

        Macron’s or Erdogan’s wife ? Hard to decide indeed.


      • Mustafa Mehmet

        can you do it in reality? moron

        • jako

          Of what “reality” you are talking about you pathetic twat?!
          Reality of Turk BETRAYAL of Russia, Iran , Turkey – Astana agreement?!
          Reality that Turks are so double faced traitorous hypocrites to switch the sides all the time?
          Reality that NOBODY should trust you ever?!
          Reality that Russia and Syria will bomb the shit out of your ground troops and your cowardly stooges?
          Or you mean “reality” of taking Syrian territory like it is your own?!
          Well if you are such dangerous country a would be Otoman Empire come and get it Mustafa to receive the lesson!

          Do not be surprised if united Syrian forces and allays walk over you very soon!

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Why soo call saa won’t secure Syrian borders. if they don’t turkey will do. far away from Turkish settlement so terrorist don’t fire towards Turkey.

          • jako

            Turkey wants about 1500 square km of Syrian territory to control.
            No country would accept that without war.

            Turkey is heading towards direct confrontation with SAA, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Kurds…
            Good luck because you gonna need lot of luck to survive your ambitions!

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Jako no prop whatsoever let us worry about that. don’t stress yourself about it

          • Barba_Papa

            The SAA would though, if it weren’t for two things, that it has been severely weakened by years of war, fighting an enemy that was backed and supplied by Turkey, and that Turkey would actively attack the SAA when it pushed back that enemy and approached its borders with Turkey.

      • vladput

        the whole west turky is greek territory. the whole nordeast turkey is armenian. southeast kurdish. russians and bulgarians nothing.

        vivat konstantinopolis, vivat haghia sophia!

        • jako

          Constantinople is heart & soul of Orthodoxy.
          The moment when Russia liberates Constantinople that very moment Russia will become true leader of all Orthodox Christians around the World and true “Third Rome”.

    • LOL

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Yeah let’s do it. take your painkillers first you will get hurt badly

      • vladput

        5000 tons of anthrax and the turkish problem is solved. for good.

    • Ron Chandler

      Don’t forget a bit for Nagorno-Karabakh.

  • jako

    Sanctions? Russian economy to overtake Germany’s by 2020 – report
    ….Russia will become the world’s fifth-largest economy as early as next year….


    As for Turks they can shove their “plan” and “map” up the Erdogan’s ass !
    Kurds will come running and beging Assad to make reconciliation and that will be the end of Turkey in Syria

    And US imperialists… they can offer maybe 300 km buffer zone on their border to Latinos in US instead

    • it is nothing special as Germany has population 82.000.000 and Russia 149.000.000

      Not mentioning German economy is declining due to Merkel’s “open border” policy which made Germany literally a third world country meanwhile Russia is big exporter of natural resources.

      • jako

        Yeah sure Kraut.
        This is only just start.
        Russia will soon take over Japan and even US (when dollar collapses) as well and become 3rd. only behind China and India’s GDP

        The “1st world” will become “2nd world” or in some cases even, “3rd world”…
        while “developing nations” like China, India, Russia will be top dogs with their GDP !
        United Korea will become big power as well.
        And EU will fall apart….

        • vladput

          jako, jako, when will you grow up?

          • jako

            what the problem is?
            speak up child…

    • vladput

      but … the russian economy slows down… according to ruusian experts is the lest growth in the postww2 period.

      • jako

        That is the point!!!
        Even despite “slowing down” of economy and despite all Western SANCTIONS Russia is strong enough, resistant and HEALTHY to
        OUTGROW top world economy like Germany!

        Imagine without sanctions how good will Russia perform comparing to the West !

  • If you look at my comments from the last months, they are pretty consistent with the last development:

    -I was rather sceptical about US withdraw from Syria – USA didn’t withdraw

    -I predicted that Turkey will try to eliminate any pro-Assad and Christian civilians in Idlib – genocide is ongoing in Idlib.

    -I predicted that S300 deployment and bold statements about shooting down any attacking Israeli jet and attacking Israeli airfields with missiles as a answer on Israeli missile attacks on Syria are just empty words – Russia didn’t made SINGLE attack on Israeli jet since IL20 was shot down and additional S300 were deployed.
    Not mentioning Russia somehow forgot about her promises “airfield for airfield” after last Israeli
    attacks on Damascus airfield and facilities.

    So sum it up:
    -Erdogan is making open territorial claims in Northern Syria and preparing ethnic cleansing
    -Putin is fine with Erdogan’s and Netanyahu’s attacks on Syrian territorial integrity and possible warcrimes
    -USA keeps breaking any promise they made

    Proof me I’m wrong.

    • jako

      Fuck off Kraut.
      It doesn’t sound like elaborated “proof that you are wrong” but it is very short and I like it very much.

      Geramny and EU are full of their own SHIT at the moment so you people maybe should mind your own business instead of lecturing others.
      Times of German & EU glory are thing of the past long ago.
      Germany is NOT military power EU also so you have no saying in all this
      And NO LESSONS TO GIVE to anybody!
      So mind your own business you FAILED NAZI TWAT!

      • Ich Bins

        Ujujuj! Ajde pusti ga. Na kraju češ ti dobiti srčani udar.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      You always wrong Cockroaches

  • jm74

    Considering that Turkey is largely responsible for the Syrian war and they are so concerned about having a safe zone to protect their security then the safe zone should be in Turkey.

    • verner

      nah there is one culprit here and that is the almost destitute states of A that engineered the syrian war, and the libyan war and and and

  • Johan

    This is plain occupation, Turkey just want to steal parts of Syria , no less, they can install a safe zone on the frontier in their own country but they want always invade other countries while they only can survive by surpressing, killing and jailing others or even their own people. Pity basterds.

  • You can call me Al
  • jako

    “Breaking: Turkey declares Syrian Army areas under safe zone despite no agreement from Damascus”

    ….map measurement, the safe zone will have a 460-kilometer (286-mile) long presence along the Turkish-Syrian border…..


    “Syrian Kurds reject Turkish-controlled safe zone”
    Turkey wants about 1500 square km of Syrian territory to control.
    Turkey is heading towards confrontation with SAA, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Kurds

  • verner

    turkey is trying to please the destitute feckers of the white house and these destitute feckers are trying to let down the hapless kurds without to much of an upset, but at the end of the day, syria will run the so called safe zone and turkey will be happy with a status quo situationor with other words, the kurds will be back being tenants in the area lorded over by a) turkey, b) syria c) iraq and d) iran and that is something the destitute fecking states of a can’t do anything about.

    the one remaining problem is how to be rid for good of that toxic illegal settlement called israel.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Yeah sure, I think I’ll listen to what Lavrov says the Russians and Syrians will accept, not what Erdogan says he bullying Trump into. Here’s what Larov did say in a report on AMN.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that all the territories in the newly proposed safe zone by Turkey should be returned to the Syrian government.

    “The idea of a buffer zone in northern Syria should be seen from the perspective of returning all of Syria’s territory to Damascus’ control,” Lavrov said during a press conference.

    No Erdogan, the Russians and Syrians say no, YOU CAN’T SET UP A SAFE ZONE ON OUR SIDE OF THE BORDER, that’s what he just said in plainspeak, it’s hard to misinterpret, he’s not playing with words like Erdogan does.
    The last time Erdogan insinuated that the US was going to let him do as he pleased in Syria concerning the proposed safe zone, Trump threatened to destroy the Turkish economy, That showed me at least, that Erdogan doesn’t have much say in anything concerning the US pullout, and that it also upset Trump LOL.
    I think Erdogan’s just trying to make his followers believe he has more say in the negotiations than he does, his comments give the impression he’s the driving force behind the safe zone, but I think he has very little say with Trump in how the safe zone will be set up, and after Trump’s threat to destroy his economy the other day, I think he has even less say now than he did before his last stupid assertion, LOL.

  • Ron Chandler

    The Sultan wants a ”safe zone” on SYRIAN soil, INVADED by his Turk army, to protect him from some Kurd sheep-herders. But where the border is infested byTAKFIRI HEAD-CHOPPING SHARIA LAW-IMPOSING, ORGAN-TRAFFICKING TERRORISTS, he’s fine with that.
    What does that tell you?