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JUNE 2021

Map Review: Syrian Army’s Operation In Eastern Ghouta – Feb.25 – April.14, 2018

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This video provides a look at the progress of the Syrian Army’s operation against militants in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta in the period between February 25 and April 14.

During this period, government forces achieved a full military victory over Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham and forced the militant groups to accept an evacuation agreement.

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David BlackBeard

beautiful !!!!


big great victory!!!for syria next to obbjectif yarmouk!

Promitheas Apollonious

Bravo now all is left is the rest of the scum, kicked out or buried where they stand and you done.


Sack USP Trump,UK PM May and French President Macron. They have no right to hold offices. They have proved super liars and morons.


Why they did not do it earlier all these while ?
For years they were bombarding Damascus …


So many fronts, so few crack troops. Also, The Aleppo and Deir Ezzor fronts were just more important strategically. While the East Ghouta headchoppers were a nuissance, they weren’t that threatening. Not like how having half of Syria’s second city in the hands of headchoopers threatened Syria’s long term future. Or have ISIS control almost all of East Syria. Or have the SDF reach Deir Ezzor and Al Bukamal first. Compared to that the occasional rocket and mortar attacks from EG paled into insignificance. Even though freeing up the troops surrounding EG would have helped.

But that’s to say that no gains were made over the past years. The enclave used to be a lot bigger and shrunk significantly over the last two years. Not to mention that one enclave after the other in the Damascus area got eliminated. If anything what remained was the tough inner shell that was just too hard to take without further reinforcements.


Syria across-the-Euphrates is a problem of a different order of magnitude. It makes sense to clear the middling headaches first so that the roads are open, so that the captive populations get to breathe free air, the economy can revive and the armed forces get to look at potential recruits. I suspect that there are a lot of Syrians of military age who will be quite please to get some payback.

How would you begin the liberation of eastern and northern Syria?


Personally? By creating and supporting an insurgency there. I think that fighting a force that will get US military support will be suicide as long as that US support continues to exist. Without US military support the SDF will crumble however, as the Turks proved in Afrin. For the coming years the SAA is in no shape whatsoever to fight the US military. It did well in the cruise missile attack, but that was basically low hanging fruit. For an actual war the SAA needs to be rebuild from the ground up, including new modern gear. Since Syria is broke and lives of the largesse of Iran and Russia the rest of Syria needs to be rebuild first. For now diplomacy and subterfuge will have to do.

Personally I would place more priority on taking back Southern Syria and the areas adjacent to the Golan. Israel wants to claim this as a bufferzone, something that cannot be tolerated. And unlike the Kurds, which are fairly isolated, the Jihadis in this area can receive supplies and weapons from Israel and Jordan with impunity. Chances are far greater that the US will these Jihadis to cause trouble in Syria then they will with the SDF. As the Kurds are not really interested in regime change in Damascus. Eliminate the huge sailiant east of Daraa first, then move west.

northerntruthseeker .

I agree, Barba… One step at a time..

And the SAA must continue to hinder the development of that US “base” around Al Tanf and make the lives of the illegal American occupiers there as miserable as possible…


I see little point in the Syrians trying to outdo the Seppoes but something they might try is to undermine their proxies. Alternatively they might play some games with the Sultan in Afrin. Continuing the liquidation the enclaves US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers and slavers is something to be going on with but eastern Syria contains the oil industry. If I were the Russians I’d try to buy the Kurds off with a greater measure of local autonomy than the US might see fit to allow.


Excellent. Now for the rest of Syria to turn red.

Angelo Cinarelli

good job. thanks Russia and Syrian army.

northerntruthseeker .

Yes, may everyone applaud the efforts of these good guys against the pure evil of the US/Israel and their scum “terrorists”!


Very nice, RIP all that died in this liberation to all martyrs, and all Civilians. Although the victory of this battle is good, there is a looooot work to be done, the battle is won but the war is still been waged. Western poppets will never stop invest in their terror proxies. But still a victory of Ghouta feels very good though.


There’s a technical term for this: “ReeeeeeSULT!” ;O)


There is just one word to my ZOG (US) feeling about this… bitter.

Smith Ricky

God bless


God Bless SAA and ASSAD!

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