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Map Comparison: Military Situation In Southern Idlib On January 31 And February 5, 2020

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Map Comparison: Military Situation In Southern Idlib On January 31 And February 5, 2020

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This map allows to compare the military situation in southern Idlib on January 31 and February 5, 2020. The Syrian Army is still developing its military operation against terrorists despite the opposition from Turkey and other foreign supporters of radicals.


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The red zone looks good, growing all the time, the green zone will hopefully be extinguished the following weeks… Good job, SAA, Russians, Hezbollah and Allies…

northerntruthseeker .

I agree… bravo to the good SAA fighters in their war to free Syria from the EVILS of FUCKUS and the TURKISH scumbags!

Zionism = EVIL

These maps are looking more and more like the Ansarallah victories in Yemen. The Turkeys are cooked and that is why the desperate pimp Erdogan is on the phone to Putin for another “ceasefire”.


Yes, good point! After the assassination of Qassem Suleimani Iran’s allies are scoring great victories. A great way to lay the ground for the eventual US goodbye from the region.


Good, clean the green shit from the map.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This map is crap, anyone that gets excited by this is very easily pleased, it should’ve had all the areas it already does coloured purple, but on top of that it should’ve also shown most of southern Idlib in purple too, we took the hard option and failed.
Instead of opening up a second front in Aleppo city which was about the worst thing we could’ve done, we should’ve opened up a second front in Hama and pushed east into Idlib, that would’ve minimised civilian casualties, made for easier and less costly advances as well as bigger territorial gains, and also moved more refugees northward with less antagonism from Erdogan, that would’ve been just a 2 to 3 day operation at most and placed all of southern Idlib and most of Hama back under SAA control, then after that we could’ve taken back these area shown on this map even more easily than we did as well.
So to make it even simpler, if the SAA had avoided Aleppo altogether and just concentrated on Hama and Idlib we would have half of all Idlib and most of Hama back under SAA control, and we would’ve done in the same time it’s taken to get this much smaller area this map is bragging about.
Erdogan’s here now and things will slow down accordingly, any gains from now on will be hard fought for because the newly arrived Turkish artillery will take its toll on the SAA, and the terrorists will get probably get Turkish assistance too when they try to advance, what else could go wrong.

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