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Map Comparison: Azerbaijani Gains In War With Armenia In Nagorno-Karabakh Region

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Map Comparison: Azerbaijani Gains In War With Armenia In Nagorno-Karabakh Region

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These maps provides a general look at the progress of the Azerbaijani advance in the Nagorno-Karabakh region since the start of the war with Armenia on September 27, through two ‘humanitarian ceasefires’ (the first one on October 10 and the second one on October 18) and the situation as of October 24.


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Armenia has given Putin even more freedom to keep working towards “business and partnership” with the globalist Ziocorporate terrorists, is Pussyshinyan still calling on EU Zioterrorists to recognise NK independence? Why doesn’t he close the ISISraeli embassy for arming the enemy?

The New World Order consolidation plans go on unimpeded in the Caucasus and elsewhere.

Death to Turks

Azergayjan army alone outnumbers the Armenian forces by 3-1 or more and they’re already using Syrian terrorists in addition to the Turkish Air Force and Turkish special forces and look at how little they’ve been able to do.

This war just like the last one shows the incompetence, cowardice, and below average IQ of the Turkic people.


Armenian-Azeri talks mediated by the CIA/Pompeo in Tel Aviv-on-Potomac DC? I don’t know which side in the NK war is more laughable at this stage.

Death to Turks

A small nation surrounded by terrorists can’t survive on its own. Israeli terrorists supply Azerbaijan.


And instead of trying to force the Kremlin hand to intervene in favor of Armenia by making a public proposal of for Russia to mediate 50/50 partition for an peace treaty or any other idea Armenian strategists may come up with, Armenia leadership decided to keep feeding the Ziocorporate terrorists global war-profiteering machine and appealing to the US/EU, no less, for recognition and mediation.

A real shitshow right there.

Death to Turks

Artsakh needs to have international recognition to force a stop to their aggression. Armenians are extremely brave and capable fighters and we have proven that throughout history but at a certain point we don’t want to continue losing young men to these animals.


That’s the point of what I say, it’s better to keep 50% of the territory plus a definitive peace treaty with Baku than continuing a war going on sice 1989, risk losing more than 50% of the land, and losing Armenian soldiers on a daily basis. Plus the added benefit of forcing the Kremlin, who’d have to recognise that 50% as independent or as part of Armenia, to act against the NWO Zioterrorists war profiteers for at least once.

If Armenian generals thinks they’re Rambos who can vanquish the NATO/Turkish scum, then let them go on.

Death to Turks

Give away 50%?HAHA. That’s not even a question for us to do. Go back to Baku


Sure, Rambo, no business like war.

Death to Turks

For you it’s a game for you to watch and speculate on for us it’s survival of our people and the loss of our homeland, a 2nd genocide.

Jihadi Colin

Giving away 50% is definitely out of the question. It’s now giving away 90 if not 100%.

Jihadi Colin

“Artsakh needs to have international recognition to force a stop to their aggression.”

And yet not even Armenia’s own regime is willing to recognise Artsakh.

How very strange.

Jens Holm

UN many years ago has tol NK is a part of Azerbaidian. Instead they have declared their oen state assusísted by Armania.

So seen from those facts there is no 50:50 but more like NK should be Azarbaiian with some selfrile in small matters.

I dont ake side, but thats what it is about too and not winning anopther dirty war. You even put zionist in it. Iddiors like You should listen and learn,

big lebowski

“Tel Aviv-on-Potomac DC”

Death to Turks

Azeri troops learned to fly.



let me get this right …Iran and Usa are at the same side in this war? LOL


Half correct. Neither wants to get involved. This is a swamp. They would be sucked in.

All parties, except Armenia, do not want Iran and USA get involved. It is Turkey vs Russia there.

Jens Holm

I can speak for EU Eurpope as well as Nato here.

We want normal good relations to free countries and try to help them in devellopment away from th Bolsjoj collapse.

I know we have has helped Armenia a lot. I know Britts help Azarbaidian in mining as well as we and fx Israel buy some oil there.

No conflict. We have a negosiationorgan for the 20 new countries. Its a negosidation one and not a fighting one.

big lebowski

Speaking on behalf of EU and NATO?

Megalomaniac much?


Jens Holm

Haha. I compare with the visible oppinionshere and fx Putin and Lukashenko.

They and others has has their high internal manipulatiosn, which dont fit to, what O follow here – as well as my own being a nobody oppinion.

We are not represented as hostile Nato and EU in Belarus as well as Caucasus. But we think those cpountries should have normal relations to us.

By that USA, EU and Nato are helping hands for the little new ones. We would like to devellop them, so they can be usefull both ways.

Some seemes to forget, we try to regain the Russian collapse and do have connected well to some countries already. Thats a hard and also expensive time. Poland seemes to improve but its still a no go for Ukraine.

We certainly dont need more minus in Our budgets and are only a little extra nice.

And I do understand what Macron speak for. Its to EU and Nato a long time hope, where the changes indside Russia is needed. As long as Putins more try to look like another strange version of Communist Bolsjevisme and are not educated to devellop even itself the hopes and even demans by Makron is Russian adventures starting with “Once upon a time, their might come…”

By that we can only be passive “non enemies”.

Nice link. Its mainly shows what Makron by France think about it and partly the rest.


We see it in trade. They still only has a few non develloped products we need and mainly fuel. They have regained their chaotic agriculture production but EU has too much food and try to downseize our own. Hitler – so to speak – dont need food from Stalin.

So today its mainly about minerals, where we danes and others do Our best to replace as much as possible by windpower. Today Denmark as inventer of that source cover 50% of all electricity and heating and are still building out. The next step is tranport by batteries by cars. We dontr trust Russia as they are today even independency it both ways.

We wish they would clean their own garden and replace how things are. We see a country, which less and less cover the need of their own populationand not only in living age.

This has nothing to do with EU and Nato.

Its about educating people by good schools, good relative free education, skills, hard work and rewarded by being paid for, what You actually do.

They not even has a tax system to cover Govermental expenses. They dont understand production and distribution in big scale.

Its very visible again and again from Khabarovs to Navalnev.

big lebowski

“So today its mainly about minerals, where we danes and others do Our best to replace as much as possible by windpower. Today Denmark as inventer of that source …”

Danes invented wind-power? When was that exactly?

“King Hammurabi’s Codex (reign 1792 – 1750 BC) already mentioned windmills for generating mechanical energy.

The first windmill used for the production of electric power was built in Scotland in July 1887 by Prof James Blyth of Anderson’s College, Glasgow.
” — Wikipedia

Russia has been a reliable supplier of energy for Europe even in the height of the Cold War (then USSR).

The EU after pressure from US prevented Southstream delivering nat. gas to the Balkans through Bulgaria.
What did they achieve that way?

Southstream was diverted to Turkey and renamed to Turkstream.

As a result, instead of having an additional source of cheap nat. gas, now the entire SE Europe depends solely on a single extra-EU country (Turkey) for imports transit, namely through Turkstream for Russian and TANAP/TAP for Azeri nat. gas.

Geopolitical madness. It’s not just NATO that’s brain-dead, the EU is as well.

Thomas Steffen

Seems to me that Azeris try to recapture the surrounding provinces and not Nagorno-Karabakch itself. Last one could be Putin´s red line.

Death to Turks

The only thing they can reach are the so called surrounding provinces that Armenian soldiers took in the 90s. They cannot reach any further than that.

Jihadi Colin

Didn’t you, or one of your team of trolls using this identity, claim just the day before yesterday that all Azeri claims of advances were lies? Didn’t you claim that the Azeris couldn’t possibly capture anything at all?


This is not true. Azeri army already control some part of N-K.

Putin’s red line? He knows so well that N-K falls outside the CSTO.

Even Armenia proper is not safe. Turks are ready at all time.

Death to Turks

You control zero except for what we allowed you to take hayvan

Mustafa Mehmet

Death to your mama yavsak

Jens Holm

The map show that. Maybee You put Your diaper for Your eyes.

Random Dude

Surrounding areas are low lands and capturing is faster there, plus gives benefit of prolonging the line of contact and gets closer to supply lines

Jens Holm

Yes, so far they mainly are taking back, what certainly is their part of it taken by the Armanians..

Jihadi Colin

Once the surrounding provinces are captured, Nagorno Karabakh is finished. It can’t be held even if the surrounding areas are not all captured but the Lachin and northern corridors are cut off. Azerbaijan is following the logical party of avoiding the mountains where the defence is at an advantage, and moving through the plains to cut off the corridors.


From the July 2020 Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, Azerbaijan was very upset that Russia sent substantial amount of weapons during and after the conflict. Reliable sources disclosed that Russia sent Armenia long range missiles (Iskander etc).

So Azerbaijan lost confidence in Russia as an impartial party. So it turned to Turkey for its backer. Now we know the outcome. Russia just miscalculated again this time.





Will Russian arms sales survive the Azeri-Armenian conflict?


Now, Moscow might up the pressure on both sides to end the conflict, Khodaryonok said. “Since they are not listening, Moscow will try to make efforts — if not to coerce to peace, then force to truce.”

The figure of speech “coerce to peace” was used in August 2008 by then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to push Georgian forces out of Southern Ossetia. The situation led to a small-scale war between the two nations, which ended with a cease-fire agreement negotiated by French President Nikola Sarkozy that same month.

“We don’t know what kind of measures are to be taken, but the question here is to gain trust for the Kremlin as the top regional player. I think Moscow will not abstain from applying hard measures to put pressure on both sides to stop fire,” Khodaryonok said.

He didn’t provide concrete examples of possible Russian action, but some pro-Kremlin hardliners have said the government should put more pressure on Azerbaijan.

“Americans have entered Syria under the pretext to fight international terrorists. We are ready to help friendly Azeri people to fight international terrorists,” influential pro-Kremlin television pundit Vladimir Solovyov said on his prime-time show on Russian television Oct. 13.

The Wall Street Journal reported the next day that “hundreds of Syrian mercenaries allied with Turkey” arrived in Nagorno-Karabakh to fight on the Azeri side. But Azeri President Ilham Aliyev has denied that was the case.

Independent military analyst Alexander Golts said Russia could theoretically strike rebels beyond its border, citing a recent article in the state-run news agency Krasnaya Zvezda penned by Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu in which he references Putin’s December 2015 call to action in Syria to defend Russia from terrorist threats at “distant frontiers.”

But according to Golts, such an operation could cause conflict between Russia and Turkey, which is allied with Azerbaijan. Putin expressed his concern to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Oct. 14 about the possible presence of “militants” from the Middle East in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, according to Russian media report citing the government.

Ruslan Pukhov, the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, a think tank in Russia, told Defense News that Turkey’s “active position” in the conflict has been a gamechanger.

To maintain peaceful relations with Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia has sold weapons to both countries, providing a military balance, albeit fragile, between the two.

Cash-strapped Armenia has mostly relied on Russian credit for its military spending. Under Pashinyan’s tenure, the country has purchased four Su-30 fighter jets and a number of modern Tor-M2KM short-range air defense systems.

Despite the difference in their military might, Azerbaijan and Armenia have many of the weapons, including the Russian-made S-300 air defense system.

But the purchasing power of oil-rich Azerbaijan has allowed it to buy more modern weapons from Russia. Aliyev said in 2018 that his country purchased $5 billion worth of Russian arms.

But unlike Azerbaijan, Armenia has the 9K720 Iskander, a mobile short-range ballistic missile system it has threatened to use against F-16 fighter jets operated by Azeri forces. Azerbaijan does not officially own F-16s, but its ally Turkey does.

Regardless of how much longer the conflict goes on, some analysts agree that Russian arms trade in the region won’t be business as usual. Some estimate that if peace between the two waring countries lasts for two years, Russia could see renewed and consistent business there.

For its part, Azerbaijan has other options, as Russia accounts for only 22 percent of its military purchases, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Azerbaijan also buys weapons from Israel and Turkey, for example.

According to Aliyev, his military destroyed $1 billion worth of Armenian weapon systems using Turkish-made drones.

Pukhov, of the CAST think tank, said Azerbaijan will likely buy more Turkish than Russian arms after the conflict ends.


Russia tried to use the “Islam Radicals” as a pre-context to get involved and save Armenia. But that has failed. Turkey made is very clear that, Russia’s involvement in the N-K conflict will lead to Turkey direct involvement. Then Russia just backed off.

It is amazing that Armenia has purchased Russian weapons on “credit” and Azerbaijan purchased all weapons with cash. And yet Russian weapons only accounts for 22% of Azerbaijan weapon purchases. Russian weapon sales to Azerbaijan will go down even further.

And yet, no West countries are willing to lend Armenia “credit” to buy weapons from the Western countries. I do not even think that Russia will sell more weapons to Armenia on “credit”. Russia knows so well that this is bad “investment” to invest in Armenia and Mr. Parshinyan. Armenia can go bankruptcy at any time. Armenia has really nothing to offer…..

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