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Map: Battle for the Khanaser-Aleppo Highway, Main Supply Line to Aleppo

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Map: Battle for the Khanaser-Aleppo Highway, Main Supply Line to Aleppo

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Map and text provided by Peto Lucem

In the early morning hours Jund al-Aqsa , a subunit within the al-Nusra Front, captured the small village of Rasm Al-Nafal, located at the only SAA supply route running to Aleppo city. The very same time, ISIS militants advanced from the east and took control of the villages of Al Rahib, Ruwayhib, Al Hawwaz and Shallalah Saghirah. Facing this surprise assault, the National Defense Forces (NDF) located in the villages pulled back and regrouped in areas in the North and South.

The response to this joint attack conducted by ISIS and other insurgent groups came quickly. In just a few hours the Russian Air Force conducted more than 60 airstrikes on the ISIS and al-Nusra positions at the Khanaser-Aleppo highway. According to reports, the SAA has been also conducting counterattacks recapturing Mount Qamou’ and Mount Al Kafr Sanad.

Its more than unlikely ISIS and al-Nusra will be able to block this vital supply route for a long time, since the SAA will mobilize every available unit to reopen it as soon as possible.

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