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JUNE 2021

Map: Army Troops Allegedly Separate ISIS-held Pocket In Northeastern Hama Into Two Parts

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This map provides a look at the military situation in the northeasrern Hama pocket, according to preliminary reports. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces and their allies reportedly captured Ibn Wardan Qastel and cut off the pocket into two separate parts.

However, these reports still have to be confirmed by photo or video evidence. If this is true, the ISIS defense fully collapsed in the area.

Map: Army Troops Allegedly Separate ISIS-held Pocket In Northeastern Hama Into Two Parts

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Bi Esm



was about time. it be even better when they not just cut them in half but eliminate them completely from the face of the earth.

Jim Prendergast

SAA ant their brave allies. Create strategy, then execute!

leon mc pilibin

But watch out for the zionist americunts, and their lying backstabbing.


yes daesh hts in the poket at 175 klm!!!


The map of ISIS looks like a penis separated from its testicles :)

northerntruthseeker .

Yes, but now that “dick” has been cut in two.. Ouch!!!!


Once it has been smokes by a few thermobarics it will be a Salami ISIS Penis. The SAA should send it by DHL to General Mattis as I am informed by a reliable source that he enjoys eating such food. :)


ISIS hot dogs?


They would need a lot of mustard I think Joe. Libtards would like them I am sure.

Deo Cass

Spot on! They’re incastrated now..literally!


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Eskandar Black

This is when you call for the su-25 and drop some fabs


Go SAA! Go!

Joe Doe

SAA should finish the packet ASAP and concentrate on Idlib liberation from HTS


Ball are cut off now only the dick is left

Fernando Silva



comment image ????



northerntruthseeker .

Hurrah!!!! This means the US fraud of “ISIS” will be DEFEATED by this time tomorrow and the pocket will be no more…

Congratulations once again to the brave fighters of the SAA for this outstanding victory!

Tudor Miron

As I posted before (a couple of weeks ago) – according to Red Army school of thought, cauldron should be dissected and remainings eliminated one by one. Nice to see that traditions are honored.

leon mc pilibin

Looks like ISIS has been castrated,lol




I hope we’ll get to see the footage of some ISIL casualties – hopefully SAA closed the pocket tight and won’t let any rats escape…


Hopefully the evidence of ISIS deaths will be a bulldozer pushing the US terrorist sh1t into a very large mass grave and covering it with quicklime :)


Why the lime. Leave something for the hyenas…?


Surely Hyena’s deserve better food than US ISIS terrorists ?

# Respect your Hyena’s :)


Without balls intact, this dick is sure to go limp soon

Wolfgang Wolf

and now eliminate those donkeyfuckers! kill them all, not let them run!!

jason sixx

Looks soooomuch like a penis loool

That Guy

Ouch !

Ariel Cohen

The map looks sort of like an emasculation of ISIS . .lol


Still no casualty figures?


lol Turks capture a village and claim to kill 400 enemies, SAA captures 100 villages and claims nothing. xD
A great difference between those who fight with words and those who fight with actions.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are taking prisoners no release this time.


US is getting very frustrated that’s why the bombed Syrian army, they know that after Idlib the SDF terrorists are next.


It really is tough fighting brainless zombies. The battle is lost surrender as in all wars .
I guess they feared they would be executed as they executed prisoners in their hands

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